Is Israel Derailing US-Iran Diplomacy With More Assassinations?

Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan with his son, was killed in January 2012
Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan with his son, was killed in January 2012

The Iranian commander of the Cyber War Headquarters has been assassinated by two unidentified assailants on motorbikes, in a mysterious killing that bears the hallmarks of previous assassinations of Iranian officials that most experts suspect Israel of carrying out.

The Telegraph:

Mojtaba Ahmadi, who served as commander of the Cyber War Headquarters, was found dead in a wooded area near the town of Karaj, north-west of the capital, Tehran. Five Iranian nuclear scientists and the head of the country’s ballistic missile programme have been killed since 2007. The regime has accused Israel’s external intelligence agency, the Mossad, of carrying out these assassinations.

The last assassination occurred in January of last year, when one of Iran’s top chemists “who worked in the uranium enrichment facility at Natanz” was blown up with an explosive device attached to his car. The incident was met with rising criticism and suspicion of both Israel and the United States. Some even accused the U.S. of being complicit in the killings, which is presumably what prompted U.S. officials to anonymously disclose to NBC News that Israel’s Mossad ordered the assassinations to be carried out by a proxy group, the Iranian dissident group MEK.

Alternatively, CBS reporter Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman, a former intelligence correspondent for Haaretz, write in their book “Spies Against Armageddon” that Mossad agents themselves are the ones carrying out the assassinations.

This latest killing, which, keep in mind, is nothing short of international terrorism, comes at an interesting time. Newly elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has made historic diplomatic overtures to the United States and the Obama administration has been somewhat receptive to it, culminating in the unprecedented direct phone call between Rouhani and Obama last week.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vehemently opposes U.S.-Iranian détente, as made clear in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly in which he all but vowed to bomb Iran with or without the U.S.

“Netanyahu will likely dedicate himself to derailing any prospect for a diplomatic breakthrough,” writes Daniel Levy, director of the Middle East and North Africa program at the European Council on Foreign Relations and a senior research fellow at the New America Foundation.

Is this how he has chosen to do it?

Absent somebody blowing the whistle with some hard evidence, we won’t get confirmation of Israeli involvement. Israeli officials will issue their boilerplate, deliberately ambiguous public statements and everybody will just nod, with perhaps some hardline commentators suggesting such actions are legitimate. He was the commander of the Cyber War Headquarters, they’ll emphasize.

The Obama administration has been actively drawing up lists of targets to hit in their ongoing cyber warfare program, according to documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Are the officials carrying out that program fair game for China to covertly assassinate? Of course not. Imagine the U.S. reaction (hint: it wouldn’t be anything like Iran’s non-reaction to these assassinations).

Neither is it legitimate for Israel to continue to murder civilian scientists and government officials in Iran.

If this incident prompts a harsh reaction from Iran’s political hardliners, then it could very well begin to unravel the work that’s been done to thaw the U.S.-Iran relationship. And Netanyahu will get exactly what he wanted (see here for why he wants it).

Update: It’s important to note that officials in Iran have cautioned against speculating on whether this was an actual assassination perpetrated by foreign forces.

45 thoughts on “Is Israel Derailing US-Iran Diplomacy With More Assassinations?”

  1. So Paul you think it is acceptable for Israel to MURDER civilians, well Paul it isn't even acceptable for Israel to kill Iranian Soldiers there is no War LEGAL war between Iran and Israel, but if it IS acceptable to kill Iranian civilians it must be just as acceptable to kill Israeli civilians. Now I don't think it is acceptable to kill Israeli Civilians nor in fact Soldiers, you however I assume think it is acceptable to Murder Iranians on the basis that the Murderers say it is!

    1. Lion-all I said is that if Iran kills Israeli civilians as targets, Israel should respond in kind. If Iran does not attack Israeli civilians, then Israel should not attack them. Of course, Muslim nations live to kill civilians. Even their own.

    2. Ah yes. Thousands of Iranian missiles fired at Israeli citizens is ok with you. ( including over a thousand when there was no active war ). But if one Iranian civilian dies you jump on the Israelis with no proof.

      1. Maybe you should get rid of the Torah and start reading the new Testament regarding forgiveness, pal.

        Neither the Palestinians, nor the Lebanese or the Iranians have invaded Israel yet. Israel, on the other hand…

      2. When did Iran fire missiles at Israel? If you talk about Hizbollah heroes drilling a new a**hole for Israel, it was because Israel invaded. Don't ever forget, nothing would happen there if millions of Europeans did not steal land and decided to live there.
        For your efforts to blabber like an idiot here, please google this in Arabic: ???? ????

  2. Israel knows it is the most isolated nation on earth. These are acts of dispair before it suffers the fate of the Nazi’s and communists.

  3. The Obama administration has been actively drawing up lists of targets to hit in their ongoing cyber warfare program, according to documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Are the officials carrying out that program fair game for China to covertly assassinate? Of course not. Imagine the U.S. reaction (hint: it wouldn’t be anything like Iran’s non-reaction to these assassinations).

  4. Not even a question of whether Israel was involved or not. Just an assumption. Typical of the demonization of Israel. Iran says it was not an assassination but you assume they are lying. Yet if they blame " the Zionist regime " you will then believe them. This is not to be believed. A peace organization that wants to stand in the way of any real possible peace by parroting the propaganda of one side only.

    1. Sloppy naming of the several profiles you are using simultaneously, mate: Paul, Pauk, Strange, Strangest… Come on! You can do better than that – or can't you…?

