Obama: ‘I Have Not Made a Decision’ on Syria

10 thoughts on “Obama: ‘I Have Not Made a Decision’ on Syria”

  1. Oilee wants sham beaches Baba Bu$h wants Oilee U$bailout mama Sharon wants all Muslims dead=OBAMA will never stop MubarakAsad war on Muslims with Macca bles$sincc

  2. Yes he has, that was two and half years ago when Hillary Clinton bet on regime change in Syria with Obama the EU, Saudis and the UAE blessing, that was when he made his decision returning a favor to Saudis and UAE, by now he needs to change his standing saying what he has said, because the rebel the terrorists and barbarians losing fighting the syrian people-war and world is realizing it by not supporting USA or EU wars any longer.

  3. Curious, will you antiwar libertarians now admit that your longtime allies on the far left, were never really antiwar, but actually just typical Republican-hating Marxists?

    Where oh where are all the antiwar leftists now that one of their own is in the Oval Ofc.?

  4. US Constitution cheat sheet for Barry:
    1) Signing bills – your decision
    2) Nominating judges – your decision
    3) Going to war – not your decision

  5. Eric Dondero. I doubt that those on the “far left” still support Obama. Don’t conflate the “far left” with the “media far left”, which are pseudo-far left representatives. But, regardless, the economic policies of a “far left” regime will necessarily lead to war unless they are willing to give up a high standard of living due to the lack of economic calculation in a socialist State. If not, then they will have no choice but to invade and conquer in order to gain the wealth that they are not getting from socialist production.

    But as an “anti-war libertarian”, we never saw the far left as long-term allies, only short term allies who could help us get the message out about war and the State. So they are allies in practice, but not in ideology. But, again, I still think you are wrong that the “real far left” still sides with Obama. Just as I think the “real libertarians” will never side with the Statist republicans as your “libertarian Republicans” do…

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