Atomic Bomb Scene from the Animated Film “Barefoot Gen”

The US of A, 70 years ago today. An animated depiction of the evil that man is capable of when acting in the name of the State, inspired by the story of a man who had survived it as a boy.

To hell with placing representatives of libertarianism in the leadership of the terrorist organization that did this.

For more on the “Barefoot Gen” comic on which the film was based, see Wikipedia.

For more on war coverage in Japanese animation, including “Grave of the Fireflies” (set amid the firebombing of Japan) see my essay on Studio Ghibli.

UPDATE: This comic is 10 years old, so the little boy’s intuitive moral clarity would have been nuked and contaminated by government schooling by today’s 70th anniversary.

8 thoughts on “Atomic Bomb Scene from the Animated Film “Barefoot Gen””

  1. Inexcusable during a war, unspeakably, unthinkably monstrous after the country's petition of surrender was refused. There is no living down the shame of this. All that's left is living with the ugly power of the threat of doing it to others.

  2. Porgy has is right. And in the end, after the dust and humans remains had settled, the USA granted the one holdout the Japanese requested, when offering full surrender: let our emporor remain as an spiritual figurehead. But nothing less than unconditional surrender is acceptable for America. Just to show we’re serious (and b/c, you know, we *made* the bombs, so what are we going to do? Not use them?), we’ll bomb another city before they can even figure out what the hell happened with the first one. Greatest thing, indeed.

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