Don’t Arm Syria’s Rebels: The ‘Vetting Process’ Is A Lie

Syrian soldiers, who have defected to join the Free Syrian Army, hold up their rifles as they secure a street in Saqba, in Damascus suburbs

According to Angel Rabasa of the RAND Corp., we really need to start directly arming the Syrian rebels. How do we do that without bolstering the influence and lethality of extremist groups? Simple, he says: just “establish as soon as possible a task force to organize and supervise a train and equip program for the Syrian opposition forces.”

This sounds a lot like the supposed “vetting process” the U.S. has already been conducting while the CIA funnels weapons and aid from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to the rebel fighters.

Rabasa argues that the “train and equip task force” he was a part of for Bosnian fighters in the 1990s worked great, so it should work for Syria too. Well, that it worked great is arguable. But either way, I don’t think it’s arguable that the situation on the ground in Bosnia back then is at all comparable to the situation in Syria now.

The much vaunted “vetting process” consists of untrustworthy, third-party sources, and intelligence officials told the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times as far back as a year ago that the truth is that the U.S. doesn’t know who is getting the money and weapons. That is to say, extremist groups linked to al-Qaeda have been getting the bulk of the aid.

According to Julien Barnes-Dacey and Daniel Levy, in a policy brief for the European Council on Foreign Relations, “it is unrealistic to expect that weapons can be guaranteed to end up in the hands of pro-Western actors. The U.S. and its allies were unable to achieve the micro-management of weapons control in Iraq and Afghanistan, even with a massive physical presence there, so it is unlikely that they will fare better doing this with a light footprint.”

Arming the rebels also creates “a real danger that these weapons could find their way into sectarian tensions in neighboring countries such as Lebanon and Iraq, supplying oxygen for the outbreak of an arc of sectarian conflict across the Levant.” Furthermore, it is likely cause the Assad regime to escalate violence, not the other way around.

With a bill authorizing the direct arming of Syrian rebels having already passed in Senate committee last week, it’s worrisome that advice like the kind offered by Rabasa might be followed by the Obama administration soon enough.

What kind of a Syria would we be promoting at that point?

According to reports, rebel-controlled areas in Syria – mostly dominated by Jabhat al-Nusra – have started to set up cruel sharia law systems. Armed militias rule these areas and dish out harsh punishments like extra-judicial executions and torture in the midst of frightened local residents.

So when militia leaders aren’t cutting out and eating the hearts of their enemies, they’re setting up the most extreme, doctrinal Sunni Islamic system (exported mostly from our Gulf allies, ironically) that is antithetical not just to the West but to freedom and democracy. And we want to send them arms?

Sounds like a great plan.

53 thoughts on “Don’t Arm Syria’s Rebels: The ‘Vetting Process’ Is A Lie”

  1. Wait I know what "we" do, give the Free Syrian Cannibal Army John McCain. McCain and his little pal Lindsey Graham. The 'dynamic warmongering duo' will open up a can of whoop-ass on Bashar al-Assad and that'll teach him good. McCain and Graham are natural born killers and there's not much doubt about that.

  2. What do you propose to do about the slaughter of almost a hundred thousand Syrians, mostly civilians, mostly slaughtered by the Assad regime. Many with chemical weapons, were was another attack in Damascus this week, and Scud missiles and cluster-bombs from Russia.

    1. Nonsense.
      How do you know they are mostly civilians who are "mostly" slaughetred by the Assad regime? the answer: YOU DON"T. The "rebels" are doing their own brand of slaughtering by marching into towns they "liberate" by killing people who won't join or support them. This has all be documented and even caught on camera and posted by THEM on Youtube. The Assad government is doing everything it can to kill the fanatics you support.

      The chemical weapons tripe is a lie being used as an excuse to intervene in the conflict. Why would Assad use chemical weapons when he has Mig's and tanks? Can't you see that this chemical weapons tripes makes no sense as far as the Syrian military using it goes?

      1. Most civilians are being slaughtered by attacks from the air, including cluster bombs, barrel bombs, napalm like incendiaries, attacks. Only the Assad regime has these indiscriminate weapons designed for massive human destruction. Only the Assad regime has helicopter gunships and uses them to mow down protesters. Only the Assad regime is firing Scuds, which are large unguided ballistic missiles, and they are firing them at their own cities.

