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Iranian Jets Fired on US Predator Drone: The drone was fired upon but not hit, and the Obama administration did not disclose information about the incident, keeping it from the American public just days before the US presidential election.

US Initiative to Set Up Syrian Opposition Council Collapses: The Obama administration’s initiative to set up a new Syrian opposition council, possibly to serve as an interim government following the fall of the Assad regime, appeared to have failed before the convention in Qatar even began.

Bahrain Revokes Citizenship for 31 Opposition Activists: The US-supported dictatorship in Bahrain revoked the citizenship of 31 leading opposition activists for allegedly "undermining state security." The Obama administration has shown no signs of halting support for the increasingly repressive regime.

Israeli Foreign Minister Threatens to Destroy Palestinian Authority: According to Israeli Channel 10 News, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has informed the European Union of his intention to destroy the entire Palestinian Authority in retaliation for a successful bid at UN recognition.

Four US-Backed Afghan Police Found Guilty of Rape: Four US funded and trained Afghan Local Police were found guilty of rape on Wednesday, in one of the first instances of the thuggish militia group being held to account for its actions.

Marijuana Legalization in US States Could Encourage Central America: Ballot initiatives in Colorado and Washington state legalized marijuana, while Massachusetts further decriminalized it, in decisions that could open the door for countries in Central America to defy the Obama administration and push through their own legalization measures.

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  1. You were supposed to stop reading at this point (assuming that a) some of you can actually read and b) you read that far into this waste of time blog post): "There was no way of being certain if the strike was indeed American, or for that matter if it was a drone strike at all, although it had all the markings of one." thANKS

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