“Slam Dunk” Proof of Syrian Govt. Guilt

So if Syrian rebels prevent UN inspectors from verifying the chemical weapons attack, that proves the Assad regime is guilty, right?

10 thoughts on ““Slam Dunk” Proof of Syrian Govt. Guilt”

    1. What does failing to detect a pedophile in Wales have to do with a damn good bombing of detected evildoers in Syria? The logic excapes me.

  1. I think Assad did it since he is winning the war and the situation on ground gives him too strong hand in the upcoming Geneva negotiations with the opposition. Makes sense, right ?

    1. It's the Jim Jones effect doncha no?

      Remember when he invited the congressional investigators to see the operation in Guyana, then had them shot at the airport departure and then everyone drank the koolaid.

      Just like that, see?

  2. Dear westerns, I am Syrian, I have questions for you: Do you think after 2.5 years that Assad is stupid to use chemical weapons, while UN inspectors are there? Did using chemical weapons (if its is used by Assad) gave Assad any strategic win so he does not care about any local or international reaction? Why Assad will use chemical while Syrian Army is wining without using them? Syrian Army is attacking alQaeda in Ghota in very close distances, How Syrian Army is going to enter the chemical bombed locations without any protection? (check some Russian press reports)

    1. Westerns think all middle easterners are stupid. Except Israelis, of course, who regularly win Nobel prizes, are found in all universities and are much smarter than everybody else.

    2. Ahmed, thanks for your sharing. We all know how you feel and a small bunch that have not been completely brainwashed by whitehouse propaganda feel the same. Sadly, our Government is supporting terrorist, AKA Rebels, because that's what THEY ARE, Terrorist behind closed doors. The sodomite Babylonian country of America is doomed for complete destruction. "Complete Destruction" is what you get when you go against the very righteousness of Almighty God, the Creator and owner of this world. Soon the world will end in this "Complete Destruction".

  3. Shame on Assad for not allowing foreigners "immediate" access to the sites within the sovereign country of Syria. Thankfully, we have "immediate proof" from our Government, that we are still patiently waiting for, explaining how Assad is behind it all! Hypocrisy!

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