Ron Paul: In Syria, More Lies Brings More Chaos

Why is the US government bringing back old, discredited claims like “Assad gassed his own people”? And why are its representatives like US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power trying to propagandize the American people with cooked up tales of Russian military action in Syria? Ron Paul’s Liberty Report takes a look at the possible shifting sands of US policy in Syria:

Reprinted with permission from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Ron Paul: In Syria, More Lies Brings More Chaos”

  1. God I miss Ron Paul. Presidential debates usually just piss me off but watching the GOP debates last night was just depressing. Ron Paul's absence was deafening. The entire conversation on foreign policy was so divorced from reality it felt like listening to a bunch of twelve year old boys arguing over a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Even Ron's son Rand is a wimpy excuse for an anti-interventionist.

    I know I sound like a winy emo chick but I miss Ron Paul. I miss Dennis Kucinich. What the hell happened to all our antiwar candidates?

  2. Do the US bomb civilians in Iraq and Syria? Yes they do.
    Does Assad bomb civilians in the territories he lost control of? Yes he does.

  3. Does the US have the right or responsibility to intervene on behalf of said citizens, by attacking ISIS or Assad? No, they don’t. Humanitarianism intervention is imperialism in disguise.

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