Non-Intervention, Civil Liberties From the Left, Right, and Libertarian

From The Future of Freedom Foundation:

From October 15-19, 2012 The Future of Freedom Foundation and the Young Americans for Liberty co-sponsored a College Civil Liberties Tour that brought a panel of three lawyers – a libertarian, a liberal, and a conservative – to five campuses on the West Coast. The three panelists, inluding Jacob G. Hornberger, Glenn Greenwald, Bruce Fein, and along with moderator Jack Hunter, explained to the students that the U.S. government’s military empire, war on terrorism, and interventionist foreign policy constitute a dire threat to the civil liberties of the American people.

The video below is from the first stop of the tour on October 15, 2012, at the University of Washington at Seattle.

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  1. This is a terrific video so far, but the audio quality is just awful. The audio keeps cutting out, and I'm getting some loud hissing sounds. It's a shame because the speakers are so good. I'm not faulting anyone at FFF, but if there's any way they can repair the audio, they really should; this video deserves the widest possible distribution.

    1. I'm a liberal man. The Mormon religion is a cult, yes. But so are all religions.

      BTW, this stuff came up this evening. I gleefully told my wife that we're going to live forever and populate an entire planet. She wasn't too cheerful about that prospect.

  2. Very sorry about the audio. We were having technical difficulties. The videographer changed mics in the middle of my talk and it should have gotten better. The audio quality is better on the subsequent programs. Thanks for your comments. Jacob Hornberger, President, The Future of Freedom Foundation

    1. Thank you, Jacob, for the outstanding event. All of the presentations were moving and informative.

      Antiwar readers should note that videos of the other panel discussions from the FFF civil liberties tour, featuring the same speakers, are already available here:

      I checked, and as Jacob mentions above, the audio quality is much better for the recordings of the other panel discussions.

  3. Very sorry for the audio quality. We had a great videographer but there were some big technical problems with the audio equipment. He tried to correct it in the middle of my talk. It should have gotten better. Also, things should have improved during the course of the week. We'll be posting those videos later on our website: Thanks for your comments. Jacob Hornberger, President, The Future of Freedom Foundation

  4. Why are you referring to a Liberal as a leftist? Liberalism (the American variant that consolidated in the 30's) is a ruling class Capitalist ideology/construct that allows for some temporary concessions in times of crisis in order to forestall/contain revolutionary movements coming to power. Liberals denounce, dilute and deny class struggle and are unwilling and unable to make a class analysis of society.

  5. Just as they did with Saddam Hussein, concerned governments have implemented economic sanctions, diplomatic isolation, and low-level violence to weaken the Iranian regime and prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons, with the long-term objective of regime change.

  6. American soldiers are being accused of abusing the prisoners or “detainees” according to Tortured and pure evidence at Abu Ghraib. I believe that while yes, some of the things they did/do can be considered out of line, are perfectly acceptable considering the circumstances. These people that we have in custody are not innocent citizens that we enjoy being cruel to. These are thought to be terrorists and people part of Al Qaeda. They are not by any means good, innocent people. One has to consider if the tables were turned. If the Iraqi, Afghanistan, and people of Al Qaeda had us in custody, they would be torturing us. In fact there have been multiple cases where these people have beheaded American soldiers and flaunted it. What about 9/11? How can someone push those attacks aside and say WE are torturing THEM? All is fair in love and war, and other countries that are viewing Americans as the bad guys should do more research on what is going on. There is no need for the dog leashes on our soldiers part, but I’d much rather have a leash around my neck, being humiliated than a blade slicing my head off. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions and I believe that the US army is doing what they need to do to gain information from absolutely horrible people. If we as citizens lose faith in our own army just because of these circumstances then that is a problem in itself.

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