US-Backed Syrian Rebels Form New Alliance With Al-Qaeda Affiliate


Ideally, the question of whether it’s wise for America to support allegedly “moderate” elements within the Syrian opposition should have been settled when thousands of foreign fighters were reported flooding into Syria for “jihad.” Or maybe when rebels were caught torturing, executing, and mutilating people, and eating their organs. Or maybe when studies showed that half the rebels are Islamists. Or maybe when Obama waived the federal ban on supplying arms to terrorist groups to make way for his Syria policy?

No such luck. But now, if ever, the debate should be over:

“Some of Syria’s most effective rebel forces, including at least three that previously were aligned with the U.S.-backed rebel command, have formed a new alliance with an al Qaida affiliate,” McClatchy reports.

Read that again. U.S.-backed Syrian rebels have joined with al-Qaeda.

“About a dozen fighting groups,” according to McClatchy, including U.S.-backed “moderate” factions like “Liwa al Tawheed, Liwa al Islam and Suqor al Sham,” joined jihadist al-Qaeda affiliates like Jabhat al-Nusra. In their announcement, they “specifically rejected the Syrian Opposition Coalition, the civilian group headquartered in Turkey that the Obama administration has promoted as an alternative to Assad.”

This brings back memories of when, in December 2012, more than 100 Syrian rebel factions signed a petition expressing solidarity with Jabhat al-Nusra and denouncing the U.S. decision to officially designate the al-Qaeda-linked group a terrorist organization.

I’m also reminded of when Secretary of State John Kerry, in the midst of a propaganda crusade justifying war on Syria earlier this month, told Congress that the Syrian “opposition has increasingly become more defined by its moderation” and “its adherence to some, you know, democratic process” and a “broad-based and secular” future.

Days later, Reuters reported that Kerry’s statements were “at odds with estimates by U.S. and European intelligence sources and nongovernmental experts.” In other words, a lie.

The debate over whether and how to support Syria’s “moderate opposition” should have been over long ago. For some reason, I don’t expect this latest news to stick a fork in the debate.

23 thoughts on “US-Backed Syrian Rebels Form New Alliance With Al-Qaeda Affiliate”

  1. Welcome to 2012 Lamestream media!!!


    "We, the fighter formations on the territory of the city of Aleppo and the entire countryside, being:

    (1) – Jabhat al-Nusra
    (2) – Kataa'ib Ahrar Sham
    (3) – Liwa al Tawheed
    (4) – Ahraar Suria
    (5) – Liwa Halab Ash Shahbaa Al Islami
    (6) – Haraka Fadjr ul Islammiyya
    (7) – Liwa Dur' ul Ummah
    (8) – Liwa Anadan
    (9) – Kataa'ib ul Islam
    (10) – Liwa Jaysh Muhammad
    (11) – Liwa un Nasr
    (12) – Katiebat Al Baz
    (13) – Katiebat as Sultan Muhammad
    (14) – Liwa Dara' ul Islam

    (15…) – And others…

    Declare that we reject the project called 'The Syrian National Coalition' and that there is unanimity and consensus (between us) on the establishment of a just Islamic state and on the rejection of any external project by coalitions or councils imposed on us from any party whatsoever. Allahu Akbar."

    –Crazy Idiots and Mercenary Terrorists in Syria, November 18th, 2012

    Keep up the fine work…

    1. And in the action to destroy Maaloula, Al-Nusa AND The Free Syrian Army worked together! Any more "moderates" left there????

      The action against the Christian town that is not of any importance to anyone has been taken for one reason: to destroy the ancient Christian townships where the residents still spoke Aramaic. This was a revenge against Christians for supporting Assad. This is a MESSAGE to all Christians. Only our leaders in Congress and in the halls of government are TOO THICK TO GET IT. The organ-eating, child beheading, poisoning rabbits and people on video, dismembering children with saws, chaining others and make them watch as they kill their parents. Hey, the sky is the limit — these people spend all their time dreaming up ways to kill people! What depraved people help these get arms, food, transport vehicles, fuel. What deprived people help them come to Syria, pay for their airline tickets, lodging and training. Hey, can it be us??

