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The short documentary news pieces from Vice News on the situation in Crimea have been very enlightening, as reporter Simon Ostrovsky is on the ground and speaking to real people, instead of the uninformed punditry we hear on both U.S. and Russian propaganda outlets. They are very interesting. Here are the latest two.

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  1. I hope this isn't the calm before the storm. The population seems happy except for the people who want to remain in Ukraine. It sad and funny that the politicians who were paraded around say they didn't see any Russian soldiers. What difference would it make if they had seen Russian soldiers?

  2. Glaser…

    Without comment on the Youtube videos…

    Obama's 'Ministry of Truth' has already posted the following on the official website :

    (A) A Presidential "Statement" by Mr. Obama explaining the "situation":


    (B) A helpful "Fact Sheet" to get everyone up to speed:

    This should tell you all you need to know at this point…

    The lame-stream, et. al, heavily rely on the Ministry in one form or another as 'source' "information" anyway…so why not just cut out the middleman?

  3. The vice people always, in every vice thing I've seen, seem uninformed about the world, often laughably so, especially US history, and seem utterly US-biased, ethnocentric, and xenophobic.

    The host uses the phrase "Putin apologists". I wonder how often he's used the term "Obama apologists"? I wonder if he knows which country has killed more people/occupied more countries this decade? I wonder if he knows which country has the world's biggest prison population? Has the most foreign bases? (Russia: 12. USA: 700-1,100)

    They left out a heck of a lot, like in the end of 2013 poll, Ukraine voted USA as the biggest international threat: 33% picked the USA. 5% picked Russia. That gives another clue about the referendum results.

    As for some people not being allowed to vote: sounds like Florida in 2000. How did Bush work out? As Raimondo said, Tweet him when Russia sets up the Crimean Abu Graib.

    Here's more info about the vote that vice didn't know or intentionally left out:

    Maybe the most important thing to remember, and which is of course whitewashed in this vice piece, is Obama and Washington massively SUPPORT annexation, just like they support anything and everything, as long as it benefits US elites/US imperialism. Examples:

    It is a simple lie for US officials to say they oppose annexation. They oppose annexation by entities that are deterrents to US global domination. They support annexation when they or their clients do it.

  4. Would not support positive view on Vice News and Ostrowsky. He is heavily biased and all dispatches so far have been tailored to make the Russian side look bad & stupid. I think Vice News are just like political MTV, first very exciting but totally annoying after some time if you read more about the subject.

  5. I usually don't 'do' videos, as (apart from the sometimes pretty pictures) they are a) a low-density info-medium, b) time-wasting, as one must view the whole in 'real-time' and in sum c) usually, a waste of (costly) bandwidth too. Preferably, a transcript is much better; one can hop around in it, at one's own time – and copy'n paste snips. But I viewed Vice News Dispatch Thirteen; agree that 'apologist' was deployed (= bias), and that the centre-section had a pre-conceived (= prejudiced) agenda, namely that the Crimean Tatars may have boycotted the referendum.

    Well, I recall that there were reports of attempts – by the 'black-hats,' of course, to destabilise the Tatars (= prompt them to rebel = cause trouble); thankfully IF so THEN these attempts failed. In reality, far better some boycott, than yet another Muslim outrage, fomented by NED/CIA subversion, or usurpers' fascist/neo-nazi (see Maidan) violence or worse?

    Given the short notice, IF Russia staged it all; namely no armed thugs threatening the happy voters, the happy witnesses, the post-results jubilation, let alone no single shot being fired (until some stupid, after the fact sniper in a barracks – recall Ashton's "Gosh!" – So we know that they (D/EU/US/NATO) know who the Maidan-murderers were (tip: *not* the old government, but the illegal usurpers)) – THEN the Russians deserve an Oscar, only competition being those (US/Z?) 'inside-jobbers' who staged 9/11. (No, not the 'convenient distraction' Arab/Muslim hijacker 'jet-fuel = can't melt steel smoke-screen,' but the ones who planted the demolition charges, then LIHOP and presto; a brand new PNAC Pearl Harbor!) Why drag 9/11 in? Well, the US took it as 'licence' to go berserk; Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, intermezzo Ukraine (as a poke at the Russian bear, attempt at more 1st-strike enabling ABMs), Iran next etc.. Their (US/Z) evil intents know no bounds…

  6. This report is purely a "street journalistic" by asking related and not related questions while not giving any answer to the most important questions regarding Ukraine/Crimea, why where and for who. US plans for Russia to be circled from all over, eastern Europe is one part of the plan, and NATO general secretary, the Danish Neo fascism liberal "Rattmussen" knows that, therefore the idea by Paul Wolfowitz is fighting every nations whom are not in line with USG doctrine by Bush regime "you are with us or are terrorist" and using the concept in " the enemy of my enemy is my friend" in practical terms is THE foreign POLICY for USG being at war for last 60 years stealing people's freedom, annexing, dividing nation and establishing a new NATO military base.

    USG representative at UN accused Russia, in regard to Crimea, being a thief, an actual word used by such high ranking "diplomat", while such a diplomat lack of knowledge in history shows that for last 350 years it is the USG of all kind which been stealing people's lands and natural resources from the native Indian American to indochina, Korea war, Vietnam war, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria war. As we speak USG-IMF thievery in Africa is increasing by the day, from 1960s over 6 million Congolese are killed where USG and European government still support those whom have no respect for humanity. USG, as we speak, is involved in Syrian war supporting Saudis barbarians, cooperating with tyrants regimes as Saudi Arabia and other illegitimate kingdom, as we speak USG expending its militarism from Europe into Middle East as Jordan, where Jordanians in cooperation with CIA providing logistical and all other kind of militarism support to a new kind of Saudis mercenaries, as we speaks USG is in business killing hundreds upon hundreds of innocent people around the world with its yet another militarism technology drone. But all that talks and accusation are because USG in last 20 years or so been losing its orchestrated, planed and implemented wars of nepotism/favoritism for IMF and dictatorial regimes as Saudis and Israelis apartheid regime , but as a loser the USG always been blaming its lost on the if or that and house of card dealing USG the bad card.

  7. I am not sure if it has been frozen, but certainly there is an element in the party that has been there prior to [World War II], the isolationist, America-Firsters. Prior to World War I, it was Western senators, and then Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh

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