A Two-Step Disengagement Would Eliminate ISIS

Bombing cities, as France did yesterday, and as the US and Russia continue to do, will only create more radicalization by killing still more civilians. Want to eradicate ISIS?

Step 1: The West should just stop supporting the Syrian insurgency, and stop supporting the Gulf States that are also supporting the insurgency. With the flow of weapons and money halted, rebels will defect, and the ground forces of the secular Syrian regime that the US has been trying to overthrow will be able to push ISIS and Syrian Al Qaeda out of Syria.

Step 2: The US should stop supporting the sectarian Shiite government in Iraq. Only then will that government be willing to compromise with the Sunnis they have been ethnic cleansing for so long, and only then will the tribal Sunnis feel they can afford to turn against ISIS again, as they did in 2006. This will give the Salafists fleeing Syria nowhere to run to.

Just stop constantly making everything worse. Just stop intervening.

6 thoughts on “A Two-Step Disengagement Would Eliminate ISIS”

  1. If the West and Israel wanted to end Terrorism that would be the way to go. The problem is that this isn't their goal at all. Just as ISIS thrives off of the destabilization so does Israel. Divide and conquer is their goal.

    The people of the US need to get this into their heads and if they want to stop terrorism they must first stop their own government from supporting the destabilization process.

  2. Step 3: The US should end all sanctions and diplomatic restrictions on the nations and forces vital to destroying ISIS including Syria, Iran, Russia, Hezbollah, and the Kurdistan Workers Party. We also must stop all support, be it financial or military, to Erdogan's terror state of Turkey, as they are no less complicit then the gulf states and may actually be more dangerous do to there open border.

  3. Re: Item 2.

    Its not enough to just stop supporting the Shia.

    It would be necessary reinstate the secular Baath party and give them an incentive to break from DAESH, in return for respecting peaceful democratic engagement.

    1. F**king fantastic Idea! They share the same secular roots as Assad, in spite of the split under Saddam. I think they could be turned, all things considered and that would essentially castrate the Daesh-bags in Iraq.

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