        Only the Assad regime has the heavy artillery including the largest mortars ever made, 240mm., supplied by Russian, and used against civilian communities. It is the Assad regime that has been shelling Homs for almost 2 years now.

        Ever since Assad ordered his army to fire on unarmed protesters in March 2011, he has followed the policy killing anyone who is opposed to his rule whether they have armed themselves or not. He like is better when they are unarmed but he kills because they oppose his rule, armed or not.

        I know that Assad has done most of the killing because he clearly has the most deadly weapons, has no restraint in using them against civilians and he has clearly adopted the policy of terrorising the population into accepting his rule and turning liberated areas into unbelievable areas and forcing millions to become refugees in their own country.

        1. it is you that has taken sides. You were for overthrowing Libya and supported NATO intervention, and you are now for overthrowing Syria. you are pro-intervention and pro-war. and today, you flood antiwar with pro-intervention propaganda. you propagate 'freedom-fighter' twaddle on your blog. flair up on antiwar around the time McCain goes to Syria. flood the comments with one sided reports that justify your lust for "freedom" win a trophy for troll-of-the-week. most laughable, you proport your goal is to rid of capitalism and that some loosely connection exists between your 'freedom fighters' in Syria and your larger world agenda. you are too much.

          you are the paradox called clay

        2. you are a terrorist suporter and looks like you love murder,killing and rape like the terrorist rebels do,did you kidnap any young girls and are keeping them in your basement dud,as slaves,you sound like the guy that would,they should deport you from the US dork,I saw your pic and web page,anyone who follows this monster is treason to the USA and the world,this guy wants war so much but will not fight it and lets you lambs take the fall,do not pay this scum mind

      2. Chemical weapons have been used by the Assad regime at least 6 times that have been well documented. The most recent was in Damascus on 23 May. The first 22 Dec. in Homs. There is video documentation of the effects of the attack, testimony from medical personnel. Maj. Gen. Abdul Aziz Jassem al-Shallal, at the time the highest ranking member of Assad's army to defect has confirmed that the Assad regime used Sarin gas in Homs. UK's MI6 also claims to have gotten soil samples from Homs that they say tested positive for Sarin, but unlike the reports from defectors, they can't say who was using them.

        There are been many other defectors that have reported on Assad chemical attacks and their testimony backs up the physical evidence. On 15 Mar. Zahir al-Sakit, a general with in Assad's chemical weapons branch defected, saying he had done so because he was ordered to use Sarin gas on civilians. We also have this recent report from AJE "Former scientist for country's programme says the regime used sarin agent in small quantities to halt rebel advances."

        There were two attacks on 19 Mar one on Khan al-Assad, which the regime resigned to look like the rebels did it and they have been clamouring for only that incident be investigated by the UN, and one in Ateibeh, near Damascus.

        On 13 April, 2 women and 2 children died after the Assad regime dropped two gas bombs from helicopters in Sheik Maqsoud, Aleppo.

        On 29 April activists have reported what appears to be a chemical attack in Saraqib, an opposition town in Idlib province. Some of the victims are being treated in Turkey. The cannisters dropped appear to be the same type dropped in Sheikh Maghsoud. Brown Moses did a good job in documenting the origins of the weapons used.

        The is also the recent extensive report in Le Monde, based on a two month, on-site investigation, that documents the use of chemical weapons by Assad in Syria.

        The reason the Assad regimes is using chemical weapons now is that it is clear no one will stop him. Obama's so-called "red-line" was never anything but a green-light to use every other weapons. He has killed 50k since Obama made this statement and now we can see that there never was a red-line that Assad had to worry about. The statement was never designed to deter WMD use so much as it was design to signal Obama's acceptance of Assad's use of cluster-bombs, Scuds, incendiaries, barrel bombs and massive aerial assaults on civilian communities.

        Assad is using chemical weapons, in spite of massive use of Migs and artillery, because he can kill even more with chemical weapons. They are prefect for his kind of "warfare" which means attacking civilians who can't defend themselves. It is the perfect weapon for making liberated areas un-liveable and that is clearly one of his goals.

