Boston: Death Sentence for Looking Out Window?

Police were continually screaming “don’t look out the window!” during their sweep in Watertown last week. This photo shows what happens to folks who disobeyed that order.

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So our security now depends on permitting police to threaten to kill anyone who disobeys any order? Or to treat every American like a terrorist suspect who can be gunned down on the flimsiest pretext?

As more people view photos like the above, the knee-jerk pro-government reaction to last week’s finale will dissipate. It will not matter if 70% or 80% of people still support any action the government takes. There will be enough people – initially with camcoms and cell phones – that the legitimacy of mass crackdowns will not survive.

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6 thoughts on “Boston: Death Sentence for Looking Out Window?”

  1. I live in the greater Boston area and there are a lot of people around here who love the government (as long as a democrat is in power) and everything it does, and they do not see any issue with this sort of thing. They think as long as Obama or some other lefty does it and says it's for our own good then it's justified.

    The fawning over the military and police at the beginning of Saturday's Red Sox game was disgusting and made me feel very uneasy.

    I hope the tide is turning with more people distrusting the government but I don't think I see it myself around here at least.

    1. While I agree with most of what you posted. I too hope Americans are getting fed up with our current administration and demand change.

      I do not understand you comment on the men and women who serve as policemen and military and your concerns over a community supporting them and letting them know their work is appreciated by a grateful nation. If you do not like the direction their Leadership has directed them in, then by all means speak out against the Leadership! You should never be confused with poor employment decisions from leadership and the honorable work that uniformed folks have taken an oath to perform and "most" do it honorably!

      You obviously, have chosen not to and that is an option that is you right!

      1. What oath are you talking about specifically, Mike? I don't see anything in the Constitution about government having any authority to put an entire city under military-style rule, conducting illegal searches in violation of the 4th Amendment, marching citizens out of their houses with their hands behind their heads. This is what happens in communist dictatorships, not in an ostensibly free republic. But I keep forgetting we no longer live in such a place, but the Soviet States of Amerika.

        This is why many people are viewing the government and their mindless robotic enforcers like the ZOGbot on top of the Humvee as the real terrorists, not these "terrorists", that are largely a creation of the regime in Washington along with their masters in Tel Aviv. Honorable work, my aching a**! You must be a government employee or one of the brainwashed sheeple who were waving their flag and cheering your own enslavement on Friday.

        1. It probably is legal under certain readings of "exigent circumstances". It's very police state like mind you. It is not a good sign for the future. How can we prevent it from becoming a more frequent occurance?

        2. They take an oath to uphold the Constitution- Law Enforcement, Military and elected officials. If they want to suspend the Constitution, they should tell us about it but they won't because that would alert those who still don't believe our government is dragging us to the Third World, an inch at a time.

          They're saying that it's in the interest of public safety, but in theory, so is a law that states people shouldn't kill others. I can only imagine criminals obeying the laws we already have, yet they want to penalize those of us who live a life devoid of criminal activity. The militia issue is over-discussed. If the government decides to take us by force, they would have to find enough soldiers who are actually willing to fire on US citizens and I'm not sure they could. They could always go to the Middle East- I'm sure they could recruit enough to kill all of us, or at least they could try.

      2. "Just doing my job" is never an excuse. It isn't a "poor employment choice", it is a mindset that government employees are better than citizens. We hanged a lot of Germans and Japanese for "just doing their jobs". The cops in America should expect no different.

        1. Ah, but you see, the Nuremberg Defense is only unacceptable if offered up by ferners who murder other ferners or Amerikans. Amerikans, on the other hand, have been conferred a <I<divine right by which to offer such a defense of their slaughter of other human beings.

    2. The fawning over the military and police at the beginning of Saturday's Red Sox game was disgusting and made me feel very uneasy.

      Second only to (and a very distant second, I will admit) to their evisceration of freedom, the rule of law, and human decency on all fronts, the most repulsive, disgusting, unforgivable thing that the reigning powers of the United Fascialist State of Amerika have done is corrupt our beloved national pastime with jackbooted authoritah-worship. I now REFUSE to attend games because of it.

    3. When I was in Boston, I thought I was in a communist state. All the left wing radio shows, quoting karl marx, putting down capitalism, etc… It literally made me sick. I felt like I was behind enemy lines. Couldn't wait to get the hell out of there.

      1. When I was in Boston, I thought I was in a communist state.

        What on earth convinced you it wasn't?

    4. Sounds like California, that's where I am from, and most of the people here don't care what goes on in government as long as a democrat is in charge of it. They won't even question it, and if someone does, they get offended ..

