Israel Bombing Residential Areas, Civilian Infrastructure in Gaza

Via Electronic Intifada, Israeli attacks on Gaza “have caused serious damage to civilian infrastructure including homes, schools, sports facilities and a hospital in many parts of Gaza City,” according to the the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights:

Israeli forces have launched dozens of airstrikes on Gaza City, targeting governmental and civilian facilities and other objects mostly located in densely-populated areas. The targets have included the building of the Council of Ministers in the west of the City, which was completely destroyed and a number of nearby houses damaged; the building of the police command in the center of the City, which was completely destroyed and a number of nearby housesdamaged; the building of the Civil Department of the Ministry of Interior in the south of the City, which was attacked for the second time, causing damage to al-Quds Hospital and a number of public and UNRWA school; and Palestine Stadium in al-Remal neighborhood in the center of the City, which was extensively damaged.

Also, this video of the al-Zaytoun quarter, a residential area in Gaza, being bombed by what is reportedly “a bomb or missile dropped by a US-supplied Israeli F-16 jet.”

The New York Times reports that “Israel broadened its assault on the Gaza Strip on Saturday from mostly military targets to centers of government infrastructure.”

The purpose behind this is clear: as Interior Minister Eli Yishai said, “The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages. Only then will Israel be calm for forty years.”

6 thoughts on “Israel Bombing Residential Areas, Civilian Infrastructure in Gaza”

  1. Israeli fighter jets, copters, rockets, bombs all made in America. Paid for by USA taxpayers.
    Gee . . . . I wonder why they hate us?

        1. They probably do. Though the US government also helped to finance and train those Arabs.

      1. Such blowback is certainly one of the anticipated (by the Reigning Neocon Establishment) "spillover benefits" from this.

    1. Well, just saying, so long as the US /Government continues to support Israel's brutal aggression against the Palestinians and the people mostly either support it or remain silent, there is your answer.

      The truth is, we have an anti-Christian government in the US; one that's putting the abhorrent, Satanic goals of the Zionist entity over the needs and interests of its own citizens. We have to get our country back and restore the Bill of Rights. It's this trashing of these Rights that has earned this country the loathing of most of the world.

      1. You are a sick, sick person. Why not read a history book not wrotten by Al Jazeera before you make such insane comments.

    2. Your just spitting out liberal and liberaltarian lies. These savages hate us for ours and Israel's way of life. /Neocon bullshit line

      1. Right on, Chill. Most of the comments on this site are insane and twisted! I can't believe what I am reading.

  2. If Israel would put down their arms, there would no longer be an Israel. If the Arabs would put down their arm, we would have peace.

    1. If Israel came to existence through violence and killing then it only makes sense that it would go out of existence through violence and killing.

      1. If you came to existence through your mother's womb then it only makes sense that you would go out of existence through your mother's womb.

        Wait, it doesn't! How could it be? I guess it doesn't always work that way.

    2. If the Arabs put down their weapons they would have no Gaza either. The Arabs would be gone and yeah, perhaps there would be peace. But hey, if someone nuked Israel we would have peace too, but is that a solution?

    3. you comment makes perfect sense but still so many dislikes!!! i guess thats what u get when people who havent travelled much decide to weigh in on stuff that they are totally clueless about. they should go live in an islamic country and then come here and talk.

      1. It's interesting how and other progressive sites are always flooded with anonymous "guests" defending Israel whenever their favorite government undertakes another bloody quagmire in the region.

        It looks like Israeli's PR machine is in full attack mode as well.

        1. Yep. That's why any posts containing anything even mildly controversial or anti-Israel get "moderated" before being posted. Funny how that never happens when the subject of discussion focuses on any other region of the globe.

          1. Correct, liberranter–they are definitely in fear of something and I think we all have a pretty good idea what it is.

      2. The real problem is not Isreal per se, but the Israeli Firsters in the USA who have accumulated so much financial and political power that they effectively control US foreign policy. And they are using this power to enable the racist, sick state of Israel to behave in any way it wishes.

        We need to clean our own house and the rest will sort itself out

        1. There is no doubt that we in the US have a real problem with the Israel Firsters and Zionists – who often bend the knee to Tel Aviv and the Zionists…and facilitate the war machine in Israel…but…they are not the ones who are prosecuting the genocide of the Palestinians…enabling it maybe but not responsible. The Zionists in Israel who run the government and who encourage the hatred of the indigenous peoples, the ones who are allowing and authorizing the theft of Palestinian lands…they are the ones who need to go. If they are removed from the equation and sane leaders installed, then the Israel-Firsters in the US would be harmless – mostly. Remove the Netanyahoos and Liebermans and Baraks of the world and peace might just have a chance.

