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This week’s top news:

Judges Skeptical of CIA’s Drone Secrecy Claims: A three-judge panel at the US Circuit Court for the District of Columbia has reacted with skepticism to the CIA’s claims of secrecy in response to ACLU requests for information related to the use of drone strikes worldwide.

McCain: US Should Consider Leaving Afghanistan: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who for the past 11 years has been the gold standard of hawkishness on the Afghan occupation, a tireless support of escalation upon escalation, finally raised the prospect of leaving.

US Warns Israel: Attacking Iran May Ruin Treaties With Egypt, Jordan: According to reports in the print version of Israel’s Yediot Achronot, the Obama Administration has recently warned Israel that an attack against Iran could mean an end to their existing peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan.

US Investigates Possibility Benghazi Attackers Had Help From Guards: Though officials are saying there is "no proof" that this is the case, reports are that the US is probing the possibility that the people who attacked the Benghazi Consulate and killed the ambassador had help from some of the locally hired security guards.

US Surge Troops Out of Afghanistan, 68,000 Remain: US officials are reporting that the last of the 2010 surge troops has been removed from Afghanistan, meaning 23,000 have been removed this year on top of 10,000 removed late last year, leaving 68,000 remaining.

Panetta Tries to Convince China US Military Buildup Not Aimed at Containment: Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta on a recent trip to China tried to downplay America’s militarism in Asia-Pacific and convince the Chinese that it is not an attempt to contain China’s rise.

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