        The joke is the claim that chemical weapons are being hyped to excuse intervention. Two years of civil war is not an excuse for intervention? +90,000 dead is not sufficient excuse for intervention? Cluster bombs, barrel bombs, fire bombs and continuous shelling of civilian areas is not sufficient excuse for intervention? Multiple attacks on Turkey, a NATO member is insufficient excuse for intervention? Over a million refugees forced to flee to neighbouring countries is insufficient excuse for intervention? Over 4 million made homeless inside Syria and the well documented use of rape as a weapon by the regime is insufficient excuse for intervention?

        Who are you kidding? If the US,UK & EU wanted to intervene against Assad they have had plenty of excuses. They still aren't talking about arming Assad's opposition until after 1 Aug, 2 and a half years after the revolution began. I think it is clear were they really stand.

        1. Please spare us the propaganda.

          No one here is buying it.

          The notion that they can "kill more with chemical arms" just shows your ignorance. In EVERY war fought that has included the use of chemcial arms in battle (including the first world war & Iran/Iraq in the 1980s) only 2-3% of the casualties incurred in those wars were attributed to the direct use of chemcial munitions – which often times do more damage to those actually using them because of weather conditions. The other 97% were by tanks, aircraft, bullets, bombs, etc; Despite all the hype, the form of chemcial warfare that the media is attemptig to convince you took place in Syria, has been obsolete for nearly a century and the Assad government has literally NOTHING to gain by deploying them since they don't help on the battlefield and create laods of bad PR.

          We heard the same garbage regarding Iraq. The US, UK & EU have not intervened because Russia & China have blocked it in the security council and they don't want to risk what could become a dangerous escalation with a major nuclear power.

          Your "revolution" is bogus. If it hasn't been since day on, it most certainly is now.

          1. Saddam Hussein killed 5,000 Kurds with chemical weapons while the NATO countries looked the other way, just as they are doing now. If the US, UK & EU really wanted to intervene, they wouldn't let Russia and China stop them. When has it before?

          2. Russia and China are both much more powerful than they were in 2003 – the geopolitical landscape has changed drastically since then.

            The US wars in Iraq & Afghanistan have sapped the resources as well as the moral high ground the US was perceived to have had before those two disastrous wars.

          3. is very selective it which wars it opposes. It doesn't oppose Assad's war on his own people for example, and it doesn't oppose intervention by Russia, Iran and Hezbullah on the side of the fascist regime.

          4. Mr. Claiborne, when has supported a US intervention? Most of the staff is anarchist hence we don't doubt the worst about Assad. We assume that's how world leaders behave. However, have you ever seen any evidence that US intervention has abated as opposed to acerbated a conflict?

            If you have a longer critique of this, please consider submitting it our editorial section or send an email to

          5. I am not suggesting US intervention in Syria. For 18 months now I have been telling anyone who will listen that Obama favors keeping the Assad regime if not Assad himself. The same can be said about the UK, France and Israel. That is why the Syrian rebels have had to slug it out for going on 3 years now with no real support – MRE and bandaids to match Assad's Scuds – and still the EU is talking about maybe in August, giving the people Assad is bombing weapons with which to defend themselves – but no MANPADS, and no fly zone – we mustn't interfere with Assad's ability to rain down death from above with impunity! Oh No!

            A hundred thousand dead, and make no mistake about it the lions share has been done by Assad, no pun intended. He has the tanks, the has the long range artillery and the really big mortars, he has the helicopter gunships and big missiles and the air force. He has a long tail supply change from Russia and Iran that keep his death machine well supplied. He can't trust his troops, they'll defect and join the FSA given half a chance, but he does have highly motivated fascist militias ready to wage an ethnic war.

            What has the other side had? Mostly AKs and RPGs. Only after they started capturing some heavy weapons did some of their "supporters" start to come across with some more. And still no MANPADS.

            Obama has been especially keen on Assad. He sent and envoy to meet with him only days after he was elected in 2008 and Kerry was still meeting with Assad after the protest broke out in 2011. They had plans to do a big peace deal with Assad, the Saudis gave him $14B.

            I have been telling the Syrian opposition and everyone else why there would be no western intervention ala Libya.