          And yes, just on principles, the US citizens need to remove those who have divided allegiances from our government. There should not be any doubt as to who our Representatives serve – ever.

        2. I really don't think that Israel Firsters are the issue so much as the State in general, the US Empire. It built and uses Israel as an EXCUSE to expand its foreign and domestic tyranny. Israel is a symptom of American Imperialism, created by the Empire out of the inheritence of the British Empire by the Americans; and used to create a perpetual minority plant military base for the Empire to exert control and leverage the domestic lobbying group (American Jews and Zionists).
          It's really the opposite of what most people think: the US Empire uses Jews to manipulate and terrorize Arabs.

    4. Hey Paul, these people only understand one language, force. The minute the Palestinians put down their weapons you will find much harder line demands from the bloodthirsty Israhell.
      I come to a conclusion some time ago, and bad news for you and loudmouths like you, a lot of people around the world share my findings; If there will be peace in the world Israel has to be put down as it currently exists.
      And I am absolutely sure the Palestinians are fighting for all the truly free people in the rest of the world. Their resolve is admirable and their sacrifices will go in history.

  3. Isreal forever justifying War as a reason to exist
    and like other Times the Western World Silence to the deliberate campaign of murdering Men, Women and Children and causing as much pain to the Palestinians as possible
    whilst stealing their land and taking more grabs of Land and extending Jewish Settlements further.

    And the International Media is ramming the lies that low grade missiles fired on Israel is deemed as a threat were the Israeli response is nothing short of the destruction of entire Civilian Structures and Populations with the silent victims of the Zionist regime who’s goal is not only Iran but the entire World and that included its benefactor the US which Jews can openly and arrogantly put it its place whenever they don’t get unqualified support and any critic of Israeli motives and actions is never to be questioned by a soul on Earth

  4. There is no other way then forcing Israel to stop murdering the millions of Palestinians in Gaza, if Israel negotiate a peace deal then for Israel is to understand that they can not keep on acting as "westernized" fascism anymore but to start giving back the stolen Palestinians lands and homes back to its right owners, the palestinians.., and go back to 67 border, otherwise the entire region would blow up and is a matter of days, not months or year. Israeli regime consist of bunch of sick religious psychopath, they simply doing this because their invisible god telling them to do, it's their illusions ordering them, otherwise they are far and faraway from human and humanity and that is why they called apartheids regime, is worse then a apartheids because is a religious one.

  5. "Israel Bombing Residential Areas, Civilian Infrastructure in Gaza"

    gaza has a population density equivalent to that of new york city there is nothing else but residential areas and civilian infrastructure.
    my guess is that that they are going to do what there was some talk of doing during cast lead
    and that is(i guess the name pillar of defence might be an allusions to this) splitting gaza in half by dividing it north from south,

  6. Whatever Israel does pales in comparison to the atrocities perpetuated by the westerners on the different parts of the world but i guess that a lot of that is in the past so maybe that doesnt matter much to people who live by the doctrine of me, myself and I. and keep thumbing down my posts, thats all you spineless wonders can do.


      Maybe we should all look forward to the day when such geniuses are lording over us. Out of all the land in the middle east a tiny fraction is held by Israel, go and look at the map. and inspite of that the Israelis run circles around their neighbours. People need to educate themselves before they go around shilling for the misogynistic depraved ideology of the cult of islame.

  7. israel murdering innocents? shocking. not so much. these zionist scumbags aren't happy unless they are murdering muslim babies and at the same time playing the victim. there days are limited.

      1. "Guest" of the Israeli propaganda machine. Like clockwork, you "guests" always surface on these message boards whenever Israel decides to carry out another barbaric incursion.

  8. Doesn't the whole mess in the middle east go back to the fairy tale nonsense of " Organized Religion " and especially the fossilized, murdering Abrahamic cult ? [ That of course means da Jews, Christians, and da Muslims ] This is the 21st Century, NEH ??? Time to grow up and evolve and think for yourself. Baaaa, Baaaa, Baaaa !!!

