Kazakhstan, a human rights disaster, hosts Iran Talks

Allen Ruff and I have written extensively about Kazakhstan and about the typical hypocrisy at-play in the kleptocratic country. We published an article in the aftermath of the Zhanaozen Massacre about the U.S. imperial Great Game being played in Kazakhstan and Central Asia at-large, then followed that up with an article about the nuclear double-standards, juxtaposing how the U.S. treats Iran vs. how it treats Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan, as we pointed out, provides 30-percent+ of the world’s supply of uranium fuel stock.

Next came our three-part series on the World Bank’s “knowledge bank” agenda in Kazakhstan, bringing Nazarbayev University, named after its “President-for-Life,” to Astana.

Today, Allen was on The Real News Network to chat about the nuclear summit dog-and-pony show and why it’s being hosted in Kazakhstan. Check it out below.

One thought on “Kazakhstan, a human rights disaster, hosts Iran Talks”

  1. What human rights "disaster". Their president for life is no different then Queen Elisabeth, yet, everybody finds European royalty just cool. The president cannot order people killed without due process, a practice that is now part of our system. I am sure I may not like living there, but that is not a reason for slamming other people — for hosting the talks you do not approve of.

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