            Even if you guys are anarchist, I would think you would be concerned about the terrible precedent that is being set in Syria with regards to what a government can do to suppress its own population. I live in Los Angeles and we have police and military helicopter flying over us all the time. In Syria, they open up on crowds. Is that okay by you? Is that a "right" every government should enjoy without fear of "intervention?"

            How about jet planes dropping cluster bombs on resistant neighborhoods? Is that okay by you? When you raise high the banner "Hands off Syria!" while Assad is doing that, aren't you issuing a similar license to ever government?

            How about ballistic missiles? How about poison gas? Do you recognize any limitations on what a government is allowed to do to its own people? Are you happy with the model being set in Syria in terms of what weapons and how many massacres a government can carry out against a rebellious population? You should be because has been one of the dark forces routing for it.

            Given that nobody has seen fit to stop Assad from bombing his own people, you oppose a no-fly zone don't you?, it would be nice if the people being bomb could acquire some modern air defense systems so they wouldn't just be sitting ducks. Okay, so Obama doesn't want to give them any MANPADS. Find, its a free market, the Syrian opposition could buy Russian MANPADS from Libya with the money they received SA & Qatar.

            Only they can't because Obama has his fat CIA foot on the weapons pipeline – you say they are "funneling" weapons to the rebels – that is more antiwar doublespeak – how come no MANPADS make it through the funnel? Because its a filter not a funnel! That's why I say Obama is playing "good cop" to Putin's "bad cop."

            When has opposed Russian or Iranian intervention? You don't oppose the continued resupply of the weapons doing most of the killing but you do oppose anyone and I mean absolutely anyone, trying to stop the Assad government from its slaughter,

            Will you hold his position as the first hundred thousand starts climbing towards the first million. Will you continue opposing intervention no matter how many he kills?

          6. you speak out of both sides of your mouth.

            you pander 'freedom fighters' and pro-NATO intervention and celebrated NATOs hand in Libya and pressure for it in Syria and now thread-jack because you've got no audience of your own.

          7. Mr. Claiborne,

            Everyone is clear that Assad is a murderous bastard. You aren't telling anyone here anything that he or she doesn't think about Assad. However, you have given me no solution except more violence. You know too much about US foreign policy to believe that any intervention by the US is going to end violence.

            "When has opposed Russian or Iranian intervention?" Is this a trick question? Let's review the url again, Of course, we do but we have even less say in those governments than we do our own. Certainly US sanctions against Iran will not help with any influence any American might have.

            "I live in Los Angeles and we have police and military helicopter flying over us all the time. In Syria, they open up on crowds. Is that okay by you? Is that a "right" every government should enjoy without fear of "intervention?""

            As do I, and hear the helicopters nightly. Given how successful we have not been in stopping the LAPD, how do you propose we stop Assad's helicopters? I can't stop even stop from being pulled over. You keep telling me the problems. I know the problems. What are the solutions?

          8. Since I have had some slight success in stopping the LAPD [named plantiff in 1984 ACLU – LAPD suite that resulted in consent decree] Let me make some suggestions as to how you can help stop Assad's helicopters or at any rate, slow down his war machine.

            You know there are a few people around the world that busy themselves day and night receiving reports on Assad's sniper locations in various cities and then plotting them on Google maps that then can be made available to anyone seeking to avoid this snipers. Perhaps you have also heard of the work of Brown Moses in terms of weapons ID. The Internet opens up many possibilities for directly supporting the struggle in Syria.

            In this struggle, information is more vital than ammunition and there are also hacker activists that make it their business to see that the Internet stays up, no matter what the regime does. Neither Mubarak or Qaddafi could ever shutdown the Internet 100% because of these efforts. Assad has hardly tried but instead deployed his own hackers – the Syrian Electronic Army – this war is also being fought in cyberspace.

            Being that you run a website, the best service you could probably render the Syrian people is to publicize their plight. Do you know there is a battle going on in Qusayr right now? That is to say, the main stream media, the Assad government, the Russians, and sad to say most likely portray it as a battle by the Assad forces backed by Hezbullah against al Qaeda terrorists and the FSA?