  9. The Warsaw Ghetto episode revisited. The Germans attacking the Jews when they dared to fight back.

  10. How many remember the USS Liberty incident after which the U.S. was 15 minutes away from dropping nuclear bombs on Egypt. make no mistake. Israel owns the U.S. government. Those who deny this only need to look at the number in our government who have dual citizenship. I don't consider these Zionist as the people of God whom we are to defend. As for the U.S. not supporting Israel, what about the 43 billion they receive from the U.S. taxpayer, the most advanced weapons, our best military aircraft, and the shield being used to knock out many of these incoming rocket. paid for by U.S. taxpayers. I keep remembering where it mentions in the bible all who say they are, some are not my people.

    1. Like I said earlier, anything that even hints at being anti-Israel is "moderated" before being allowed to be posted. This is not to say that there are any particular standards as to what is or isn't considered acceptable as a post. As we can see, some posters are pretty frontal in calling things as they are and still manage to get their replies made public. Others express sentiments so mild or innocuous that you wonder why they bother and yet we hear that they've been censored.

      Again, for some strange reason we don't see this form of censorship practiced on AWC when the subject of discussion is, say, Kosovo versus Serbia, Eritrea versus Ethiopia, or Catholic versus Protestant in Ulster. Only the Zionist-Arab conflict seems to come under such intense scrutiny.

      1. I have had several posts of mine censored, the latest being today. You're right, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. I guess we aren't allowed to step on too many toes, stray too far with anti-israel comments, or say too many positive things about groups that are opposed to it.

      2. the whole comment section on is so rabidly anti Israel that its hard to mistake it for anything else, however u choose to describe it. Just count the number of comments on this page and see how many are pro Israel and how many are anti. You'll have ur answer in black and white.

        And for all these worthless exertions by the posters here, 99.5 of the posters here wouldnt choose/want to live in any "islamic paradise". Either put up or shut up. Hypocrites.

        1. "the whole comment section on is so rabidly anti israel that its hard to mistake it for anything else, however u choose to describe it."

          Congratulations–you win a bagel.

          No, I wouldn't want to live in any "islamic paradise". But I don't like seeing them slaughtered by US-made weapons I was forced to pay for through taxes and support a criminal terrorist state that does.

        2. So, in what passes for your "mind," it's either "live in an Islamic 'paradise'" or "put up, shut up, and get with the [Zionist] status quo." Gotcha.

          I'm betting that you're one of those "America: love it or leave it" jackasses. No, wait, I take that back: you're probably not American at all.

  11. The real problem in the middle east of course is the followers of the fossilized, murdering " Organized Religious " abrahamic cults.That would be Jews, Christians and Muslims. How long are people going to continue to murder each other in the belief that their fairly tale superstition is superior to someone elses fairly tale superstition??? Time to grow up and evolve, NEH ???

    1. More accurately, the root of the problem is the bastardization/corruption of the three Abrahamic faiths.

      1. @ lib, hardly. and I hope for ur sake that you arent exhorting people to indulge heartily in incest because that is what the earliest christians use to practice in their religious ceremonies, and the muslims continue to this day.

        Just study their respective histories, the god of the bible and the allah of quran are both bloodthirsty and both of them aren't too bright. if you peer closely you realize that they are cobbled together from the beliefs of those times and heavily plagiarized from other religions such as Hinduism. for eg. the story of Noah and his sons, the story of Adam and Eve.Earlier christians believed in rencarnation but that was declared anathema because it didnt leave people malleable enough for control.

  12. When Hitler did thhe same to the inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1944 what Israel is doing to the people of Gaza now, there was an uproar of disgust in the western world.

    Where is this uproar now?

  13. Civil Department of the Ministry of Interior in the south of the City, which was attacked for the second time, causing damage to al-Quds Hospital and a number of public and UNRWA school; and Palestine Stadium in al-Remal neighborhood in the center of the City, which was extensively damaged.

  14. I don't consider these Zionist as the people of God whom we are to defend. As for the U.S. not supporting Israel, what about the 43 billion they receive from the U.S. taxpayer, the most advanced weapons, our best military aircraft, and the shield being used to knock out many of these incoming rocket. paid for by U.S. taxpayers.glasgow airport cab

  15. You were supposed to stop reading at this point (assuming that a) some of you can actually read and b) you read that far into this waste of time blog post): "There was no way of being certain if the strike was indeed American, or for that matter if it was a drone strike at all, although it had all the markings of one." thANKS

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