    5. Really, you did not see the man in the Humvee aiming at the the person who took the picture????? I served with guys like you in the military. We called the casualties,

  2. Props to those who took pictures. It shouldn't be risky but it is. Maybe we need home security cameras to document what the government does without us having to risk filming?

  3. What does the picture show, exactly? I don't get the "don't look or we'll kill you" title.

    1. Really? you don't see the guy in the tank pointing a gun directly at the window this pic was taken from. Meaning the window a person was simply standing in?!

    2. Pointing a gun at a person here in Indiana is a felony with a minimum 2 year sentence upon conviction.

      1. Tell that to Obama who is gradually replacing Oathtakers with military commanders hand picked for their willingness to fire on American citizens. Oh, folks. We are going to have a very hard time taking our country back.

  4. Notice how normal it is now for uniformed combat troops to swarm the streets in armoured HumVees. America is an occupied land. And the cheers go up!

    If GI Joe had let loose a deadly burst, after a perfunctory closed "investigation" absolutely nothing would have happened. The first killing will only set a valuable precedent. And, assuredly, the Chosen One, the Harvard-trained lawyer will rush to an exculpatory judgement.

    1. The LA cops have been militarized, in a way, for a long time. Therefore, their "accidental" shooting up of a truck with two women delivering newspapers during their manhunt for Dorner (it may be that the city was in lockdown in that area and the women didn't get the memo) demonstrates something – and I don' t think it was close to an honest mistake, more like a deadly warning.

  5. What happened in Boston was disgraceful and I'm not referring to the bombing. The bombing was criminal. The overblown response from Boston Gestapo was an outrage.

  6. This picture proves nothing! If you are going to prove or attempt to win an argument at least use something factual or noteworthy. Having a terrorist or suspected terrorist running loose in a civilian neighborhood should draw a show of force in an attempt to contain the individual. If you were patrolling/searching blind in an urban environment and someone popped into a window, would you not raise your weapon to be able to engage, if necessary? If you answer no, then I understand why you do not understand these actions. Ignorance and a misleading snapshot from a pic prove nothing here. When you have something factual, and there are factual "abuse of power" videos and pics out there, then post/debate that. These are highly trained swat and quick reaction teams, not military! Garbage posts like these are why America is so broken. You use misguided examples over facts to prove a valid point. Totally brings discredit on those with valid points who have done their homework actually bring an intellectual debate to a growing government attempt to gain more power and infringe on basic fundamental rights currently allowed for by the Constitution.

    1. Yeah, I guess the picture was photo-shopped or something. See my response to your first garbage post. Hooyah! (said while attempting to keep from puking)

      1. Just as certain articles on AWC activate the Zionist "immune system," these articles on the Boston Coup are activating the Fascist immune system.

    2. Why not do the same thing for the guy that robbed the 7-11? He is armed and just as dangerous. How about the gangs that roam the streets? Are they not just as dangerous?

      1. A militarized police force is even more dangerous. This is not the way to curb crime of any sort, violence only breeds more violence. What we need is Peace officers, not soldiers.

    3. Proves nothing? It proves that you can get a military, automatic weapon aimed at you for taking a picture. The DHS is becoming a state police, much like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. It is under-trained, over financed, and over-armed. Under the guise of "protection", we have allowed a military force to be built up and deployed within our borders. Alarming to say the least. Also, illegal.

    4. A militarized police force is martial law. It doesn't look like literal overnight martial law because it's slowly incremented. Garbage posts like yours is why America is broken. They were supposedly going after some 19 year old suspect. Oh no, don't empower the people to find the kid. Just lock down the entire city and suburbs for a day. What a great job they did, too. The kid wasn't even found until the martial law was lifted and some guy was allowed to come out of his house to smoke a cigarette. If society would have been allowed to go about its normal business, the kid would have been found right away. It's easy to be a fugitive in a world with no people.

    5. Not Military? Perhaps you missed the words painted on the side of the Humvee at the rear "MILITARY POLICE". Maybe you didn't click on the picture to see the large version.

      1. drone didn't find him. He was found by a neighbor who phoned it in. All the techno-security hullabaloo came later to give the media and techno-security geeks a thrill.

    6. I reported this comment as inappropriate. I don't agree entirely with the poster, but a gay slur that includes no actual criticism of the comment is uncalled for. Please try to think of actual criticisms before posting rather than resorting to childish and homophobic insults.

      1. John, thanks, deleted but between gay and bisexual staff members and our lesbian bookeeper we are used to this sort of thing. Not that Marcia is homophobic but like many angered that normal people can support the war criminal Barack Obama.

