Ariel Sharon and the Legacy of US-Backed War Crimes

Palestinian corpses at Shatila
Palestinian corpses at Shatila

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon died over the weekend. Much of the U.S. and Israeli media have whitewashed Sharon’s legacy, erasing from history the fact that he was a wretched war criminal who was devoted to a Greater Israel and to massacring any civilians he perceived as obstructing that goal.

Those who have at least mentioned some of his failings make note of the 1982 massacre of at least 800 Palestinian civilians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon. Sharon, defense minister at the time, deceptively persuaded the Israeli cabinet that an invasion of Lebanon was necessary, the goals being to destroy the Palestinian Liberation Organization and to install the Maronite Christian Phalange Party into power in Beruit to serve as a client state of Israel.

The war of choice Israel waged in Lebanon killed tens of thousands of people, mostly civilians. Exact numbers are difficult to verify because of the “the haste with which bodies were buried in mass graves and the absence of impartial agencies.” The destruction of the war helped exacerbate a civil conflict in Lebanon that led to even more casualties. That alone is a legacy that should strip Sharon of his post-mortem label of “a man of peace.”

The Sabra and Shatila massacre took place when the Israeli-backed Lebanese Christian militia slaughtered men, women, and children in the Palestinian refugee camps, which were located in areas controlled by the Israeli military. Eye witnesses said the Lebanese militia fighters were in constant contact with the Israeli military over walkie-talkies.

Ariel_Sharon,_by_Jim_Wallace_(Smithsonian_Institution)Sharon was removed from office after an Israeli commission concluded that Israeli leaders were “indirectly responsible” for the massacres and that Sharon bore “personal responsibility” for failing to prevent them. But, as Human Rights Watch said on the day of Sharon’s death, “Ariel Sharon died without facing justice for his role in the massacres…[which] constituted war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

Not only was Israel responsible for the slaughter of innocents, but the U.S. was at least indirectly blameworthy. “Working with only partial knowledge of the reality on the ground,” wrote Seth Anziska in a 2012 New York Times op-ed that made use of declassified documents, “the United States feebly yielded to false arguments and stalling tactics that allowed a massacre in progress to proceed.”

Anziska’s piece is worth quoting at length:

In Washington that same day, Under Secretary of State Lawrence S. Eagleburger told the Israeli ambassador, Moshe Arens, that “Israel’s credibility has been severely damaged” and that “we appear to some to be the victim of deliberate deception by Israel.” He demanded that Israel withdraw from West Beirut immediately.

In Tel Aviv, [American envoy to the Middle East, Morris] Draper and the American ambassador, Samuel W. Lewis, met with top Israeli officials. Contrary to Prime Minister Begin’s earlier assurances, Defense Minister Sharon said the occupation of West Beirut was justified because there were “2,000 to 3,000 terrorists who remained there.” Mr. Draper disputed this claim; having coordinated the August evacuation, he knew the number was minuscule. Mr. Draper said he was horrified to hear that Mr. Sharon was considering allowing the Phalange militia into West Beirut. Even the I.D.F. chief of staff, Rafael Eitan, acknowledged to the Americans that he feared “a relentless slaughter.”

…Mr. Draper opened the meeting by demanding that the I.D.F. pull back right away. Mr. Sharon exploded, “I just don’t understand, what are you looking for? Do you want the terrorists to stay? Are you afraid that somebody will think that you were in collusion with us? Deny it. We denied it.” Mr. Draper, unmoved, kept pushing for definitive signs of a withdrawal. Mr. Sharon, who knew Phalange forces had already entered the camps, cynically told him, “Nothing will happen. Maybe some more terrorists will be killed. That will be to the benefit of all of us.” Mr. Shamir and Mr. Sharon finally agreed to gradually withdraw once the Lebanese Army started entering the city — but they insisted on waiting 48 hours (until the end of Rosh Hashana, which started that evening).

Continuing his plea for some sign of an Israeli withdrawal, Mr. Draper warned that critics would say, “Sure, the I.D.F. is going to stay in West Beirut and they will let the Lebanese go and kill the Palestinians in the camps.”

Mr. Sharon replied: “So, we’ll kill them. They will not be left there. You are not going to save them. You are not going to save these groups of the international terrorism.”

Mr. Draper responded: “We are not interested in saving any of these people.” Mr. Sharon declared: “If you don’t want the Lebanese to kill them, we will kill them.”

Mr. Draper then caught himself, and backtracked. He reminded the Israelis that the United States had painstakingly facilitated the P.L.O. exit from Beirut “so it wouldn’t be necessary for you to come in.” He added, “You should have stayed out.”

Mr. Sharon exploded again: “When it comes to our security, we have never asked. We will never ask. When it comes to existence and security, it is our own responsibility and we will never give it to anybody to decide for us.” The meeting ended with an agreement to coordinate withdrawal plans after Rosh Hashana.

By allowing the argument to proceed on Mr. Sharon’s terms, Mr. Draper effectively gave Israel cover to let the Phalange fighters remain in the camps. Fuller details of the massacre began to emerge on Sept. 18, when a young American diplomat, Ryan C. Crocker, visited the gruesome scene and reported back to Washington.

