I’m Not Afraid of ISIS


A Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted Sept. 4-7 among 1,001 adults nationwide revealed that 59% of Americans believe ISIS (or ISIL or the Islamic State) is a "very serious threat to US vital interests." Another 31% view ISIS as a "somewhat serious" threat.

So, 90% of Americans believe ISIS is a threat to US interests. And only 2% think ISIS is not a threat. I’ve never belonged to the "1 percent" but now I’m part of the "2 percent" who don’t think ISIS is a threat to the US.

I live down the street from the US Capitol. If ISIS struck in the belly of the beast, my family and I would likely be negatively impacted. But I’ve never lost a minute of sleep worrying about it, and I never will. Not because I’m "tough" but because I’m not a pawn of the government controlled media that misleads Americans into accepting Obama’s propaganda to "scare" us into more war.

There’s a better chance that Santa Claus comes down my chimney than there is for "Muslim terrorists" to invade the US.

In tried-and-true fashion, Obama gave his "we will destroy ISIS" speech on the eve of the September 11 anniversary. What better way to push for blind acceptance of yet another war than to conjure up memories of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack?

One wonders how Americans can go along with the "terrorists are a threat to the US" narrative so quickly after the Iraq war debacle but 90% do and believe the brilliantly worded narrative, which brings to mind imagery of falling buildings and smoky skies.

It’s ironic that ISIS, formerly known as al-Qaeda in Iraq, originated in 2004 following the US war on Iraq. And in a further bit of absurdity, ISIS has received arms from the US in Syria while at about the same time the US was bombing them in Iraq.

Weapon manufacturers must be quite pleased over Obama’s new war on ISIS, as any war – no matter the reason or validity – is good for business.

So while the US government makes weapon makers richer, it threatened legal action against the mother of beheaded US journalist James Foley for trying to raise ransom money to free her son from ISIS capture. Maybe Obama needed the imagery of an American journalist being killed by ISIS to justify its new war – Foley’s mother almost got in the way of his plan.

ISIS, which has about 30,000 fighters, according to the CIA, and with no air force, navy, or nuclear weapons, is not a genuine threat to a country that has over 1.4 million soldiers on active duty. But that doesn’t stop the people from feigning fear. It’s like watching a horror film during which you feel scared, but then you realize it’s just a movie. Unfortunately, when it comes to the "Muslim terrorists are a threat to the US" storyline, Americans still haven’t realized it’s just a movie.

So is Obama’s new war on terror a smokescreen with a hidden agenda that he cannot publicize? Is his real target Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and then Iran? How long will it take before some of Obama’s targeted strikes hit a Syrian weapons depot, or a government building?

Syria would become the sixth Muslim country Obama bombs this year, and the seventh in his presidency. Yet people still buy the myth that Obama is a moderate who only uses military force reluctantly. I believe that about as much as I believe that someday ISIS will come into the United States, torch the Constitution and institute Sharia law. Too bad 90% of Americans disagree.

Chris Ernesto is cofounder of St. Pete for Peace, an antiwar organization in St. Petersburg, FL that has been active since 2003. Mr. Ernesto also created and manages OccupyArrests.com and USinAfrica.com.

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  1. Americans, again..still, will submit to the fear that’s under their beds. My kids will never know freedom, natural law (NOT meaning lawyers, sorry, cause most still don’t have a clue what LIFE is), for the conditioned, non-THINKING ~ though the means are available right behind their very eyes (grey matter) ~ will perpetuate all behaviors keeping the slave class to ‘serve’ their RULERS. Humanity, get off your knees, please!

  2. "A Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted…" absolutely ridiculously skewed polling. All of the mainstream polling is rigged crap-o-la and meaningless.
    ISIL/ISIS being a wholly owned subsidiary of CIA and offers up a convenient straw man for John McCain to shriek loudly about.

      1. i think these scumbags NEVER officially declare war on anyone – that would spoil their image of being "peaceful"

      1. So what? Look at all the Americans who thought Saddam did 9/11 and he had WMD. Do you remember that? Uninformed Americans are hardly an accurate measurement for reality.

  3. The size and strength of America's military does not keep us safe, they worked around that in the past and they could do it again.

    The 9/11 attacks were done by twenty people for about $500,000.00. they mostly operated in Germany and the US. So ISIS does nothing to increase the risk.

