4 thoughts on “Obama’s Drones”

  1. To say that I am so sickened by our leadership and the road they have taken to fight this
    insane "never-ending war" on TERROR, is putting it mildly. Obama is showing the world that he indeed, is a TYRANT. He's trashed our Constitution and spit on all the basic human rights of
    all people in the world. Are Americans in a vegetative or comatic state?. Doesn't it make sense
    that all of us , as Americans could be deemed enemies and imminent threats to other
    countries? The one striking outcome to me, that just keeps surfacing in my head is that
    OSAMA BIN LADEN and his "followers" have actually won. They have turned this country
    on its head. Now, we have shown that we indeed are Terrorists,as well.

  2. And the brainwashed overgrown X-Box video-gamers down at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada want medals for this? If I ever find out who one of them is, I'll pound his stupid ass into the concrete.

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