Ron Paul On Staying Out of Ukraine and Granting Clemency to Snowden

Via Reason‘s Matt Welch, Ron Paul appeared on Fox Business’s The Independents to talk about staying out of Ukraine’s business and seeking clemency for Edward Snowden:


45 thoughts on “Ron Paul On Staying Out of Ukraine and Granting Clemency to Snowden”

    1. EU have nothing to offer its citizens, so, the Ukraine "revolution" cannot be about "better life" for Ukrainians, those days in EU and USA are gone long time ago, EU-US in economical terms looking for new slaves, cheap labors where the social economic system benefits from. Look at Greece 35% unemployment but very good life before Greece become EU member, look at Spain the very same situation there, look at Portugal, look at Italy, look at Sweden with almost 1,2 million out of 10million without work and descending living standard, look at France, look at England, growing poverty in Germany and rest of EU.

      The present government of EU are representatives of old and Neo fascism, in cooperation with USG, and they are eager to expend their territories into east, where Hitler didn't succeed in military terms, these people are doing it by dividing nations where they can place themselves as the Neo governments, now in Syria-Middle East is about establishing Saudis like tyrants so as in Africa, in Europe is about Neo fascism coming to life, the sad part of it is that USA is a big market for companies that did helped Hitler to become what he was, and they are doing the same thing in Ukraine and in Syria.

  1. Ron Paul is a lunatic and liar. Nular did NOT talk about taking over Ukraine and has no idea what is going on there. He's not a libertarian but a puppet of anti-American Lew Rockwell. He knows nothing about Ukraine (not "the Ukraine," Ron) but quite willing to pontificate. And now he's ready to divide Ukraine — what a dick. Check my site if you're interested in sources on what's really happening in Ukraine.

    1. Ukraine "revolution" conducted by right wing holligonism, anarchist, Neo and old fascism. EU governments supporting what themselves are, as Obama, they all talk about democracy but when it comes to implementing a functioning part of it , they just talk and support Saudis barbarians-jihadists in Syria, in Ukraine they support what they are themselves.

      EU and USG looking for anything and will do everything to expend Europe territory, where they can circulate Russia and come closer to central Asian natural resources, look at EU economical situation Greece 35% unemployment, look at Italy, look at Spain, look at Portugal, look at Sweden 1.2 million people are out of work and descending life standards for millions of Europeans. Get your fact straight before. Sad thing is that USA is a dump ground for European junks and companies that are working for the Neo European fascism, including those in Ukraine.

  2. Charles – Do you mean "Nuland?" After all, you called out Dr. Paul on his use of "the" Ukraine. BTW, I did briefly check out your site and I'll stick with Rep. Paul's take on things. Let's see, according to you, Dr. Paul is a "puppet," "anti-American," "knows noting about Ukraine," and is a "dick." Does that about cover it for ya?

  3. Thanks to Ron Paul for setting up this petition. Edward Snowden is quite simply the single most heroic and patriotic American. and the most thinking protector of our Constitution, alive today.
    He should be welcomed with ticker tape parades on Broadway and Pennsylvania Avenue, and given the Medal of Freedom. He won't be unfortunately, but that is a comment on us, not on him.

  4. The protesters in Ukraine are descendents of the ones who welcomed the Germans in 1941 with flowers – as liberators. The present day protesters have about as much common sense as their predecessors. Russia has no problem with Ukraine joining the EU – Putin said so few years ago. The problem is that almost every country that is a member of EU (except Turkey) is also a member of NATO. That's the real issue here, not about Ukraine joining EU. The Russians would be glad to see them join EU and go bankrupt pretty quickly, but the problem is that they want to use the Ukrainians as a Trojan horse against Russia as part of NATO. The western propaganda has managed to portray NATO as some kind of exclusive club of democracies which has nothing to do with allowing U.S. to achieve military hegemony over the world. If NATO really was an "exclusive club of democracies" – then Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Albania, Croatia, Hungary and the Baltic republics would have had no business being in that club, based on their stellar human rights records. Unfortunately, that's not the true purpose of NATO existence these days.

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  6. The Ukrainian protestors are trying to force a democratically elected president out of office before the end of his five-year term. Who elected the protestors?

    The anti-Yushchenko coalition, like the anti-Assad 'freedom fighters' of Syria and the anti-Mubarak campaigners in Egypt, contain elements which pretty unpalatable to the fatheaded liberal armchair interventionists who never saw a street riot they didn't like. Islamists and cannibals in the Near East, pro-Nazi nostalgists in Kiev who claim to be orchestrating the violence.

    The EU is gung-ho for a Ukrainian president who will cut a deal and let the country be roped into the 'ever closer union'. NATO wants to move its front line up against Russia's borders. The neocons just want to recreate post-Soviet era conditions in which their best buddies, the oligarchs and dictators on the far side of the Urals, can go on looting its natural resources and cozying up to USA and Israel.

    Ron Paul, as usual, has it right. This is not Americans' gig, and they should butt out. Like George Washington said– you know, that lousy 'isolationist'.

  7. Ukrain wants JP zayedgon = Syria wants Khelafah Aaedcloud
    Paul has to check his USfactories laberSlavery and Take his Israel OUT of Arabia.

  8. On April 2, 1993, the cabinet of then Chancellor Helmut Kohl approved the Bundeswehr’s first international combat mission, allowing German soldiers to participate in monitoring the no-fly zone over Bosnia. It was the first war in which the Bundeswehr was involved in combat operations.

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