John Glaser on RT’s CrossTalk

DC Editor John Glaser appeared on RT’s CrossTalk with Thomas Carothers, vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Charles A. Kupchan, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

16 thoughts on “John Glaser on RT’s CrossTalk”

  1. Exaaaaactly John Glaser!!!!

    WTF (and i am a "nice" 64 years old and women!) we, US, thinking about ourself to tell every country on earth, what to do? It was on my lips, when you started to talking about ! I was cheering laud, even my parrot was here only. I will not surprise if the world will say one day, enough is enough. But it will be the END for all of us.
    Bringing democracy….such a BS.
    You were standing straight almost alone in the storm – with the moderator – against those bastards, not loosing your temper. Could be not easy, but i bet you prepared.
    I just do not like the tendency of RT, what's the similar to the mainstream media, what is changed during bush, when two opposite side argument (under Clinton was still) changed to one person telling to you how to think…this is the next on RT? The ratio bother meI Many sign of that, "the other side" propaganda get pretty much room there recently. have a good collection from that, interested?…wondering where can i complain?

  2. I will say this. It was a tame debate with repsect. People do not get this on CNN or FOX news. its just a bunch of people on those mainstream news channels bashing each other when they are both wrong. Thomas Carothers and the other fellow are just smart fellows who havent accepted the whole truth yet. Maybe one day they will understand it.

    Im not sure why you are so hard on RT. RT is not mainstream and they havent really done anything to show that they are becoming mainstream in the sense of not speaking the truth. I dont like to take sides with news channels. But I am thankful for RT and what it does as far as U.S. news goes. Its just something you can hardly get in this country. Maybe you can get that with Al Jazerra but I dont watch them nor do I have it on tv.

  3. I assume most people who regularly come to this site are aware of what monstrously evil organizations the CFR and the Carnegie Endowment truly are, being composed of Zionists, globalists, Trotskyite neocons and other fellow travelers such as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brezinski, et al?

  4. There really needs to be a reliable, consistent counter-news source who has the confidence and trust of US victim nations to get the straight scoop from their point of view.

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