  5. Because, Strangest, if it walks like a duck and looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, people will assume it's a duck – and that's what Murder, Inc., Israhell, and its north American colony, the USSA, do – murder people!

  6. Israel is terrified that peace could break out between Iran and the US. Quick: time to amp up the extra-judicial killings.

    Remember: whenever Israel murders people, it's only about stopping the next holocaust before it happens. It's always self-defense, even when it's 'pre-emptive'.

    So when Iran retaliates and finally fights back and kills some Jews, the Zionists will say: "See! I told you so!"

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  8. I would like to ask all of you "Wizards" what would you do if you were Netanyahu, and on your shoulders was the" live or die" decisions for your country, if IRAN gets the "BOMB" you will all be dead, and it is your mission for your country—for that to NOT HAPPEN? What would you do, wait for the "BOMB" to land on TEL AVIV or Jerusalem before making any decisions? I think not. You would become the idiot of the year. How would you postpone it? How would you deter the "enemy" from getting the "BOMB". Remember, all of God's children have a "right to exist".

    1. That includes the Iranian People too, ducky. Oh wait – We're talking about your slavish bias and double standards in favor of The Chosen Ones aren't we. Never mind..

    2. Lets think it through homer iran nukes Israel Israel then nukes iran. Then what the hell is Zoe going to do they would go insane

    3. I would ask for ICC to start the process in prosecuting (me) Netanyahu for war crimes and act against humanity and if that takes me and my apartheid government to be in jail for rest of our life's (me) Netanyahu would gladly accept the verdict. If that doesn't work, I (Netanyahu) would ask the world to boycott Israel totally so I (Netanyahu) start feeling the pressure and a pinch of created misery in Gaza Strip by a not wanted government in this world, a not wanted man full of hate toward all and every other nation but his own. These are only two thing, but there are 100s other that he (Netanyahu) can try.

  9. If the nuclear chickens come home to roost on Tel Aviv, it will be because Tel Aviv has been consistently arrogant, abusive, selfish, prone to boasting "exceptional-ism" and terrifically callous toward its neighbors of a very long time. If Tel Aviv is to be "raptured" I hope it is with a neutron weapon and not something that would cause property damage. The Palestinians need infrastructure and homes.

  10. Israel has no problem with assassination just like they had no problem using depleted uranium when bombing Lebanon. With all the military power they possess why do they still get the US to fights their enemies for them?

  11. Somewhere in the diseased Iranophobic hallucinations of Netanyahu and his crony fanatics, lurks the distant spectre of a formative cultural memory, the Babylonian captivity. This is a strange legacy indeed, that has shaped much of the religious heritage of monotheism .

    So, why do we not consider the unthinkable? Forget about the fantastic paraphilic atrocities that Bibi loves to fondly linger over, in his disturbing malignant dreams of assassination and murder; a revolutionary alliance!

    Iran and Israel ~ a new order to digest…! (inevitably with a Wahabi side order of Sunni salad to go…)

  12. The Lee Harvey Oswald connection; a conspiracy based upon facts that you can look up for yourselves: I saw something on the History channel the other day about the complete story of Lee Harvey Oswald’s last day or week alive regarding his “wedding ring." This is when he shot President Kennedy.
    There was one thing that stood out. The ring that he left in his old lady’s Russian tea cup. Well, it was his old lady’s mother’s tea cup (who was hooked up with someone from the Russian interior ministry, or something to that effect).
    This ring had the Russian sickle and hammer stamped in it (left behind symbolically by Oswald). The Russian sickle and hammer is the equivalent of the Freemason square and compass.
    The compass represents God’s intelligent design (the compass, measures angles, degrees, and an imperfect circle according to PI as far as I understand it).
    The square represents Man’s architecture, because nature doesn’t build in right angles; as for straight lines, well you could argue that a crystal is a straight line, but built upon natural imperfections. Note: you can gain the proportion of a square from a compass according to Pythagorean’s theorem, because a straight line is 180 degrees, and a right angle is 90 degrees. The “G” is supposedly represents the Great Architect.
    In order to have a proper order of operations, the word God should be above the compass, which is above the square. It is not according to “be your own god,” or “do whatever thou wilt.” This plan is specifically against the Catholic Church.
    Now take the Russian sickle (agriculture, or God’s intelligent design) and hammer (industry, or Man’s industry) and you can see the connection. The reason why there is no “G” is because the governmental ideology of Russia is communist from the beginning; thus, no freemason structure according to the way the United States manifests the Great Architect’s plan in its “free” people.
    The plan is a One World Order with mankind’s enslavement according to the Federal Reserve System here in America. Reportedly, every country in the world is on a One World Order type banking system, with the exception of Iran (Kaddafi was supposedly assassinated because he wanted to back his country’s economy with the country’s own gold). This is what “they” call their manifest destiny; that men are too stupid to run their own world, so they should be enslaved.
    This is the thinking behind the Supreme Court’s ruling (here in America) regarding the R.F.I.D. chip, which is currently in the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare), which is a class II transponder system. It is an implantable medical device in the FDA database that is going to contain you records that are life sustaining (your medical records), and your records that are life supporting (your bank records). Note: this is why the A.C.A. was over a thousand pages long; to hide their plan regarding the R.F.I.D. chip, and this is why the current congress is only speaking of repealing Obamacare in part (today is 12/2/2014).
    According to this R.F.I.D. chip (which is literally the “mark of the beast,” because it was first used to mark your pets as your property) it is part of the A.C.A. under the “commerce clause” of the United States Constitution (where the judicial branch does not have substantive powers to legislate; much like Obama and his immigration bullshit) as a tax. This is manifest destiny thinking!

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