Sen. Foreign Relations Chief to Invoke “Greaseman’s Daddy Defense”?

Sen. Menendez of New Jersey, the chairman of the Sen. Foreign Relations Committee, is under investigation for his trips to the Dominican Republic. There are allegations that he was diddling very young hookers there – which could be a crime under a U.S. law which prohibits foreign travel to boink underage prostitutes.

Will Menendez invoke the “Greaseman’s Daddy Defense” – “Hard to believe a girl that big could be only 14?? [[The Greaseman was the most popular comic DJ in the DC area in the 1980s & 1990s, and told plenty of stories about his father’s legal troubles.]]

8 thoughts on “Sen. Foreign Relations Chief to Invoke “Greaseman’s Daddy Defense”?”

  1. Jim, you rule! I was just checking his – nothing since about 2011. Seems to have disappeared. Gone but not forgotten early casualty in the PC wars. Even heartfelt groveling will not save your career, unless you're Imus. "Sentence first; then Verdict!"

  2. The thing I wanna know……….. IS How does the Gov. get to tell us how old our girlfriends can be in OTHER COUNTRIES…. And as bad as that is…. When did they decide to raise that age to 18…. I believe it had been 16… How long before they tell us it's a felony to smoke weed in Jamacia… not to talk about torture in Finland or not to eat turtle soup in the Bahamas…??? I find such laws outrageous and an affront to freedom at the very core of our lives….. Fuuk Off Uncle Sambo…… Get your nosey ass out of my bedroom…. !!!!! O.K. to MURDER kids at any age for these authoritarian bastards with their cowardly drones…..and sadistic "special forces"….. but rent a little love and pleasure and it's the crime of the year….. What unbearable pigs………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Haven't you noticed, there are NO limits on what the U.S. Government thinks it has authority over. I can't confirm this but, I think some 18 year olds have faced sanctions for drinking overseas, like being on a field trip to Italy and having wine.

      That's OK, karma sucks when you do.

    2. This guy never met a pro-war resolution he did not like.
      "was a sponsor of the Tsunami Orphans and Unaccompanied Children Act of 2005"

      member of "Human Rights Caucus" and "United States Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on International Operations and Organizations, Human Rights, Democracy and Global Women's Issues."

      Didn't want foreigners owning U.S. Ports because the ports are "…venues for smuggling and human trafficking…."

      Another squealing swine living it up on the taxpayer's dollar! ¡Vámonos ya, Bob!

  3. Haven't people discovered, you will find NOT ANY restricts on the your You. Ohydrates. Authorities considers it's authority around. I am unable to validate this particular yet, I believe a number of 20 12 months olds include faced sanctions pertaining to having abroad, like being on a area trip to France and also acquiring wine beverages.

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