Drone Operator Tells of Killing Civilians, Children

Here is an NPR segment featuring a former Air Force pilot who operated drones. He describes targeting and killing people he thinks were civilians, or at least not a threat. He describes bombing a man running away, and when the smoke cleared saw the man get his leg blown off and bleed to death. He also describes killing a child in a drone strike.

7 thoughts on “Drone Operator Tells of Killing Civilians, Children”

  1. The USA a murderous regime who kill thousands of people a year and they think they are the good guys,they get everyone in the ME to kill each other and then blame it on Iran or syria,Americans,they will start ww3 and end human life on this planet

    1. Americans wont end the human life.., but the vulture capitalism will and working on it.

      1. Vulture captalism isn't realy clear to me what you mean ? But what other system would you like to make decisions and choices for us other than the people who furnish the money . The labor unions gradually made more and more decision for General moters , until nobody wanted to send them any more money . The Soviet Union government wanted to make all the decisions , The Russian government owned more land than anyone else in the world . Inspite of doing away with religion and a lot of descretionary expences , yet they could not balance budget . I like good decisions , I hate bad choices , Just how would you seperate the two without captalism .

        1. The world needs to co-operate and share resources. The unending competition for resources and the wealth they produce is driving us to war against each other and destroying the very planet which shelters and nourishes us. Unrestricted and unregulated capitalism turns into thievery and exploitation. Morality and compassion are thrown over the side. Survival of the fittest becomes survival of the most cruel and immoral.

  2. For every one of these former ZOGbot war criminals who suddenly has an attack of conscience, you can bet there are a hundred who can still sleep soundly at night.

  3. And Washington has the hubris to term this sordid, illicit and cruel behavior by the US "The War on Terror." I imagine the imaginative minds of the US war planners must think others in the world somehow immune to indiscriminate bombing with resultant death of thousands of civilians, death from night raids into homes, incarceration, destruction of a countries sovereignty and habitat, torture and occupation are somehow not "terror" because the US is responsible?

  4. There is no way to justify this policy. None. The so-called "Leaders" of this country have to know that there will be payment due for these actions. Of course, they understand that the American people will not require THEM to pay for their deeds. Obama proved that when he allowed GWB and Cheney and Co to walk scot free. He had the opportunity to start to set the scales in balance – and passed. For that, he is no better than them.

    The American government cannot continue as they are and expect that there won't be a reprisal. That means they know there will be retribution and they have determined that in order to accomplish the agenda they've undertaken, Americans must be sacrificed. Not them, just normal, innocent Americans somewhere in America – or Benghazi.

    These types of actions (drone terrorism) will be how we are defined. And even if the majority of the American people were enlightened enough to grasp what is being done, I do not believe they would take the initiative to stop the "Leaders" before it all collapses. It may be too late as it is. Sad. I'm glad I won't be around to see it come. I cry for my children and their children.

    1. The current American policies will lead to a nuclear war!

      …after that the remains of humanity can live in peace.

      Sorry, there is no peaceful solution.

  5. Kill anything that moves then retreat in the dead of night with their tails between their legs.

  6. remote-controlled killing is totally unacceptable. It has to be outlawed, but, wait till it gets into the hands of rad groups. Those responsible for this outrage on human dignity will be brought to book.
    Imran will have to look at who in Pakistan has the evil taint of 'drone' on his hands. Good way for a politician to ''break some knee-caps''

  7. That drone operator should have all his relatives blown up while he's forced to watch.

    1. No! His address/picture and all the addresses/pictures of his relatives and friend also should be published.

      …these people are the real terrorists.

      1. This is why the US Air Force and other rogue agencies are going to great pains to conceal the identity of their stooges who are actually operating these machines because that is exactly what they are afraid of.

  8. The truth is Afghanistan is one HUGE experimental lab. Most Afghans are poor and uneducated and thirty four years of war have left them even more poor and there are very few people with access to computers and the internet. Unlike Iraq. very little news gets out-at least what the Americans don't want to be known.

    The few educated have been bought by the US as they are the ones who provide high paying jobs. So its the perfect place for testing the latest military hardware in the field under real conditions.

    Been visiting my country about ones every three years and every time I see newer APCs, weapons and new surveillance hardware. Afghanistan is in fact the Arms industry's live testing ground.

    Its a testing ground for social policies and human reactions too. Afghans are fiercely independent like most Americans so they make perfect subjects.

    The drone strikes, airships blanketing Kandahar and most major cities are all being tested here for future use in western cities when the times comes for them to take total control.

    Even soldiers reactions are being tested. Afghan mercenaries who call themselves Taliban are put in place to blow passing APCs or young kids are rigged with bomb jackets to kill US soldiers – Afghans will never use kids or women in battle not unless the last adult male was dead did kids or women fight the soviets and British in past wars and suicide is an act of cowardice to the honor bound afghan warriors. By controlling both sides of the war they control the outcome of their experiment more accurately. (Also a good way of removing elements within the US army that don't think on government lines-think Pat Tillman as one example)

    Yes there are -were- some groups that actually stood up to the Americans but there are so many spies that no resistance group managed to last more than a year before being wiped out by some drone attack.

    That's why its all a lie when they claim any car or suicide bomb in some shopping mall or mosque in Kabul is done by Taliban- killing civilians doesn't benefit ANY rebel group, in fact it will hurt their cause and without the peoples support the cause is lost.

    Out in the villages in rural Afghanistan its another story-village groups consist of known members and they do not recruit outsiders for fear of spies and they operate in their own area, having no link with any other group.

    This too is studied by the invaders and they have tried different methods to destroy rural and mountain based resistance. This in preparation for its future war with western citizens when they will do away with democracy and freedom.

    1. Americans aren't fiercely independent; Americans are obstinate and ignorant and violent.

      And the great majority will do as they are ordered and will kill _the Others'_children on command.

      case point above. and that one is educated and an 'officer'….

  9. Wow, what a bunch of lame ass losers all you commenters are. America is going to hunt everyone of you down and inflict some serious taxation on you. By the time the lawyers are finished auditing your returns you’ll be begging for some Obamacare.

  10. I know a drone operator who masturbates while murdering women and children.

    1. rumor has it the entire USAF is one big evangelical, gang-banging circle jerk

      1. I'm sure they have their share of Christian zionists. Probably while they are jerking off at their game consoles blowing up wedding parties, they're singing, "Off we go into the wild blue yonder, fighting for the s****y little state in Palestine.

  11. Anyone who voted for Obama or Bush, and allowed these crimes to carry on, has blood on their hands.

  12. Feinstein’s powerful service to Big Brother, reaching new heights in recent months, is just getting started. She’s hard at work to muddy all the waters of public discourse she can – striving to protect the NSA from real legislative remedies while serving as a key political enabler for President Obama’s shameless abuse of the First,

  13. Feinsteina??s powerful service to Big Brother, reaching new heights in recent months, is just getting started. Shea??s hard at work to muddy all the waters of public discourse she can a?? striving to protect the NSA from real legislative remedies while serving as a key political enabler for President Obamaa??s shameless abuse of the First,

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