    1. LOL – as if that huge sequence of improbable events was anything other than an inside job – face facts the US govt allowed 9-11 to happen to further their sick agenda for the Middle East

      1. Face facts, the US govt uses any excuse to take more power and justify their unethical actions. But if you think they were smart enough to find out about the attack and still let it happen, then you are as bad as the sheep who blindly follow the politicians to war. There is no way a conspiracy involving thousands of government personal could go unnoticed. The only time in history this kind of thing happens is something like the Manhattan project, and 9/11 was nothing like that.

  4. Its well armed with American weapons. I think at worst there will be a a bombing like the one that happened in Boston by a sympathizer. I'm surprised nothing happened after what Israel did to Gaza. We have a better chance at getting hit by lightning than experiencing retaliation in the US by ISIS or its sympathizers.

    The weapon manufacturers will make a lot of money arming both sides of this war. They are going to train and fight the mujahedin. The only thing they have to fear is that they run out of mujahedin to train and shoot. Its too bad that they want to stick to state capitalism. Its also too bad that the US government can't get them to do anything useful like solve our energy and water problems.

  5. > 90% of Americans believe ISIS is a threat to US interests.

    They are right. Because US interests include oil under foreigner's feet and Israel sitting pretty. (Not to mention keeping Europe well tethered, but that's another story).

    Propaganda absorbtion rate: EXCELLENT!

  6. Obama knows ISIS isn't a threat to anything but bad headlines in the newspaper. His target is Syria and he is betting a lot that the U.S. can contain ISIS while taking down Syria. It's a step further in thought process for the neocons, a backup plan they didn't have in Iraq. They are looking one step ahead for a change. But it's still idiotic and doomed as it is only one baby step ahead.

    1. I think you nailed it. Obama got worried his buds would not do so well in the upcoming election and needed a war for them to vote on so they look tough. And he could never get the votes he needs to support the Syrians so this is his chance. A horrible, inept, uncaring chance, but one he is taking.

  7. I don't think that they are a big threat, but they could become one. The more ground and popularity they get, the harder it will be to stop. Time to act now.

    1. They are not going to gain much of any more ground. Maybe in Syria they will gain ground, apart from that, no. And they are not gaining in popularity apart from what they already have.

  8. Americans are more like kids who never grow up or ever learn.Their government always frighten them with a new monster under the bed very so often that it created i order to put its hidden agenda into action.Few weeks ago it was few hundreds,then a thousand or so,then ten thousands,now 30,000.Tomorrow,we will be told it numbers hundred of thousands,then into millions,or all the people of the area.

  9. ISIS does not keep me awake at night either (and I live in DC like the author). I totally agree that Obama is using ISIS as a smokescreen in order to start bombing Syria. The war on Syria propaganda didn't get any traction last year so Obama is using this nonexistent threat from ISIS to try once again to start another war without anyone dissenting. Shame on Obama and shame on US citizens for letting him wage war on another Muslim country — the 7th in his presidency.

  10. My own "gubmint" frightens me more than Iran, ISIL, Rita Katz, North Korea, Russia,Cuba, Guam, etc.

  11. I hope my ISIS "friends" come and visit me in Alaska. Especially our non-nondescript British speaking friend. We have bigger guns and carry more weapons. Your will not be welcomed here and fire-arms don't scare us. Welcome to the jungle.

  12. I meant to say "YOU will not be welcomed here and firearms don't scare us." I did mean to say "WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE."

  13. This so called author is a damn fool. we need to start the world of crusades to rout the muslim, so called religion!

  14. Obama is a POS nignog huckster. I know folks who hate everything he stands for, but they buy his propaganda about the ISIS "threat", saying "Gosh we gotta do SOMETHING…"
    Idiots. And shame on President Redline for scaring people to support his bullsh!t regime change in Syria.

  15. WOW, 90% have been conned, in such a short period of time, into believing that ISIL may soon be hiding under their beds at night. The omnipotence of the media at work! I'll bet Goebbels wishes he had had that kind of power. Welcome to "1984" only with a smiling face and minus the underground torture chambers. What chance do we vacuous Americans have to take down the Media/USG complex? Answer – none! It will always only be the 1-2% minority who can see through their fog machine. The mass of people can always be counted on to support whatever the crisis of the day is.

  16. ISIS/ISIL are nothing but little insignificant cowards, why else would they hide their faces! Unless of course if they are just that ugly!!! They are a demonic group of imps! Thus the acronym for both:
    I- it's
    S Satan
    I- It's
    S Satan

    S Satan
    L Lucifer

  17. I should also mention that our POTUS is doing a commendable job trying to correct the mess the previous administration started and left in Iraq, leading to these ISIS/ISAL cowards coming about. Kudos Mr. President. We are the US we always handle our business.


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