Iranian FM on Détente with US: ‘Iran Is Not Seeking a Nuclear Weapon’

This interview with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on ABC’s This Week is well worth watching, despite the horrible Stephanopoulos.

6 thoughts on “Iranian FM on Détente with US: ‘Iran Is Not Seeking a Nuclear Weapon’”

  1. How can Zarif talking about Iran not wanting to get a nuclear weapon when they almost certainly already produce one?? Perhaps this is all just one of those <a target="_blank" href="">celebrities stunts or buying extra time etc. Anyways, apart from being kinda stunned by this interview, I'm actually glad Obama and Rouhani exchanged a few words, even-though by phone only…

    1. In 2007, it was the opinion of 16 intelligence agencies that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program. In the intelligence analysis for 2011, there was no change. Eric, do you claim to have more knowledge than these 16 intelligence agencies?

  2. Stephanopoulis doesn't seem to realize that Iran has only enriched to the 20% level which is necessary for medical isotopes. He seems to be highly uninformed on this issue.

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