            Another way to describe what is happening in Qusayr is to say that an area that managed to free itself from Assad government control for over a year and still has some 20,000-25,000 civilians in it are being massacred for 10 days now by a government that has no regard for human life and unchallenged air supremacy [ you favor Assad having unchallenged air supremacy don't you?] and also has at its command thousands of foreign killers will the slash the throats of children in defense of Assad.

            But because the people their have the audacity to fight back and because some other Arabs have rush to their defense we can call it a battle and ignore the human carnage that is being caused exclusively by one side.

            When you are being bombed, I want to see you refusing anti-aircraft weapons with the asinine line that more weapons would only add to the violence.

            Sometimes the what you can do can be very simple and yet extremely useful. For example, after that video of the depraved rebel solider eating the heart of his enemy started making the rounds, Revolting Syrian issued what many considered the ultimated response, they issued a blog of about a hundred videos of brutal and sadistic war crimes committed by the Assad regime, with a focus on what was being done to children. I always find it extremely interesting that the occasional video depicting a rebel war crime gets very wide circulation but the daily footage and new Assad slaughters is rarely seen even once.

            Well this embedded page of a hundred different atrocities was a powerful way to show the world what is really going on in what we selfservingly refer to as a civil war, the problem is no one could see it, they had embedded so many videos on a page that it wouldn't load. I reformatted the content on my own blog so that there were no more than 10-11 video per page and that version got seen alot. Even Revolting Syrian tweeted it out.

            That's another thing you can do. Seek out and work with the revolutionaries in the Syrian struggle. They are still there. They aren't all jhadists and fakers as the Assad supporters would have you believe. My Counterpunch: So Wrong on Syria was recently translated to Arabic by a Syrian activist in Egypt.?????????? : ????? ?????? ?? ?????

            In terms of actually stopping Assad's helicopter, I did what I could to raise the alarm about Assad's use of them and Russia's resupply of them and maybe that help to slow down their deployment, but at least I was trying.

            Finally, I want to comment on this excuse for staying quiet "we have even less say in those governments than we do our own." So were all those people around the world that protested against the US war in Vietnam out of line?

          9. US corporate media did fool you about Assad and Syria. Totally! Assad is like a lamb, his wife like an angel, they are loved by their people – see the videos of huge Pro-Assad demonstrations in any big town of SYRIA -even in Homs. Even a Arab league poll sowed a 55percent support for Assad, which should have rised menawi´hile to 75 percent or more since he is regared as the only person to enable peaceful coexistance of all kinds of muslims, jews, christians etc. in Syria.

            USA did plan this hidden proxy-guerrilla war in 2001 with UK+France -this has been proofed by US democrat presidency candidate and 4 star general Wesley Clark and former French foreign minister Dumas.

            And much more proof HERE:

          10. No, is not selective: it opposes all wars, but primarily is concerned with US foreign policy. That said, of course we oppose all interventions. Adding US intervention to the pot (even assuming there already hasn't been massive US intervention behind the scenes for decades, which, no) doesn't "balance" anything, it just bumps the death tolls.

          11. Or maybe the US prefers a fascist dictatorship ruling Syria. Maybe the US is just playing "good cop" to Russia's "bad cop" but they are both opposed to the revolution.

          12. What "revolution", idiot? The "rebels" in Syria (many of whom are foreign jihadis and mercenaries) are not fighting for "democracy". They're barbaric, sectarian Sunni extremists fighting the Syrian government because it is too secular and not "Islamic" enough for them – in other words, because it is made up of APOSTATES, from their point of view. If the "rebel" terrorists in Syria really represented a genuine secular democratic "revolution", do you think that the likes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Islamist Erdogan government in Turkey etc. would be supporting them with such fervor?? WHO IS PAYING AND DISPATCHING YOU PEOPLE TO TROLL WEBSITES ON THE INTERNET ON BEHALF OF JIHADIS AND THE U.S. GOVERNMENT LINE?

          13. Clayclai., you can fool your "socialists", a political wing of your kind of social democrats "hoping" (delusional) as if Paul Wolfowitz idea is based on Marxism.., therefore, you would think that there is a on going "revolution" in Syria while forgetting the fact that it is the Uncle Sam who pays the bill via Uncle Sam tyrants as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Turkish side kick of Muslim brotherhoods..,the illegitimate sins of Saudis.., whom in turn killing, by the way of beheading, or hanging then beheading the opposition in Egypt…, that kind of "democracy" you can only find where the tyrants rich in "thoughts" of "democracy"…, people as you talking about.