      1. In Islaam:

        Killing christians because they are christian is forbidden, the penalty for this is death.
        Eating organs is forbidden, its punishable.
        Poisoning any animal for no reason is forbidden (but for pests like rats etc its ok)
        Killing women and children and elderly even in war is forbidden.

        All muslims are in agreement over this, even those you call al-qaida.

        Ok so why are they doing this (if they indeed are?) … well first we prove they are. And secondly if they are they are ignorant, and thirdly we need some sort of authority to punish them which in such a haphazard kind of situation is not possible.

  2. LOL They are not praying to their guns. Muslims just put whatever weopons they have in front of then instead of behing them when they pray. putting them to the side is not an option as they have to stand shoulder to shoulder in solid formation while praying.

    Its not in any form worship of the gun, just something that is easy to do and makes sense when you could be ambushed at any moment.

    As muslims are required to worhip at the right times even during battle, there is a special form of prayer called the "Prayer of Fear". Where one row stands, and another prostrates, then the standing one prostrates and the other gets up so at any one time half the rows are standing in case of ambush.

    Again muslims do not worship anything, wether the moon or stars or guns. They only worship the one God.

  3. This has all the makings of pre-apocalyptic alignment. The fanatics on both ends of the spectrum have been maneuvering for centuries to get us to this point. The fanatics on both sides (this is a conflict of Islam vs Christianity) will show little restraint, as the rhetoric over the past 30 years has shown, and the innocents will in deed suffer greatly.

    Our ancestors should have outlawed religion centuries ago…it will be humanity's downfall.

    But, that's just this old Curmudgeon's opinion…

    1. Yes many did, like stalin, hitler and co. and they brought great peace and happiness for their people. Capitalism and communism and atheistic, these both through russia, china, north korea and the US are showing great promise, with great tallies of millions dead so far.

      They are showing the world what it means to kill en-masse. What it means to drop nukes on whole cities and not blink. What it means to survive, like darwin their ancestor taught them that we are all evolved animals so let the fittest survive.

      They took that advice, and build the biggest weopons and now are unleashing them upon the world. Let us then behave like animals and kill each other, nuke each other, carpet bomb, napalm and white phosporous each other. Especially those religious fanatic muslims who always talk about establishing a just islamic state.

      One day the atheists will establish peace, once they decimate all the religious people. Or maybe they will then just turn on each other…

  4. This brings back memories of when, in December 2012, more than 100 Syrian rebel factions signed a petition expressing solidarity with Jabhat al-Nusra and denouncing the U.S. decision to officially designate the al-Qaeda-linked group a terrorist organization.

  5. Would it be feesible to consider that, there has only ever been one true God, creator of All, without question from all religions, many cultures call trees by different names, it doesnt take anything away from the tree… many paths. would it be feesible to think that there has always been a group so manipulative that they write for men to follow and not feel, question or relate? Did God only exsist when we became literate?So brothers with different mothers feel set apart. yet ..all equal how they enter this world ,through the woman..why would God is not be the creation of all? … God is creation of life and must be respected. All laws of religion are the same. The religions do not rule the people, they govern the soul of man… so why fight. each man can pray in the millions, but its his own soul he is responsible for? why fight?Christianity and Islam..somehow lost the place of the divine female, the mother of all that is..the life giver, the earth, so why fight? whose best interst is in bloodshed? who makes profit? who looses…the fatherless children fighting for the most High , they both believe in? so why fight? what demands are being made? who wants to control the will of another? who destroys gods creation? why fight? karma is the sins of the father on the child.. May all men rise in Gods Glory and overcome the perpetual war, man has created for himself. peace

  6. So American-backed Islamic terrorists… I mean "moderate rebels" have openly joined Al-Queda.

    Does that mean we can finally call out America as a terrorist state finally?

    And does the American military teach these Islamic jihadists the finer points of dinner etiquette during their cannibalistic feasts, or do they simply stick to giving these religious wackos training in the use of Sarin gas?

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  8. The debate over whether and how to support Syria’s “moderate opposition” should have been over long ago. For some reason, I don’t expect this latest news to stick a fork in the debate.

  9. The debate over whether and how to support Syriaa??s a??moderate oppositiona?? should have been over long ago. For some reason, I dona??t expect this latest news to stick a fork in the debate.

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