Which terrorist group, Daddy?

Boy on dad's lap asks which terrorist group gets credit for nuking Hiroshima

At 8:16 on the morning of August 6, 1945, the world got a glimpse of its own mortality. At that moment, the city of Hiroshima was obliterated by a fireball that sent waves of searing heat, then a deafening concussion, across the landscape. Three days later [Aug. 9], a second bomb hit Nagasaki. … [President Dwight D.] Eisenhower said in 1963 “It wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.

… Besides the Manhattan Project’s internal momentum was an external motive. Its leaders had to justify the $2 billion ($26 billion in today’s dollars) expense to Congress and the public… Byrnes…warned Roosevelt that political scandal would follow if it [the atomic bomb] was not used. … “How would you get Congress to appropriate money for atomic energy research [after the war] if you do not show results for the money which has been spent already?” …the U.S. had produced two types of bombs–one using uranium, the other plutonium. Whenever anyone suggested that the moment the bomb was dropped the war would be over, [bureaucrat] Groves countered, “Not until we drop two bombs on Japan.” As [historian] Goldberg explains… “One bomb justified Oak Ridge, the second justified Hanford.”Hiroshima was hit with the uranium bomb, nicknamed “Little Boy”; the plutonium bomb, “Fat Man,” was used against Nagasaki.

From Why We Dropped The Bomb By William Lanouette, CIVILIZATION, The Magazine of the Library of Congress, January/February 1995

It’s hard for Americans who identify with the U.S. Government to accept the idea that that organization could have engaged in such horrendous acts – twice in three days – without pristine motives. Here’s what Vietnam era U.S. Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara – who was part of Gen. Curtis LeMay’s command when the bombs were dropped – thought about it: McNamara: “He, and I’d say I, were behaving as war criminals.”

As far as war criminals go, unfortunately we still have them.

24 thoughts on “Which terrorist group, Daddy?”

  1. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, the fire bombing of Dresden, right up to today's mess-o-Afghaniscam/Iraq/Libya and/or Syria/Iran. Amerikan 'exceptionalism' shines bright for all the world to behold.

    1. You are all f-cking dumb-ss d-mocrats f-ck you. Why don’t we get rid of our army? Then we can get invaded by some communist and live pointless lives led by a d-mbass evil dictator! As a human race we have never gone 100 years without a fight of some kind.

  2. Three days later [Aug. 9], a second bomb hit Nagasaki. … [President Dwight D.] Eisenhower said in 1963 “It wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.”

    1. Really even dropping one bomb wasn't necessarily (lots of historical backing for this). If the idea was just to teriffy the Japanese into unconditional surrender, just show them the power of the thing, drop it on some evacuated island. People are sometimes capable of inferences you know and it doesn't take much to figure out what it would do if used in war.

      But even *IF* we were to accept the mainstream government argument thant it was necessary to drop the bomb to end the war. Why two? In order to test out all the different technology? Why it's kind of like testing a web page in both IE and Firefox …

      1. You could just as easily dropped it off the coast to send a "message" if that was the intent.

  3. I've stood at ground zero in Nagasaki, climbed a rebuilt church tower and surveyed Dresden, walked through the Dachau concentration camp, and even paid a visit to a Japanese internment camp in Idaho. They were all very sobering moments and drove home, more than meaningless war slogans, that government is evil to the core. I alone have no power to murder hundreds of thousands of innocents or incarcerate someone for their race but Uncle Scam and his brethren reserve unto themselves the power to rain death on whomever it wishes.

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  5. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, indiscriminate, unmanned drone attacks on wedding parties or against young shephards tending their flocks but displaying threatening shepard staffs, night raids, executive/presidential directed assassination, and on and on…what in the world have we become?

    1. We, since the begging of time have been killing, scavenging, and beating one another, now days the reason why we think about it is because we are raised in a culture were parents try to blind fold their children to all acts of violence.

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  7. Three days later [Aug. 9], a second bomb hit Nagasaki. … [President Dwight D.] Eisenhower said in 1963 “It wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.”

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