Obama Grants Equal Rights to African Children

Equality For African Children

“Won’t you give up your ‘assault weapon’ so that poor African children won’t have to do without? After all, shouldn’t African children have the same right to kill for U.S. interests as American women?”

This cartoon & caption courtesy of Tom Blanton, the mastermind of the Project for a New American Revolution, who does some of the best political art around. Check out his other antiwar work at his Flickr page.

13 thoughts on “Obama Grants Equal Rights to African Children”

  1. That's very nice, considering that to grant something you must first have the ABILITY to grant that thing- and Obama doesn't own the copyright on 'equal rights' any more than the Man in the Moon. The only people who can give those poor kids equal rights are the ones who are controlling them presently- and what self-styled Generalissimo is going to just send his most expendable troops back home? Unless Obama has some plan to go to Africa and liberate those kids- many of whom by now are stone-cold killers- and bring them to the Land of the Big Wal-Mart (appropriately rehabilitated, one would hope), for all the feel-good rhetoric on this it's just talk and no action.

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