Lindsey Graham’s Approval Rating Drops Among Conservative Voters

POLITICO gives us a good news bad news report (at least from my perspective) on Lindsey Graham. The article cites two new polls that show support for Graham in his home state of South Carolina is dropping overall. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that his political challengers still have very little chance of getting elected over Graham.

But the POLITICO report actually contained another little gem. See, Graham’s approval ratings aren’t just dropping, they are dropping among conservatives. And what’s more, if  Graham’s Republican challengers’ campaign rhetoric is any indication, one of the reasons for the dip in conservative approval was Graham’s support for war in Syria.

I’ve argued before that the growing distaste for unnecessary war among conservatives is likely to disappear once a Republican gets back into the White House.

But I have to admit this news put a smile on my face.

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  1. And what exactly do you have to smile about? Fagsey Graham-Cracker will be reelected because USEFUL IDIOT "CONSERVATIVES" love and crave war (especially against Muslims) and they are too stupid to vote otherwise, Amerika will wage war on Syria at some future point (near or far it doesn't really matter about the timetable) and of course the Amerikan economy will eventually die an unhealthy death due to QE INFINITY AND BEYOND. And then Homeland Insecurity will shove an M-4 in your face and pull the trigger……………Problem solved…………………..

    1. It doesn't follow there will be open war and Obama or his successor will abandon what is called "Plausible Deniability" – ie covering up and claiming they are carrying out covert operations.

      As sad below the right , as in Britain, and with the exception of our present leadership, are usually more rational than the Liberls and Lefties.

      They appear to wish to replace the Syrian government through paramilitary operations lading to a "peace" conference to do this, and economic warfare.

    2. Yes, Reed Richards, you're exactly correct – Graham will be re-elected, primarly because the tried-and-true dittohead GOP lapdog voters just won't pull the lever for a Democrat. Back in 1988, many Connecticut Republicans, including the late William F Buckley, voted FOR Democrat Joe Lieberman just to get RINO Supreme Lowell Weicker out of office. Sometimes, you have to cut your nose to spite your face.

  2. "…. the growing distaste for unnecessary war among conservatives is likely to disappear once a Republican gets back into the White House."

    Yup And like the f'ing little hypocrites they are (just like Democrats who were allegedly antiwar when a Republican was in office) the conservatives will go back to being frothing at the mouth imperialists war sickos.

    Tell you what, while you partisan sh1t heads are busy playing politics like it's some form of football game the rest of us a LITTLE concerned with ending this farce.

    1. The Antiwar right was always more rational and articulate then our friends on the left. Give me Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, Justin Raimondo, Lew Rockwell, and Joe Sobran over the left wing antiwar leaders any day.

      1. Voted up, but with the qualification that other than Pat Buchanan, the rest are libertarian. I respect Pat Buchanan for his intolerance of hypocrisy despite his 'conservatism' in the same sense that I respect Glenn Greenwald for his intolerance of hypocrisy despite his 'liberalism.' Both believe in the fundamental legitimacy of government if not its current manifestation, but I am a fan of both for their intellectual honesty. (Okay, Ron Paul believes in a government properly restricted by the Constitution, but there's unfortunately only one Ron Paul.)

      2. Ask Pat Buchannan why he voted for Bush Jr. in 2004 if he so antiwar. And this list of notables are worse than the "left" because they disdain anyone who does not share their views on killing the economy……………

        1. You're right about Pat Buchanan, but at least give consistent Ron Paul a break. He was always willing to work with the left on common issues, even the ones who were quite hostile to his economic views. It is the far left who is often not willing to work with libertarians because of their economic views.

          And keep in mind, that we libertarians believe that the economic policies we support would help the common people, and that it is the growth of government over the last 100 years that has been the primary force destroying the lives of the middle class and working poor. You seem to thing we are intentionally hurting people.

    1. True enough, and a long fall from a rope after that. On an even more positive note, former Speaker of the House Tom Foolery took a well-deserved dirt nap the other day.

    2. Trouble is, Lindsay would probably get a sexual thrill out of being whipped.

      At any rate, I am befuddled by the pessimistic tone of this article. Assuming the electronic voting machines in S.C. are not programmed by Israelis – the author makes it seems as if it is impossible for the GOP voters in S.C. to rid themselves of this greasy, treasonous, war mongering-for-Israel cockroach. How can ANY true conservative in S.C. still think this rat is worth voting for?

      1. Problem is that Lindsey boy has to be defeated in the primary, hopefully by an anti-war conservative. Doesn't seem like any democrat can win a state-wide election in SC.

  3. Here in SC we have a huge RINO problem. Dummacrats seem to freely rebrand themselves republiCons and Dummacrat voters follow right along. I like this article's grab for optimism and despite my near zero respect for anything human anymore will put 50% odds on GOPer voters being sick enough of war to tide us over to when America comes an end with the final real total death of the dollar. Conservative voters turning on Flimsy Graham? I'm sure there's some grain of truth there, but I'm an activist and can't remember any citizen saying they like or approve him, ever. The globalists probably rig his elections each time just as they do at the prexy level now.

  4. Speaking to reporters, Kerry inveighed against what he sees as a tendency within the United States to retreat from the world even as he defended the Obama administration’s diplomatic efforts from Syria to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  5. Speaking to reporters, Kerry inveighed against what he sees as a tendency within the United States to retreat from the world even as he defended the Obama administrationa??s diplomatic efforts from Syria to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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