          14. Actually even in the NYT it has been more or less proofed that the gas attack gainst Halabja has been provided by the Iranian Army by mistake. They believed it occuped by Iraqis. The death symptoms where symptoms of the type of Gas only the Iran had – according to the US Army expert Pelletier.

            BTW – the west did deliver the poison gas of Iraq.

      1. The entire situation is surreal. we are arming al Qaeda in Syria to overthrow the government. We call them "rebels", but these are mostly foreign fighters, whose label magically changes to "al Qaeda" when we fight them in other countries. we are literally funding our own enemy with our own tax dollars.

    2. clayclai you sound like a mouth piece for the terrorist rebels you liar and scum,no one used chem weapons unless it was you having gas,Isreal uses cluster bombs dork and every one in the ME uses scuds,they may sick it up your ass Clayclai,you suport the heart eating rebel,scum loves scum I guess

  3. The rebels have no shortage of light arms, and as can be seen in the photo – both sides are using Russian weapons in this conflict. All this talk of arming the rebels is just fatuous posturing by the EU and rebel-sympathizers in the US. What the rebels really want are armored vehicles, tanks and aerial support.

    1. The opposition gets most of their weapons from raiding Assad's stores when they take his bases. That's why they mostly have Russian weapons. What they need is an end to Assad's aerial assaults on neighbourhoods. This is what is killing the most civilians.

      1. What YOU need is to stop spewing pro-war propaganda on a website called ""

        1. is very selective it which wars it opposes. It doesn't oppose Assad's war on his own people for example, and it doesn't oppose intervention by Russia, Iran and Hezbullah on the side of the fascist regime.

          Also, I can't find where has said one word about Assad's use of rape as a weapon: see

          Why is the U.S. media ignoring rape in Syria?
          Saturday, Mar 9, 2013 3:30 PM UTC
          By Soraya Chemaly
          There's plenty of American news coverage about the Syrian refugee crisis. But most of it is missing the real horror
          The past several weeks have been filled with news reports about the catastrophic proportions of the Syrian refugee crisis. One news report after another describes disintegrating communities, lack of water and electricity, and the multidimensional hardships refugees face as they struggle to survive. With very few exceptions, however, these reports ignore rape and sexualized violence as a component of the crisis.

          An International Rescue Committee report issued in January included surveys of Syrians in Lebanon and Jordan identifying “rape as a primary reason their families fled the country.” Less than two weeks ago, Erika Feller, assistant high commissioner for protection of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, explained while reporting to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, “This displacement is not only about loss of homes and economic security. It is also accompanied by gender-based crimes, deliberate victimization of women and children, and a frightening array of assaults on human dignity.” She specifically added, “Reports are revealing that the conflict in Syria is increasingly marked by rape and sexual violence employed as a weapon of war to intimidate parties to the conflict destroying identity, dignity and the social fabrics of families and communities.”

          1. Outside of one reference in parenthesis listing the "Syrian Human Rights Committee" (SHRC), there is no indication of orders by Assad or Syrian Republic. Not UN or Amnesty International are cited in the Salon article nor the Women Under Siege Report indicate the perpetrators of these crimes. Nor are the victims referenced by religion or class. The article is about rape and sexual violence being reported by those fleeing for refuge.

            So who is the SHRC? It's run by Walid Saffour, in London UK. Here's a synopsis of the man:


          2. Also check out:

            Syria Has a Massive Rape Crisis

            All across the war-torn country, regime soldiers are said to be sexually violating women and men from the opposition, destroying families and, in some cases, taking lives.

            One day in the fall of 2012, Syrian government troops brought a young Free Syrian Army soldier's fiancée, sisters, mother, and female neighbors to the Syrian prison in which he was being held. One by one, he said, they were raped in front of him.

