Event: “What are the True Goals of the Surveillance State?”

I will be speaking on “What are the True Goals of the Surveillance State?” on Saturday, September 21 at the Peace Resource Center at 1364 Fremont Blvd., Seaside at 2:00 PM PT. Free to the public. Sponsored by Libertarians for Peace, Peace Coalition of Monterey County and the Libertarian Party of Monterey County. For more information write Lawrence Samuels at lawsam1951@hotmail.com or call 831-238-5058.

5 thoughts on “Event: “What are the True Goals of the Surveillance State?””

  1. Is a business agreement between USG and phone companies which is the reason for these companies being silent and def as well. The competitions between these phone companies, the shareholders demands for more payments, the greed of bosses, incentives and etc. make these business to pay billions of dollars in advertising for computing against each other, so, when a falsified, secretive democratic or otherwise government need something that these companies have, than the matters become a business situation for USG and these bosses. They don't have any integrity nor respect for themselves, so, the money becomes their respect and integrity. These are the reasons in proving that corporations are not people, they are there to fool people, steal people's freedom for money.

  2. The true goals of the American spy/police state are obvious: social and political control (under the guise of protecting people from terrorists or threats).

    It ain't rocket science.

    1. Yes, but maybe the real question is, "What do they want to DO with all that social and political control, specifically?" All political movements/crusades want "social and political control" but the end game isn't the same for all of them

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