Romney, ‘Deficit Hawk,’ Will Explode Military Spending

Mitt Romney “won” the debate the other night by doing what he has always done: altering his views to fit whatever situation he is in. Much of the media and the public were apparently drawn to Romney’s slick rhetoric that made him appear ready to make deep cuts in America’s mind-boggling deficit. But that math doesn’t add up. He promises tax cuts; surely they’ll stay at approximately the rates they are now. He promises to cut government spending; again, not reliable. But he also promises – promises – to increase military spending by $2 trillion dollars over 10 years. Somehow, this is one promise I believe he’ll stick to.

CNN crunched the numbers and offered this graph (via Jack Hunter):

Romney is eager to increase US defense spending – which already equals that of the rest of the world combined – by leaps and bounds. Leaving aside what a proven liar Romney is, and how unlikely his other deficit-reduction promises are, this graph alone should stop Republicans, Democrats, or any Americans from ever saying he’s a deficit hawk.

29 thoughts on “Romney, ‘Deficit Hawk,’ Will Explode Military Spending”

  1. Well, he can just order to print up the money and shell it out. The fact that this means hidden taxation by inflation and shifting the wealth to the ones receiving the money will elude most people.

    Does it really matter though? As Gary North writes at

    "I posted an article on my Tea Party Economist site on the increase in the real debt of the US government over the last year. The increase was $11 trillion."

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  5. The media's role is quite impressive but sometimes math doesn't add up. The government spending is also went deficit. I just hope to have more information.

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