Dehydrating the Palestinian People

An editorial from Haaretz explains how Israel is destroying the water reserves of Palestinians in the West Bank as part of an intentional policy to ethnically cleanse the occupied territories “and thus make it easier to annex these areas to Israel.”

Since the beginning of the year, Israel has destroyed 35 rainwater cisterns used by Palestinian communities, 20 of them in the area of Hebron and the southern Hebron Hills. In 2011, Israel destroyed 15 cisterns, and in the preceding 18 months, 29…Usually, the communities whose cisterns were destroyed are a short distance from settlements and unauthorized outposts that enjoy a regular water supply. At the same opportunity the Civil Administration almost always destroys Palestinian tents, animal pens and food storage facilities.

…Leaving Palestinian communities disconnected from infrastructure, declaring large areas as firing zones and destroying cisterns are part of an intentional policy since the early 1970s. Its goal is to leave as few Palestinians as possible in the majority of the West Bank (today’s Area C, under Israeli civil and military control), to expedite Jewish settlement and thus make it easier to annex these areas to Israel.

The European Union opposes Israel’s policies in Area C, which the EU believes sabotages the two-state solution. It also bases its position on international law, which prohibits the demolition of structures that would leave a protected population without food and water and result in their forced dislocation. Basic moral principles, as well as avoiding another head-on collision with our friends, requires that Israel cease and desist from destroying cisterns that are essential for the existence of dozens of Palestinian communities.

Deliberately depriving the civilian population of food and water is only one part of the Israeli strategy to smoke out the Palestinian people: the rate at which Israel is demolishing Palestinian homes and building up Israeli settlements in their place is greater now than ever before. This is the type of cruel policy that has been unilaterally supported by the United States for decades, and is currently being abetted by unprecedented rates of US economic, military and diplomatic aid.

21 thoughts on “Dehydrating the Palestinian People”

  1. GOD BLESS AMERICA are they not a peace loving nation that cause every conflict since their inception.

  2. This is the straight-forward honest truth about the Zionist terrorists and their American apologists. Now that the Emporer has no clothes the world of true humanitarians must ban together to boycott and isolate Zionist Israel. It was a tragedy in 1948 and only gets worse. They are beyond rehabilitation and must be brought to heel by all possible means.

  3. There needs to be proof of this, an experts view something to build credibility. I don't for a minute doubt this, but its too easy to deny. Proof!

  4. We have wasted years on the "two state solution"; supposed to create two states living side by side and all that. Our leaders have been chanting this like a mantra for as long as I can remember. Now Israel effectively kill any chance of that, so what next? They have no intention, in my opinion, of conceding any ground in the West Bank so there is no chance of any kind of solution. It's all very derpressing.

  5. It's hard to understand why Israel spends all this money merely to make life difficult for the Palestinians, when it seems it could easily get away with killing them all outright. It's like pruning the weeds in their garden rather than pulling them out. Are they, what, trying to make the Palestinian people stronger?

  6. @ joe,

    Israel is a nation of 8 million people. The populations surrounding them are against them. They mqintain their power through the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc being complicit in this arrangement. The USA bribes and threatens to maintain the status quo. Israel is not as powerful as advertised. If they masscacred them outright they would be signing their own death certificate.

  7. 17 year old Palestinian boy from Hebron Mohammed Salayma left his house today to buy himself a birthday cake – then the Israeli forces shot him 6 times. Killed on 12-12-12 he was born 12-12-95. Not satisfied enough, after leaving him to bleed to death, they beat his father and arrest his friend malek, WTF WERE THEY EXPECTING A CAKE FULL OF EXLOSIVES????
    ISRAEL IS ONE SICK SICK NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Do the Israelis even pretend to have a legit reason for destroying these water cisterns in a generally dry land? I can't even guess about the excuse – except that maybe the cisterns have been poisoned by Al-Queda and this systematic destruction is being done to protect the Palestinian people? Absurd yes, but no doubt many in the US party-line news establishment would accept this without question, and then applaud such "humanitarian" work on behalf of an enemy!.

    Regarding Joe's comment about Israel just killing all the Palestinians outright. Perhaps it's been considered, but surely such a slaughter would (finally) provoke worldwide outrage, even in the USA. This would be genocide on a scale approaching the WWII Holocaust. Then again, Israel does possess a large, weaponized (and long undeclared) nuclear bomb arsenal that would likely enable such a horrific policy as this, in just a single strike. In their hypothetical final analysis, I would guess that "collateral damage" (as they say) to Israel itself, from nuclear fallout, etc, is probably a major sticking point among those responsible for such plotting.

  9. This is the type of cruel policy that has been unilaterally supported by the United States for decades, and is currently being abetted by unprecedented rates of US economic, military and diplomatic aid.

  10. There really needs to be a reliable, consistent counter-news source who has the confidence and trust of US victim nations to get the straight scoop from their point of view.

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