        Homophobia was struck a mortal blow with Bradley Manning. Once the Birchers took up for him, no amount of Maggie Gallaghers or Gary Bauers were going to undermine the fact that a living breathing American patriot happens to be gay. That hero is all the damn pride an alienated gay kid needs.

    7. posts like this are the reason why America is so broken??? Wake up Mike. There are none as blind as those who do not want to see. Don't feel embarassed when your eyes do open Mike, we all get there in our own time.

  7. golly mike…..there are literally thousands of really
    well-armed thugs running loose in chicago and terrorizing
    the populace.

    you think we could……..nah….

  8. Nazi Field Marshal Hermann Goering’s remarks during the Nuremberg trials. As Goering noted:

    It is always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.

  9. " Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. " – C.S. Lewis

  10. Amerikans will chant "USA! USA!" on their way to the FEMA camps. LOL. This country is a hoot!

  11. They're no doubt averse to the inevitably negative publicity that photographs of their totalitarian lawlessness like those above will generate. However, my guess is that what these donut-gobbling swine are really afraid of is of someone shooting at them from a window. In the "gun-free" city of Boston? Really? These guys have even less functioning grey matter than I gave them credit for?

    1. I don't think anyone with an IQ over 90 is allowed to be a cop. Don't want them questioning too many things, do thay?

      1. 90? A cop with an IQ that high would be a Mensa candidate. Fortunately for TPTB, the personnel branches of most PD's don't usually even look at an application written for anyone with an IQ of over 70.

  12. This is what happens when you employ deeply less than tenable persons to be led by such unintelligent leaders….oh poor civilisation …you should be sucked into such a re-action ….give up guns …join the 21st Centuary America ….or you deserve to wipe yourselves out in a country where less than 1%own and consume more than 25%of your GDP ….leaving a the majority of your population in abject poverty ….we don,t pray for you as you have even managed to turn the Christian religion into a quasi political product …but we do hope that you will generate a leadership that can lead you forward to take up the true Christian ethic .

  13. Was the person shot??!! No. The officer in the Humvee was looking through his 3x or greater powered scope to see what the idiot was doing in the window. If you watch much footage of tactics in the battlefield or swat, it's a common thing. This officer was on watch while his other fellows searched the ground. He is doing it right. My momma told me never poke a stick into a hornets nest, especially if they were swarming. Stay out of the dang window.

    1. Someone has to watch/photograph these guys. They need to buy him some binoculars. I do not want to be tracked in a rifle scope just to be observed. If I track you in a scope, it would be intended as a threat. No different with this uniformed thug.

    2. It's not the battlefield. It's a fucking residential street in Boston. That's the whole point.

    3. And one of thefundamental rules of handling a fire arm: don't point the mussle at anything you don't intend to shoot. This isn't Iraq. This is Boston!

  14. It is difficult to imagine how the reaction to these events could have done more to both please and justify the boys who did this and all the others who contemplate doing such things. What more could Americans do to encourage more rebellion? From the perspective of the rest of the world: let the show begin. Americans reaping what they have sewn is going to be, as the Americans say: The Greatest Show on Earth.

    1. > It is difficult to imagine how the reaction to these events could have done more to both please and justify the boys who did this

      excuse me, but given the history of rubbish spouting from tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy freaks (FBI, CIA, other govt agencies) we should wait for evidence and not fall into assuming authorized myth is reality.

      1. Yes, you are right. We should never take anything said by the US press, academia, or police at face value.

  15. You people are so worried about the Police coming in, They are not interested in what law you may be breaking currently, they were were only interested in finding these killers, so let them in and let them do the job they came for and quit crying about your rights. They are trying to afford you the right to live in a city free of killer terroristic people and could give a crap about your piddley marajuana or drugs when a bomb just killed a bunch of people. Unless of course your an idiot and prefer to live among terrorists. The more I see, there is a lot of idiot's.

    1. Really?!? So they do house to house searches. Barge in, people come out with their hands up…Grandpa, Grandma, little kids, etc. Dude, they were looking for one 19 year old perp. Why not just go up to the door and ask folks if they had seen the guy. In fact, the police completely missed him in the security sweep and he was not found until the lock down was lifted and a homeowner stepped outside and noticed something was wrong with his boat. What else is going to show the nation "Boston Strong" next time there is an incident? Dropping your pants and allowing the cops to do a cavity search?

      As I've said to others, "Baaahhhh, protect me, Baaahhhh!" — the Sheeple have spoken.

