Sen Feinstein: Iran Sanctions Bill ‘Is A March To War’

Senator Diane Feinstein took to the floor of the Senate to argue against the bill that would impose new sanctions on Iran in the interim period between the 6-month agreement and a final deal down the road. She said this attempt to foil negotiations is really “a march to war,” that would signal to the Iranians that the real interest of the United States in not in diplomacy, but in regime change.

I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day…

12 thoughts on “Sen Feinstein: Iran Sanctions Bill ‘Is A March To War’”

  1. This is so stupid.

    Why is it a march to war? What did Iran do to make the USA wage war of aggression against them again? The USA is already complicit in killing over a million Iranians. What did they do?

    What are they doing now? Nothing. The reason is that the USA is an imperial outlaw butcher.

    The "democrats" like Feinstein are just playing good cop to the republicans' bad cop. They all want the same result, which is imperial domination over Iran.

    Plans by the Brookings Institution, which Feinstein herself funds (along with Exxon Mobil, the US government, and others), explicitly state that they want these deals to fail so they can portray Iran as unwilling to cooperate, then go to war against them. They are not even trying to do this subtly.

    This is the third or fourth time Obama has sabotaged his own "deals" with Iran, which Iran has no obligation to make anyway. Iran is only giving up its legal rights because the USA is using economic weapons to torture concessions out of a country that's not doing anything wrong in this regard, and is actually FAR ahead of the USA in terms of nuclear compliance.

    This is a horrible thing happening.

    People like Feinstein are fully complicit. She is trying to make us think that either these "deals" have to work, or the USA has to go to war with Iran. That's not only ludicrous, but criminal in the utmost.

    What is being discussed is, for the third time, committing the supreme international crime against Iran – aggression.

    The USA has already helped kill over a million Iranians – in 1953, then in the 1980s, in conjunction with Hussein.

    Iran has been shown on multiple occasions, by the UN, all 16 US intelligence agencies, and Israeli intelligence agencies, to NOT be pursuing nuclear weapons.

    The reason the USA wants to kill more Iranians is not to keep anyone safe. It's for profit and power.

    How many countries has Iran attacked?

    And yet how much have you heard about Israel's illegal 200 nukes? Pakistan's? India's?

    How much have you heard about Saudi Arabia's pursuit, since the 1980s, of nukes? How much have you heard about them now having procured them via Pakistan?

    Yeah. The USA just wants to crush Iran for profit and geopolitical reasons. Saying that either one of these criminal "deals" with Iran has to work (despite the US sabotaging all of them) or the US has to wage a third war of aggression against Iran, is a lie.

    There is a third option: End sanctions and stop the USA's imperial butchery of Iran!

    1. The most troubling question to me since the times of Ahmadinejad and the Iranian "Green Revolution" that failed is: Are US and Israeli Leaders really that blind, stupid or fearful (most probably all 3 options together) that they don't see the geostrategic pickle Iranian Leaders/Strategists/Patriots see themselves in to not be able to understand the regime's actions/rhetorics (or chess-moves..)???

      Is Obama not allowed to be counseled by Historians/Strategists/Statesmen like Andrew Bacevich, Pat Buchanan, Stephen Walt or John Mearsheimer on this question of Iran? What's up with those 59 senators, who pays those traitors?!?!

      But much worse: Who are the folks that govern Israel counseled by and whose organisations influence policymakers on Capitol Hill via AIPAC+vehicles??? Israeli policymakers obviously pursue a strategy of "the enemy of my enemy…" and you cannot really blame them for that, but do they really regard their newly found 'Ally' Saudi-Arabia or an Egyptian Junta as more reliable and trustworthy than the complex structure of the Persian Nation's administration that at least builds upon a highly sophisticated Iranian society…? Who brought War on Iran in 1980 including Chemical Warfare of the worst kind including the most disgusting double-crossing imaginable – the Iran-Contra-Affair -, will Hollywood tell us in 'Argo II – the Empire strikes back' possibly what really happened….?

      We all shall hope there will be no War with Iran, but that isn't enough to prevent the next wars from coming – The Drone-Strikes and the Cyber-War, the fact that they in Washington keep talking about 'Allies' and 'Enemies' even since WWII and the Cold War had long ended, the fact that they believe in militarily supporting one faction against the other and if it fits them -> change sides, play them out against eachother – In short: Immoral politics based not on principles but PROFIT – THAT is the underlying problem of it all.

    2. "How many countries has Iran attacked?"

      I think the last time was when Darius the Great invaded ancient Greece.

  2. What is Feinstein doing here? Anyone who takes her comments at face value might start to think her loyalty was to America rather than to “israel”.

  3. Thank you, Dianne Feinstein. Feinstein, who is Jewish, is a powerful long-serving senator from our most populous state, so her words have weight. The 16 turncoat democrats who have abandoned Obama on this should all have to publicly defend their co-sponsorship of S.1881. If these disloyal dems backed their party's leader, it would not matter what idiots like McCain/Graham did. If the roles were reversed, I can't imagine so many republicans doing the same. Let's hope that cooler heads prevail.

  4. By design of the almighty "founders": the US Senate is intended to function as the "cooling saucer" necessary to counterbalance the raucous nincompoopery of the US House of Representatives–the "House" which is obviously theoretically the chamber of Congress most susceptible and beholden to the shortsighted buffoonery of the passions of "the people" at any given point in time….

    Let's see how this all plays out in what I like to call: "reality"…

  5. What's going on here? Why would Feinstein, an ardent supporter of Israel, oppose more sanctions on Iran? Is it just a ploy to allow the "peace talks" to play out and, inevitably, fail – for which the Palestinians will get the blame – and THEN march to war with Iran?

  6. I'm glad Senator Feinstein has spoken out against the bill. One can be support Israel without being a rubber stamp for its destructive policies. She told the truth, further sanctions would isolate the US and would lead to war. Even if this is all a ploy they still have one problem: Iran isn't developing a nuclear weapon.

    1. Also, one can NOT support Israel – which has many nuclear weapons, as well as apartheid and leadership of war criminals – and oppose this bill.

      We need to just cut the purse strings and move the (official) sanctions from Iran to Israel. After all, Iran hasn't attacked ANY of its neighbors in modern history.

      Unlike Israel.

  7. To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.

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