            The 18-year-old had been an FSA soldier for less than a month when he was picked up. Crying uncontrollably as he recounted his torture while in detention to a psychiatrist named Yassar Kanawati, he said he suffers from a spinal injury inflicted by his captors. The other men detained with him were all raped, he told the doctor. When Kanawati asked if he, too, was raped, he went silent. More…

            HRW: Syria: Sexual Assault in Detention
            Security Forces Also Attacked Women and Girls in Raids on Homes
            (New York) – Syrian government forces have used sexual violence to torture men, women, and boys detained during the current conflict. Witnesses and victims also told Human Rights Watch that soldiers and pro-government armed militias have sexually abused women and girls as young as 12 during home raids and military sweeps of residential areas. More…

            More on the HRW position:

            Rape in Syria: a weapon of war or instrument of terror?

            In Syria, rape is being used by armed groups as a means to an end. In this context, reports have emerged detailing the use of sexual violence by Syrian armed forces and paramilitaries loyal to Assad. Last month, Human Rights Watch issued a report documenting sexual violence used by government agents…

            Here's a report on AI from the HuffPost:

            Syria: Torture And Rape Detailed By Amnesty As Cameron 'Kicks Tyres' On Peaceful Solution

            AI also commented directly on the UN findings:

            In March, the UN Human Rights Council established a fact-finding mission which in August concluded that crimes against humanity may have been committed in Syria. In August the Council established an Independent International Commission of Inquiry; on 23 November the Commission expressed grave concern that Syria’s military and security forces had committed crimes against humanity, including “killings, torture, rape and other forms of sexual violence, imprisonment, or other forms of severe deprivation of liberty and enforced disappearances.” The Syrian authorities refused both the Council and the Commission entry to the country, as well as most international media and independent human rights organizations.

            You need to know who you are supporting.

          3. Hey idiot – referencing anti-Assad "news articles" from the lying spinmasters of the Western "mainstream media" means NOTHING! Do you understand that, knucklehead? The Western "mainstream media" stopped being an objective, unbiased (UNBIASED being the keyword here) reporter of international events a loong time ago, in case you hadn't noticed. In fact that's a good part of the reason why "the West" is in the state that it's in, today. But I guess the real question here is – why are YOU on the side of Islamic jihadis trying to overrun one of the last remaining secular regimes in the Middle East? Care to enlighten us on that?

          4. Hey idiot – referencing anti-Assad "news articles" from the lying spinmasters of the Western "mainstream media" means NOTHING! Do you understand that, knucklehead? The Western "mainstream media" stopped being an objective, unbiased (UNBIASED being the keyword here) reporter of international events a loong time ago, in case you hadn't noticed. I guess the real question here is – why are YOU on the side of Islamic jihadis trying to overrun one of the last remaining secular regimes in the Middle East? Care to enlighten us on that?

  4. Do they have proper permits for those "ASSAULT" weapons??? I also think those Magazines are not legal also!!!

  5. Assad has done more to combat Islamic terrorism in the past two years, than anything the West has done in its wholly fake "war on terror". I think it's clear now, that the unhinged corporate-imperialists of the dying West, goaded on by Zio-Nazi Jewish supremacist nutcases, are in an increasingly open proxy alliance with Islamic jihadis with the despicable aim of using them as foot soldiers in the quest for "global domination". I wish the Syrian government and people good luck in defeating the nefarious conspiracy against them!

  6. "while allowing those from pro-jihad warmongers and Jewish supremacist nutcases to stand,"

    Mr. Parbes,
    Those comments don't "stand." They get mocked for their comedic and blatant bigotry. We do block them when they cross certain lines but for the most part, the racialists are laughed off.

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  9. Abdelmonem al-Said is the head of the militia that kidnapped Libya’s prime minister last month. He proudly stands by his role in the abduction and defiantly announces in press conferences how not scared he is of retribution or punishment, because the government is too weak, Crisp reports.

  10. Abdelmonem al-Said is the head of the militia that kidnapped Libya’s prime minister last month. He proudly stands by his role in the abduction and defiantly announces in press conferences how not scared he is of retribution or punishment, because the government is too weak, Crisp reports. <a title="facebook" href="">facebook

  11. The rebels have no shortage of light arms, and as can be seen in the photo – both sides are using Russian weapons in this conflict. All this talk of arming the rebels is just fatuous posturing by the EU and rebel-sympathizers in the US. What the rebels really want are armored vehicles, tanks and aerial support.

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