  16. Those who don’t understand what is wrong in this photo clearly are not gun owners. The officer in the vehicle is pointing his weapon at the person behind the camera. One of the fundamental rules of using a gun is that you NEVER, EVER point a gun at anything you are not prepared to kill/destroy. By doing so, that officer unilaterally signed the death sentence for the civilian in that window. And if he did not intend to kill the onlooker, then he needs to lose his job as he has no business ever touching a gun as a law enforcement officer again. Either way, he’s a scumbag. This is a residential neighborhood in a major US city, not a battlefield.

  17. When will the ignorant masses learn to use their own brains? Government manufactured terrorism and manufactured consent by the public. The kid is 100% Innocent. Think and do some actual research and stop watching television. Maybe read a book too if you have the mental capacity…

  18. I cannot even begin to describe the stomach churning disgust that I experienced at viewing a video posted showing a SWAT team banging on a door and ordering everyone out of the house with their hands up before barging in with weapons drawn and pointed at the hapless occupants. They did this while looking for one perp, and they did it for a 20 block area. So what did the people of Boston do? They waved flags and held up signs saying "Boston Strong." Really? WTF is wrong with these people. Next thing you know, the jack boots will be stopping people on the street to feel them up and do cavity searches, and I'm willing to bet that a good percentage of the flag waving morons will thank them for it. I can just see some father watching his 14 year old daughter getting her tits squeezed by some guy in a badge like they do at the airport, and he will be thankful that someone is out there to keep him and his family safe no matter the cost to personal dignity. What absolute sheep.

    Just remember that wolves slaughter sheep.

  19. I don’t understand most of you people on here. These 2 perps set off bombs that wounded many people, and as it turns out had many more bombs and were planning to continue their destruction. The police and military do a sweep through the town where he was last seen to try and stop him from continuing his destruction and bring him to justice and in turn saving peoples lives. The cops were asking people not to look out the window, and this idiot with a camera doesn’t do as he is asked and its the military’s fault?! The soldier reacted this way to make sure the perp wasn’t the one peaking out the window ready to open fire on the men and women roaming the streets looking for him. Or would you people be happier if he was still on the loose setting up bombs wherever he pleased?

  20. You people that do not understand the point of the headline are obviously not looking at the militarized goon aiming his weapon directly at an unarmed civilian photographer. That is a threat to life and liberty.

  21. What kind of soldier would shoot at a fellow American citizen? This is how well indoctrinated our boys are. They would kill their own mothers & fathers, sisters & brothers for the state. Let this be a wake up call to all Americans.

    1. hmmm .. USA to be twinned with Palestine. 'Cept the Palestinians don't chant support for Israel when they've been abused.

  22. Keep this in mind people, all these Private "security" companies hire and train foreign former Police officers and soldiers, get them work visas and get them in the U.S..
    Do you really think a Brainwashed drone from another country collecting 100k is going to have any compunction about shooting an American?
    This is the Governments trump card. This is what very few realize. Better wake up and start noticing all these trim and fit guys around your cities with foreign accents…

  23. Just as Guest said above. Are you all honestly retarded? This was a major operation to find one of the Boston Bombers. Telling people to not look out the window is for the same reason the police don’t like you staring and waving at helicopters while they’re searching; it’s suspicious, distracting, and wastes precious time. He wasn’t aiming the weapon at him because he was looking, whomever it was manning the weapon was sweeping the area, meaning he was aiming it everywhere in the range it would allow. He turned towards the photographer, and the picture was taken. If he did get him aim on the person, it was simply as a precaution in case he was the bomber. If you’re on the street, travelling in a hot-zone, it takes more than ONE SECOND to identify someone, so of course he kept his aim until he DID identify the photographer as not being a threat. Even then, the fact that the vehicle was moving meant the weapon would have been pointed at him for a maximum for 5 seconds.
    No one shouted “Hey, this guy is looking at the window, aim your weapons at him!”, notice how he’s the ONLY person looking at the photographer?

  24. I'm glad I wasn't there! As I would NOT have obeyed and would have went outside if I damn well pleased! I might have gotten arrested or even shot but I would NOT have obeyed!

  25. Never point a gun unless you intend to use it is the training I got. At what point do these bullies become 'destructive to these ends'? they are not public safety, but a public nuisance and deprivers of rights. We war with nations over less. If these were such terrorists why kill them? or 'risk' killing them with a few warning shots (thousands into their target) and not do everything to interrogate them. Cops are so dumb they think themselves wise. But we are the foolish of all if we don't throw a little back at em.