Years later, Mr. Draper called the massacre “obscene.” And in an oral history recorded a few years before his death in 2005, he remembered telling Mr. Sharon: “You should be ashamed. The situation is absolutely appalling. They’re killing children! You have the field completely under your control and are therefore responsible for that area.”

On Sept. 18, Reagan pronounced his “outrage and revulsion over the murders.” He said the United States had opposed Israel’s invasion of Beirut, both because “we believed it wrong in principle and for fear that it would provoke further fighting.” Secretary of State George P. Shultz later admitted that “we are partially responsible” because “we took the Israelis and the Lebanese at their word.” He summoned Ambassador Arens. “When you take military control over a city, you’re responsible for what happens,” he told him. “Now we have a massacre.”

This case is worth reflecting on, not only because it is an illustration of how easily Israeli leaders like Ariel Sharon can get away with crimes against humanity, but because it is a microcosm of how the U.S.-Israeli relationship often works. The reality of Washington’s political and ideological commitment to Israel allows Israeli leaders to continuously deceive, pressure, and obligate the U.S. to be supportive of war crimes and to bankroll Israel’s strategic noncommittal to an actual peace deal with the Palestinians.

So it was in 1982. So it is today.

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  1. Sharon is the 21c model: bu$h,Bibi,Blaierz,Banders & Xcorpz shall never stop their war on Qur'an until Isa UE ON.

  2. The rhetoric from The US is lies. They increased funding for Israel during and after its worst massacres. Clinton and Obama hove both done this. Obama did it after Israel broke ceasefires and invaded Gaza in 2009, then 2012, killing thousands of civilians. Rhetoric is to trick us. The actions reveal the true intents and characters.

  3. Sharon was just as much a man of war as Nutty Yahoo, Ehud Barack Obama, Anders Foggy Rasmussen, George Warmonger Bush, Nicholas Psychozy, Francois Hollande, Tony Blair Wich Project, David Cameron and Gordon Brown. Too bad Sharon wasn't in a coma in '82. The Beirut Massacre could still happen but Sharon wouldn't be able to let it happen.

  4. This is the reason that Israel is the most hated country in the world, second only to the USA.
    Israel is and always has been the main reason for the unrest in the Middle East. Until the USA stops supporting them and sets them free to deal with their own problems, it will continue.
    If Israel was not backed by the USA, it would cease to exist and finally there would be peace in the
    Middle East

    1. America has to fall first before this happens remember they and the settlers control the US "govt"

  5. With the passing of Sharon the "Butcher," nothing on the ground will change, the US will continue to make sure expansion of settlements, and killings of Palestinians without just cause.

  6. Sharon was a degenerate Zionist war criminal. Of course, our AIPAC-owned-and-operated political hacks won't dare admit that.

    Piss on him. Good riddance.

    1. Last I checked, there were nearly 200 comments on PressTV's article about this zionist POS that mirror yours and my sentiments.

  7. AIPAC, which is nothing more or less than a nest of foreign agents representing Israel, have bought and sold the allegiance of far to many of "our" representatives, in particular the 57 U.S. Senators who recently signed a bill that would sabotage our government's present negotiations seeking a peaceful resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue. Senator Kirk, one of the two U.S. Senators who co-sponsored this treasonous bill, received over $600,000.00 in campaign donations from AIPAC and a number of other AIPAC affiliated Israel-First groups, just in this past year alone.

    The death of Prime Minister Sharon, a murderous butcher and war criminal, has fortunately focused the attention of the entire world on the past and present criminal actions of the warmongering Zionist parasites and their treasonous accessories in our government. Hopefully, as more and more Americans finally realize the true horror that Israel represents, calls will mount to eliminate all American support for this terrorist state and to impose sanctions to isolate this cancer on the world.

    American support of the Zionists is the primary reason for the 9-11 attack and for the mounting hate of America that is found throughout the world. America, in supporting Israel, is enabling a regime that practices racism, commits war crimes and crimes against humanity on a daily basis and is a full blown apartheid nation. America condemned the white-only government in South Africa for the very conduct that Israel has engaged in since 1947. In Israel, only jews are allowed to vote, only jews are allowed to use certain road and all others, including Palestinians and Christians, are denied basic human rights such as the right to water, electricity, medical attention and even food.

    American patriots need to rise up and purge all Zionists from America along with their puppets in our government. Unless and until that happens, the Zionists will continue to control American foreign policy, our media, our banking system and even our entertainment industry. Each of the 57 U.S. Senators who have allegiance only to Israel should have their citizenship revoked, their assets seized and deported to Israel who will welcome them with open arms. Personally, I would prefer they be charged with treason, given a quick trial and then lined up against a wall to face a firing squad.

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  9. the legacy of this warmonger is living on, these Israels are behaving like the nazis with the United States of America backing them. The Axis of evil is to be found in The USA. Good riddance to him .
    And to George W Bush, another war criminal who will never be brought to justice, Cheney and Romsfield .

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