US Refuses to Cooperate With Afghan Investigation Into War Crimes


Last week, Matthieu Aikins at Rolling Stone shed light on evidence that U.S. forces committed war crimes against Afghans, including extra-judicial executions, torture, and disappearances of at least 17 men.

The following day, Human Rights Watch issued a statement urging an official investigation, but noted that “the U.S. has a meager record of investigating and prosecuting human rights abuses allegedly committed by its forces during its 12-year military presence in Afghanistan.”

Today, Reuters reports on the hard evidence that the U.S. has deliberately rebuffed efforts to investigate these murders:

Afghanistan’s intelligence service has abandoned its investigation into the murder of a group of civilians after being refused access to U.S. special forces soldiers suspected of involvement, according to a document obtained by Reuters.

…In the report authored by Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) intelligence agency, investigators said they had asked the United States for access to three U.S. Green Berets and four Afghan translators working with them but were rebuffed.

“Despite many requests by NDS they have not cooperated. Without their cooperation this process cannot be completed,” said the report, which was originally published on September 23.

Needless to say, it’s hard to investigate a crime committed by American forces in Afghanistan if the U.S. refuses to cooperate.

But even when investigations do occur, U.S. soldiers typically get off easy. Eight of the nine U.S. soldiers charged with the 2005 massacre of 24 Iraqi men, women, and children in Haditha, Iraq were not convicted. Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich, who was charged with leading the slaughter, was convicted in a plea bargain of a single count of “dereliction of duty.” He was demoted to the rank of private and will serve no jail time.

The “Kill Team” in Afghanistan, the army unit that planned and committed executions of multiple innocent, unarmed Afghan civilians, framing the dead as having been a threat, and mutilating their corpses as trophies received light sentences as well. All but the ringleader of the Kill Team received reduced sentences and are eligible for parole in a handful of years. Even the ringleader, described as evil by one of the other defendants, was sentenced to life in prison, but could be eligible for parole in less than 10 years.

State Department diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks revealed that U.S. forces committed a heinous war crime during a house raid in Iraq in 2006, wherein one man, four women, two children, and three infants were summarily executed. Not a single American soldier was prosecuted and no investigation was initiated.

In one notable and comparable incident in February of 2010, U.S. Special Operations Forces surrounded a house in a village in the Paktia Province in Afghanistan. Two civilian men exited the home to ask why they had been surrounded and were shot and killed. U.S. forces then shot and killed three female relatives (a pregnant mother of ten, a pregnant mother of six, and a teenager).

U.S. troops lied and tampered with the evidence at the scene. Investigations eventually forced the Pentagon to issue an apology, but none of the soldiers were charged with a crime.

Most of these incidents were revealed to the public because of intrepid journalism and they almost certainly represent a tiny minority of the U.S. crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan with impunity.

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  1. Per usual. Little by little and bit by bit, these atrocities will gain a momentum all their own and there will be hell to pay. Someday.

  2. When was the last time that USG did act upon such international law, during Vietnam war and after, during Balkan war or in Iraq and after. If USG did respect the laws then the first thing they have to do is to hand over Dick Cheney, George w. Bush and others involved in orchestrating Iraq war to ICC, and for EU to hand over Tony Blair and all other European government entities involved in Iraq and Balkan war.

    Off course they are going to refuse to cooperate, they not even respecting the USA constitution, how could they accept such terms…, they are falsifying documents to go to war, they are lying to their own people to go to war, they are lying to the world to start a war……..,

  3. c’mon folks, don’t you see? these things happen during
    wartime. let’s look forward, not back!

    no point in investigating or prosecuting this stuff now.
    it’s all water under the bridge.

    well, unless it was done by black africans or brown muslims.
    then it goes right to the top!

  4. In short , invasion other nations illegally means US is a barbarian nation similar to what Genghis Khan did .

  5. It is sad but true: "There is only one crime in war that gets punished: losing the war. And if it takes a trove of war crimes to win, then that is what you'll do."

  6. It amazes me that the US Government and BRITISH Governments scream to high heaven about the SRI Lankan Governments Human Rights record YET they are loath to subject their own actions to any accountability.
    Britain and America would be better advised to support the current LEGITIMATE Government and LEARN from them how to win the "War On Terror".

  7. This is not good. Bush criminal cabal satanism has been an extention of The City of London and Britannia and Vatican tradition. During Jimmy Carter's presidency, young adults could travel world wide and be safe. Not any more. We have the American Sheeple and swine to thank for this American degeneration into dumb beasts molded and trained to the Council on Foreign Relations' CFRtv decadent greedy specifications.

    1. Didn't Iran take American hostages during Jimmy's watch? People around the world have always hated the US and always will! Funny thing though many of the same haters jump at the chance to move here?

      1. I was in college with a dozen or so Iranian students during this time. The issue at hand was simple. The Iranian (b ut CIA directed) Savak was arresting and torturing many people to death, the Ford administration had frozen Iranian assets in American banks, Jimmy Carter on Bert Vance's lead had continued the hold on these assets, and the Iranian people found this situation intolerable. Jimmy Carter was Jackson Stephens' room mate at Annapolis, and the ties remained through Carter's presidency. Jackson Stephens was the CIA and NSA's #1 drug money launderer, so you can imagine the flavor of the advice given to Jimmy Carter concerning the retention of Iranian personal and government accounts. Search 'BCCI scandal' for a heads up on that situation. The Iranian banking situation was only a small part of BCCI and the directors' activities.
        The broad statement that "people around the world have always hated America" is false. Agents of The City of London, through 'false flag' attacks and other criminal acts as part of their foreign policy have led to alienation of American interests while The City of London cultivates racial disharmony. Anders Breivik, to facilitate a total take over of Norwegian oil interests, murdered over 80 children of the popularly elected ruling party in Norway, and was pampered with a special double cell with multiple computers and internet for his incarceration. When the local victims' families discovered the situation, they terminated it. We all know it was The City of London's work, because of Breivik's Freemasonic participation, and the disgusting favor shown him by the dominant but treasonous elements of the Norwegian justice system after his trial, which mandated a maximum of 13 years in prison for 80+ murders and a bombing of the capital in Oslo. Such a sentence does not honor the freedom provided the community through social justice. It is important to know from whence racial hatred and national disharmony springs eternal. The Mossad, whose motto is, "Through deceit, thou shalt make war" , was started in London by the Rothschild bank in 1927. They are the party most responsible for the U.S.' foreign policy difficulties with Iran. Jackson Stephens sipped tea with them on occasion. you can vividly imagine what was discussed.

  8. The US Army today consists of Mexicans, Blacks, and unfortunately a certain number of White psychopaths. If there was a draft perhaps things would be different. But this is not a "citizen soldier" type of army. This is not the US Army of WW2.

  9. P.S. not to say all Whites in the Army are psychopaths, just a few. But a few is all it takes. Just to make that clear. There are many great Whites in the Army. But there are some war criminals also. Sorry, I did not mean to insult my own White race!

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