  26. The generally-accepted definition of the phrase "Critical Thinking" is "Type of critical analysis: disciplined intellectual criticism that combines research, knowledge of historical context, and balanced judgment." The vast majority of National Socialists – aka "Liberal Democrats" – are incapable of such critical-thinking, grossly under-educated & misinformed, and pathologically stupid (and they want it that way). Nevertheless, on a positive note of comparison, the fourth-terrace (Canto XVIII) of Purgatorio in Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy" is occupied by "the slothful, who purge their guilt in endless activity, shouting examples of their zeal, while being made to run without respite." I'm glad to see they're all keeping themselves busy. Ultimately, we'll all get to witness their abject failure, but, unfortunately, after great cost to our country and citizens. I agree with Ben Franklin, who wrote, "Those who give up freedom for security, deserve neither freedom nor security."

  27. WOW – People… they didn't want people looking out windows for their safety and YOURS!! They didn't know who people were… ask any cop or military – they wanted to find the guy and NOT risk injuries to the citizens in the areas!! They are TRAINED to observe and that is why the person was able to take a photo as they did – apparently they didn't shoot!!!!

    Wow – there was a REASON for it – it's called SAFETY!

  28. If any of you complainers voted for Obama…guess what…you're getting exactly what you voted for! So stop your complaining and bask in the rays of the new protective security sunshine bestowed upon you and all his minion followers! Hope on and enjoy the ride as he takes this country further down the train tracks of total destruction and national irreversible mayhem!

    1. > If any of you complainers voted for Obama…guess what…you're getting exactly what you voted for!

      this has a hint of "if you'd voted for the other guy things would be different".

      Of course, it doesn't matter who you vote for. The two party system is actually the two faces of the same underlying corporate/political power system. If any candidate appears from outside the system then the media will ensure s/he's eliminated from the popular mindset.

  29. I disagree Jim.

    I have been appalled at the lack of complaint either while the search was being conducted or afterwards filtering out of Boston. I can understand the almost complete lack of video or photos from the corporate media as well as the post action interviews of gushing occupants expressing their fondest most sincere thanks for the brutal finger fucking they received.

    But the lack of video, audio, livestreaming and photos from the effected civilian populace is dispiriting. The lack of post action complaints posted on the Internet equally so. The elite may control the media but they don't control the Internet and an absence of something there means an absence of something. In this case that great in your face punk spirit of "fuck you where is your warrant you mother fucking pig!" Or even the preferred nice, "certainly officer just as soon as I see your warrant."

    I did see photos of a few people handcuffed behind their back and laid out on their lawns. I have not read a damned thing about why they were arrested, and their disposition. I suspect they said the wrong thing. But then I don't know.

    I do not believe the people of Boston are any different from anywhere else in this nation. I believe this is evidence that we have been successfully culled. Now that they know they can not only get away with this behavior, but have the serfs lick the back of their LEO's hands in gratitude for their treatment our masters will undoubtedly be using this more frequently and throughout the nation. Buckle up, we are in for a wild ride.

    — Powell

  30. Does it concern any of the RahRah Sheeple that the USC forbids, in Article. I, Section 10, the keep(ing) of Troops by the states?? I would tend to believe that that gets a pass.

  31. For the next city on the list to be trampled through all that is needed is for thousands of citizens to take to the streets, so many that nothing can go on any further through their police state actions.

  32. My guess is it will be in another city with very restrictive gun laws and a very state-worshipping mindset. NYC? California?

  33. if you are an american and you dont see a problem with a cop pointing an assault weapon at a person just for looking out there window, then there really is little hope for your future to contain any sense of liberty or freedom. Just bend over and grab your ankles and enjoy what the government has got coming for you….

  34. Democracy is such a great discovery. I am sure that the American people are going to vote themselves back to peace and sanity. Why that Moses was such a thug. He should have come down off the mountain and helped with the celebrations for the golden calf. Then he should have taken a vote on the morals and laws. "OK. Lets see a vote not on sleeping with siblings. Everybody who thinks that this is OK just raise your hand." The northern Europeans and Americans are so naturally intelligent and humane that they should write all the rules for humanity. Before you know it everybody in the world would be able to enjoy public nudity, tattoos, binge drinking, democracy, and rule by queens.

  35. Your style is very unique compared to other people I’ve read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just book mark this site.

  36. The rise of government-dictated "omission journalism" is increasingly becoming more about what is omitted from the news, rather than what's in it. As mainstream media institutions pursue agendas of social shaping rather than reporting factual news, they use the power of omission to make sure the people aren't aware of the most socially-relevant stories. For example, in our modern time there are two huge stories the media isn't reporting because it's practicing "omission journalism." Those stories are the abortion murder trials and DHS bullet stockpiling. When watching the news, an informed observer must now ask himself, "What are they NOT showing me?" Therein, are the real stories that will never be reported.

  37. What happened in Boston was disgraceful and I'm not referring to the bombing. The bombing was criminal. The overblown response from Boston Gestapo was an outrage.

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