UN Official Hans Blix: Iran Nuke Threat is Overhyped

The threat from Iran is overhyped and there is no evidence to suggest the Islamic Republic is even interested in developing nuclear weapons, according to UN official Hans Blix.

Photo Credit: Dean Calma/IAEA
Photo Credit: Dean Calma/IAEA

Blix was head of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission in the run-up to the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq. His commission found no weapons of mass destruction, of course.

Gulf News:

The threat of a nuclear-armed Iran is overhyped, and there is no evidence suggesting that the country has or intends to produce weapons of mass destruction, a UN expert on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) said at a forum in Dubai on Tuesday.

Dr Hans Blix, Head of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC), said during a talk at Capital Club that with North Korea making a nuclear bomb test detonation, the world should focus more on tackling the state that has violated the NPT.

“So far Iran has not violated NPT and there is no evidence right now that suggests that Iran is producing nuclear weapons. The fact that Tehran has enriched uranium up to 20 per cent leads to suspicion of a secret weapons programme, however, no action can be justified on mere suspicions or intentions that may not exist,” said Dr Blix, who is the former director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Blix has previously explained that Iran is operating under a perception of threat, and that “In a way, the Iranians have been more open [to international inspections] than most other countries would be.”

2 thoughts on “UN Official Hans Blix: Iran Nuke Threat is Overhyped”

  1. This is very true.., this man warned about the lies presented to the world by the EU Neo fascism.., especially George W. Bush and his gangs of gangsters from Saudi Arabia the Qataris to Sweden.

  2. perhaps we could focus on the one nation in the middle east
    with an actual nukular weapons program, that has not signed
    the NPT, that has used its civilian program as cover for
    developing nukular weapons, that has been proven to have
    given nukular bomb technology to (the other apartheid) state,
    that has been assassinating foreigners, and…….

  3. I believe Blix was the first to break the news about Chernobyl to the world- and hastened Gorbachev's rise to power.

    As usual, in our bloodlust he'll be ignored.

  4. The Iraqi WMDs are just something 'everbody can agree on' to justify war – ooops, sorry, wrong war of aggression. I meant Iran.

  5. Facts don´t matter. The CIA still says that if Iran ever worked on a bomb, that work stopped completely in 2003. Godfather Obama has said various times that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Facts don´t matter. They are just crazy and suicidal.

    1. Clause, Obummer is not saying anything. Its the Zios that control him who move even his lips. One thing this world has to make sure of, as long as the shi**y little state keeps existing in its present form there will be no peace on God's earth. I ask everybody to imagine this state does not exist, how would our world be?

  6. Unfortunately, just like last time, his words will be ignored, purposely ignored.

  7. Iran will be bombed as this american mind set to do every thing to please Israel as all the wars in the middle east were for Israel.Americans have creatred hatred in Muslim world as a nation of killers for their sardistic and blood suckers of the world. No doubt we are being killed since 200 years from the Christians. and america is completing this task for Jews and Israel.
    Iran if bimbed will be a danger that americans will use nukes as they had threatened Saddam in 1991.
    We can expect nothing good from americans as they are only killer nr.one.

  8. I doubt that North Korea has signed the NPT. It cannot therefoore violate it, (as Israel claims).

    1. North Korea withdrew from the NPT in 2003 thanks to the efforts of John Bolton and his neocon pals.

  9. The US insists on deploying the missiles in Eastern Europe although they result in Launch On Warning= Suicide. 2+2 makes 4 but NOT in the Pentagon. They are too stupid and crazy to understand that a Disarming First-Strike Capability inevitably results in Launch On Warning and Suicide. Crazy-more crazy-the Pentagon !

  10. Deliberately working to replace MAD with a Disarming First-Strike Capability for more than 50 years (The Counterforce Syndrome by Bob Aldridge -www.plrc.org) ? That´s mentally retarded as it leads to Launch On Warning/Accidental Nuclear War and Suicide. The great chief Trident missile engineer Bob Aldridge realized that it leads to SUICIDE and resigned. Thanks very much Mr Blix for your great work. Noone can put it better and more clearly. Unfortunately, facts don´t matter. If they did, nobody would be a Christian, a Moslem, a Jew : http://www.mcremo.com and youtube The Mysterious Origins Of Man. What religion, if any, did they have, I wonder. Robert Oppenheimer stated on July 16th 1945: "This was the first time in modern times!" And every time some 100,000 people survive in remote mountains and we forget all about it. ½ mio years later we claim to be an ape from Africa and the most intelligent beings ever. But who made the stone monuments in Peru and Bolivia because we didn´t do it. That´s impossible as all engineers and architects explain. Were we maybe more advanced than now when we last blew it all up ? My surgeon in Tuluá, Colombia, suggested that we arrived here as few survivors from both places following all-out war Moon-Mars some 3 bio years ago. But we don´t really know, do we ?

  11. I am a Canadian citizen, and I wholly agree with John Van Dyke’s assessment, evaluation, and recommendations concerning both the sinking of the Cheonan, and the ideal maritime boundary between North Korea and South Korea. Prior to reading this article, I had been researching the history of the Korean peninsula, and I came to the dual conclusion that the Northern Limit Line is unfair and unjust to the commercial and security interests of North Korea, and that this issue must first be addressed by the US and the UN before further progress can be made toward Korean reunification.

  12. I believe Blix was the first to break the news about Chernobyl to the world- and hastened Gorbachev's rise to power.

    As usual, in our bloodlust he'll be ignored.

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