Obama’s Harebrained Scheme for Benevolent Carnage Exposed

Like Richard Nixon always said, the nation’s cartoonists are a pox on national security.  And now Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury has gone and exposed the secret calculations behind the latest U.S. intervention in Iraq. Sorta.

If American citizens had real-time access to the secret memos, emails etc. that are driving Obama’s latest bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria, the truth would probably be at least as absurd as this cartoon.   It is the secrecy that permits Obama to bomb with impunity.  Secrecy prevents far more opposition to Obama’s latest harebrained scheme for benevolent carnage.

And if the ISIS terrorists begin targeting Americans and U.S. facilities abroad or here, the Obama administration will assure us that there was no way they could have anticipated such a response to the bombing campaign against ISIS.  And homeland security and nitwit pro-bombing foreign experts will win lifetime job security as a result.

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16 thoughts on “Obama’s Harebrained Scheme for Benevolent Carnage Exposed”

  1. As an expat that no longer believes in "the system" back home … or the corporate controlled media, or the rigged markets of the "greatest country in the world"'s capitalistic industrial for-profit war machine …. I accept the illegal half Kenyan socialist communist IS the problem .. according to my friends and family … see ISIS is the problem … and i am profoundly mistaken in my beliefs that boots on the ground is needed … Iraqi boots on the ground .. and I believed if Iraqis can not defend Iraq … GOOD .. I am absolutely HAPPY … then we can feel guilt free in killing everything that moves there until 2044. As a military that was a total abject failure on 9/11/2001 .. we can be assured nothing will change … 2045 is THE landmark when the Pentagon accepts Allah as Jesus. as a Superficial Ten Star General will say .. "man we gotta go with the flow, dude … they can't be beat 'cause they BELIEVE more deeply than our profit margins can be exploited".

    1. I agree, ISIS is way too powerful. We cannot beat them, I suggest we surrender to them and the USA converts to Islam as a whole. Sharia Law will be brought here immediately, to be tested first in these three States- Kansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. In order to ensure a smooth transition then it can be rolled out to additional States. FOX News will be merged with Al-Jazeera.

  2. Wait – isn't lifetime job security what it's all about? You aren't gonna go off on one of those silly "freedom and democracy" delusions are you?

  3. It's not just government secrecy. Let's not forget the valuable role that our captive, corporate, neocon controlled MSM is playing. The government couldn't get away with all its lies without their full support. The only free press we have left is on the Internet.

  4. When it is universally understood that to murder "and get away with it" has never happened in this world and never will, peace will have come to our earth.

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