Brian Williams Shouldn’t Have Been Valorized to Begin With

For the last twelve years, NBC’s Brian Williams has been publicly recounting a story about being aboard a U.S. Army helicopter in Iraq. Williams was covering the Iraq War on the first day of the American invasion, traveling with the Army’s 159th Aviation Regiment. According to Williams, his helicopter was struck by an Iraqi RPG forcing it to make a dangerous emergency landing. Williams has told the story in multiple venues, each time relating the harrowing story of what it feels like to come under enemy assault and to fear possible death. The problem with Williams’ story is that it’s not factually correct.

It’s true Williams was aboard an Army helicopter on that first day of the American invasion, just not the one that took RPG fire. After apologizing for misremembering the incident, Williams admitted that while he was part of the four-part unit, one of which took Iraqi fire, his wasn’t the one that took a direct hit. His was behind the one hit. As the story evolves, other Army personnel have said that Williams was in an entirely separate helicopter unit traveling in the other direction. The pilot of Williams’ helicopter has said it did take fire, but only from Iraqi AK-47s. With the details still being sorted out, one thing is clear—Brian Williams is no longer deserving of the public valor heaped upon him for his supposed war heroics.

The problem with labeling Brian Williams, or any other journalist or solider who comes under attack during war a hero, is that it glamorizes war’s senseless violence. War between feuding governments is insidious and deserving only of scorn. Invading forces who are attacked or injured during a war as mad as George W. Bush’s Iraqi excursion are no more deserving of the gallantry attributed to them than the loser of a drunken barroom brawl.

Here in America, unfortunately, we live in a perverted reality tunnel within which this senseless violence must be celebrated at all costs, regardless of your views of the war itself. Bravery, courage, and honor still manage to apply to those foolish enough to volunteer in even the dumbest and bloodiest of wars. Injured soldiers and war correspondents receive parades, medals, and endless public praise, no matter the circumstances that led to their injury.

American war culture is a sickness. By making heroes of those who come under return-attack during an aggressive war, we ignore the incredible destruction they bring about in the process. Ron Paul got into hot water in the wake of Chris Kyle’s death when he tweeted about Kyle that “those who live by the sword die by the sword.” It’s a saying all the more applicable to active duty troops. For one should hardly expect anything less than serious injury or death when he or she ventures out to deliver the same fate to a foreign people.

By celebrating the wartime acts of the individuals involved, even where the war itself is almost wholly lacking in public support, the American public reveal themselves as pawns of the warmongers. Backlash against the warmongers becomes all the more difficult where the warmonger can deflect all criticism as “harmful to the troops”. Let’s face it, there’s nothing inherently good about traveling abroad to kill people for your government. Remove this trump card from the politicians’ pockets and they’ll have a much tougher sell the next time they decide to engage in such global terror.

21 thoughts on “Brian Williams Shouldn’t Have Been Valorized to Begin With”

  1. “For one should hardly expect anything less than serious injury or death when he or she ventures out to deliver the same fate to a foreign people.” Excellent piece.

  2. I think this is a very delicate subject and we are not getting closer to finding some relevant answers. Maybe it's just something we should let rest for a while.

  3. Thanks, Jessica. I do regret that it’s going to come off as disrespectful to the troops. I have family and friends who are veterans and active duty. I hope they realize that it’s aimed at the futile wars they’re forced into.

    1. Veterans were idiots. If they didn't know they were idiots they aren't worth talking to. I'm a veteran btw

  4. Brian Williams should be fired. He's almost as bad as "W" for lying about the reasons for war.

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  6. This reinforces the impression I have had for some time that the line between news and entertainment on television has been completely obliterated. What would Edward R. Murrow or Walter Cronkite have to say about this? Being photogenic is more important than being intelligent or sensible.

  7. Brian Williams, Adrea Mitchell, and especially Richard Engel pitch the pro war agenda at every opportunity.

  8. Everyone should have been skeptical about Brian Williams. Why? Anybody can see that the two sides of his face don't match. Draw a line down the middle and look at it for yourself. A house (or man) divided against himself will not stand!

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