AUDIO: Bradley Manning’s Court Statement

Via Glenn Greenwald, an illicit recording of Manning’s court statement last week.

Here is legendary Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg’s reaction to the leaked recording:

Whoever made this recording, and I don’t know who the person is, has done the American public a great service. This marks the first time the American public can hear Bradley Manning, in his own voice explain what he did and how he did it.

After listening to this recording and reading his testimony, I believe Bradley Manning is the personification of the word whistleblower.

…For the third straight year, Manning has been nominated for the Noble Peace Prize by, among others, Tunisian parliamentarians. Given the role the WikiLeaks cables played in the Arab Spring, and their role in speeding up the end of the Iraq War, I can think of no one more deserving who is deserving of the peace prize.

He’s also deserving of the Congressional Medal of Honor. This medal, awarded by Congress–and not the executive branch–is given to military personnel, who during wartime, do what they should do for their country and their comrades, at the greatest risk to themselves.

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  1. Once again Daniel Ellsberg speaks the truth. The media depicts Bradley Manning as a deeply troubled weirdo runt with an axe to grind because of his mistreatment by Army personnel. The truth is that he is a sensitive and resourceful crusader against massive injustice, malice and deceit. The military industrial juggernaut needs to be dismantled and people like Manning are helping to hasten its demise. Whistle-blowers are heroes and need to be defended for their costly heroism.

  2. I disagree with Daniel Ellsberg that he deserves the Noble Peace Prize "He’s also deserving of the Congressional Medal of Honor ,,"

    Noble Peace Prize and Congressional Medal or any other institutional DO NOT DESERVE Bradly Manning. These kinds of Medalsand Prizes are corrupted and have been soaked with blood..

    He deserves the admiration and every bit of support with actions of every decent person around the world, What he has done is not only for Amerikans but also for all people around the world.

    He IS BIGGER than all the corrupted medals and prizes from these corrupt institutions.

    1. Thank you for clarifying and stating what should be obvious to anyone who considers themself to be progressive. Begin,Kissinger, Obama and Manning?…wtf.

    2. Hung Dinh
      Mr. Manning must be elected as US President so he can clean up and jail war criminals in the US.
      Bush, Obama gandgs of war criminals must face military justice instead of Bradley Manning.

  3. Yeah, Agree Manning should get the Nobel peace Prize and Congressional Medal of Honor, but this recording will probably get him a huge amount of time in prison and it might cause problems for Julian Assange. Wouldn't the greatness of Mannings' have taken place without this tape and without him spending years in prison? Anytime a person does something that hurts himself as much as this tape will hurt Manning and Assange, ie years in prison, should it not be assumed it is the product of torture and of poor legal council?

    1. Randy, I don't think that you have been listening close enough to Manning's testimony. In laying out how he came to WikiLeaks as a third or fourth option, Manning specifically stated that he was forced to go to WikiLeaks, did not have any interaction with Julian Assange and was not induced nor encouraged by WikiLeaks to disclose what he did leak to them. That blows the government case regarding conspirasy or collusion between Manning and Assange out of the water. The government was hoping to squeeze Manning into ratting out Assange, but they now know that isn't going to happen.

  4. Bradley Manning deserve the up most of praise. Those persecuting him should be compelled to trade places with him.

    1. That's a pretty good idea: persecutors are sentenced to trading places with their victims. I would LOVE to see Mr. "Dark Side" Dick Cheney get waterboarded 60 times and just penalty for his appetite for torturing others. What goes around, comes around.

  5. He deserves the best! He should be, and is, a role model to many. But, in all honesty, if he gets a prison term we, who praise him and his character, will discover our impotence by realizing that we could do… nothing to prevent this injustice. The words and their meaning, no matter how deep, are words only.
    Some say the words are cheap. Sad.

  6. Thanks michelhamrin for the clear up. No this tape was a difficult listen for me. Not that clear. We, the world need and should be able to listen to every word I've read and more. Manning is definitely fresh air in a world that stinks of Fa$ci$m. At one time I would go to Wiki to try and figure out what the fuss was about and didn't read anything that hurt National Security. But doesn't this tape guarantee a long time in jail for Manning? Won't the prosecution use every word in it against Manning and twist things to try and nail Wiki and Assange? I can see saying this in exchange for a walk, but saying it when doing so guarantees Manning a huge time in prison makes no sense to me. Personally I can't say cheer Go Manning Go, if I think doing so sends a honest kid to prison for the best part of his life. The time it took to get to court and the things I've read Manning had to endure strikes me as torture pure and simple. Everything about the Pentagon handling of Manning strikes me as one of the lowest points in American history and appears to going lower. The KSM info is strikingly non transparent. Time will tell what these tribunals mean for Americans. My guess they mean we all are in for tribunals and what we thought as our legal system has been tossed. Treatment of Manning and KSM will prove Fa$ci$t kind relative to how we are treated in our tribunals living under Martial Law. Needless to say hope I'm wrong.

  7. If USA government is believing in a notion that consist of peace then the justice department should let this man go free, if the USA militarism regime has the least respect for human rights and not a racist, suppressive idea killing people for fun.., then the prosecutors needs to drop all their charges and let this man go free.., if whit or any other house have any respect for all the above then they should be engaged for letting this man go free…, yet.., all is about prestige rather then justice, peace or human rights for those "prestigious" prosecutors and law abiding citizen proving the fact that by prosecuting Bradley Maning they don't have any respect for anything but their prestige.

  8. The army Prosecutor says that Bradley Maning helped the enemy…, he informed the world of the US brutal killing.., so the world, the American public are the enemy who is informed about USA atrocities taking place around the world….?

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