Peter Van Buren: I Read al-Qaeda’s Inspire Mag So You Don’t Get Arrested

Inspire is an English language online magazine published since 2010 by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. I just read the latest issue so you won’t get arrested doing so.

Aimed primarily at radicalizing youth audiences in the U.S. and Britain, the mag appears semi-regularly (twelve issues so far) online only, as a PDF, and is entirely in English. Graphically well-done, the editorial parts of the magazine shift among sometimes bad-English reporting, religious and jihadi-inspirational pieces, and bomb making instructions.

Yeah, bomb making instructions. That’s the part that sort of is controversial, the clear, step-by-step photo-illustrated instructions for making your own explosives using common materials, plus the encouragement to use them in crowded places.

Inspire and al-Awlaki

The magazine was once thought to be the work of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen who once preached at a Northern Virginia mosque and lunched at the Pentagon, gone-bad.

Though al-Awlaki and his teenage son were assassinated by a U.S. drone in Yemen in 2011, thus ending his editorship, the magazine continues to be published. Al-Awaki’s thoughts are reprinted posthumously and still carry influence. That tells you pretty much all you need to know in two sentences about the failure of the war on terror.


Because reading/possessing Inspire may be illegal in the UK and Australia, and viewing it online in the U.S. likely to land you on some sort of watch list or another, I’ll just offer the one link here to the full text if you want to read the whole thing. For me, if I’m not on some list already I haven’t been doing my job and should just go back to my true passion, Little House on the Prairie fan fiction.

Inside the Spring 2014 Inspire Mag

Things begin straight-forward enough with a note from the editor:

The American government was unable to protect its citizens from pressure cooker bombs in backpacks, I wonder if they are ready to stop car bombs! Therefore, as our responsibility to the Muslim Ummah in general and Muslims living in America in particular, Inspire Magazine humbly presents to you a simple improvised home recipe of a car bomb. And the good news is… you can prepare it in the kitchen of your mom too.

To be fair, the kitchen of your mom has to be stocked with some pretty unusual stuff to pull this off, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

There follows some quotes by famous people on news topics, most predictable. But one by a Muslim college student in the U.S. stands out:

I remember I had one professor that said that if he was in Iraq, he’d probably be on the other side. And I remember I was just looking at him thinking I’ll be in jail if I thought that.

A quote by another leaves you with the uncomfortable impression that these guys “get it,” saying the things we just don’t hear from our own media:

If we don’t change our stupid foreign policies, there will sooner or later be many more people overseas wishing to do this country harm! We’re already the most hated country in the world and through our own stupidity that will only get worse. Moreover, we’re spending ourselves into oblivion over this!

So while there is plenty of bloody jihad stuff written in Borat-level English, it isn’t all that way in Inspire. One wonders if this approach, accidentally humorous and purposefully serious, is not actually an effective way to speak to disaffected youth.

Dog Food

Despite my promise to you, I did not actually read every word of articles that began “Twelve years have passed since the blessed Battles of New York, Washington and Pennsylvania…” or asked “Is the modern Buffalo soldier worth a Labrador? Would the U.S. Army at least honor them with Dickin Medals?”

I sort of can figure out without getting 800 words in what the point of a piece that asks “Isn’t it saddening that Bo, Obama’s dog, dines with the tax payers’ money on better food than that of 100 million Americans?” But hah, Inspire, got you there. A lot of lower-income Americans are forced to eat the same dog food Bo does!

Salty Obama

And see if you can puzzle out this one:

Obama is like a very thirsty patient that suffers from high blood pressure. As he becomes thirstier he finds a cup of salty water with salt crystals visible. To make the water drinkable, he has to get rid of the salt. So he stirs the water. As he stirs, the salt begins to disappear, this makes him very happy. Yes, the salt disappeared from sight, but the taste of the water became saltier. This is exactly what Obama is doing by the use of unmanned drones.


Things alternate like that for most of the magazine, kind of thoughtful stuff, weird unintelligible stuff, sort of parable, sort of makes sense maybe stuff, a lot of anti-Semitism and rants intermingled with Quranic quotes. But things get deadly serious when the topic turns to making and employing car bombs.

The magazine explains the bomb making instructions are “open source jihad,” to allow persons via the web to “prepare for jihad,” all from the comforts of home. I am not a chemist, but the details seem easy to follow, broken down into steps with photos to illustrate. Theory is tagged on to the practical; how explosive combustion works, how pressure is measured and so forth. Different ignition switches are discussed, depending on whether you seek a timed explosion or intend a suicide attack where you’ll trip the bomb manually.

You turn away with the impression that this is something simple enough that you could probably make it work.

It is made clear the type of bomb you’ll be making is aimed at destroying people, not buildings, and advice is given accordingly.

Closing the Pages

It would be unfair to close the pages of Inspire and say I felt anything but creeped out. I’ve tried to come up with something more intelligent sounding, but what starts as a laugh ends very seriously. Someone was very effective at making me walk away thinking they want to kill me.

So when you read other versions of what’s in Inspire, most of which focus on creating their own, new levels of fear-mongering or in belittling the magazine as “clumsy,” spare a thought to what the magazine is really achieving: it makes you afraid. That’s what good propaganda does, effectively get inside your head. Inspire is good propaganda.

Peter Van Buren blew the whistle on State Department waste and mismanagement during Iraqi reconstruction in his first book, We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People. His latest book is Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the #99 Percent. This article is reprinted with permission from Peter Van Buren’s blog.

13 thoughts on “Peter Van Buren: I Read al-Qaeda’s Inspire Mag So You Don’t Get Arrested”

  1. I think it goes to show how much the home grown terror threat is overblown. Wikipedia says there are 2.6 million Muslims in the US. They haven't been radicalized by their mistreatment.

    What good is it putting people on a list. What are they going to do ban them from shopping? Put them under house arrest? Background check in order to get a pressure cooker? It is Al Qaeda's schtick. I think they are fishing for the one or two really disaffected Muslims or psychopaths out there to take up their gangsta jihad shtick. It aids the war profiteers in their domestic and foreign policy money making schemes. It could result in something like the movie Minority Report where you get arrested based solely on suspicion. That magazine is probably the only credible threat that Al Qaeda poses.

  2. The Muslim people are incredibly peaceful. I am amazed how reasonable the Palestinian people have been trying to reach a compromise with the last settler colony and apartheid state on Earth. The people of the middle east need to figure out there is no solution here. They either rise up in unison and kick the West out or they are going to be dominated by the empire and their paid off rulers. That is their only hope for a decent future.

  3. > “It would be unfair to close the pages of Inspire and say I felt anything but creeped out. I’ve tried to come up with something more intelligent sounding, but what starts as a laugh ends very seriously. Someone was very effective at making me walk away thinking they want to kill me.”

    Betcha the guy who writes this stuff works for CIA/Mossad as a psyops specialist. Be afraid! Be very afraid! The Muslim bogeymen are coming to get you!

    But don’t worry, you just need to give up your freedom to be safe. Then you can relax in the knowledge that the people who can’t run a health insurance website or even protect the White House perimeter will have your back when it comes to dem mean old terrists.

  4. A tiny taste of how most of the world feels all the time, like when they hear the USA will slaughter 500,000 kids to remove someone from political office, or when Kissinger says bomb anything that moves, then usa kills hundreds of thousands of peasants.

  5. didn't visit the link but if it shows bomb making procedure remove the link. yes people wanting it will get it anyway but why make it easier

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