Hugh Hewitt’s Demonic Visions

In a GOP debate otherwise marked by constant calls for more bombs, more boots on the ground, more invasions, and even punching Russian President Vladimir Putin in the nose, one exchange stood out as the sad epitaph for an America whose moral compass has gone completely off.

Neoconservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt was trying to gage the candidates’ willingness to fight endless wars, and he must have sensed that retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, as one who has saved the lives of so many, might be weak on the war question. Could Carson kill as ruthlessly as the others, Hewitt demanded to know.

Here is the exchange:

HEWITT: Dr. Carson…… you mentioned in your opening remarks that you’re a pediatric neurologist surgeon…

CARSON: Neurosurgeon.

HEWITT: Neurosurgeon. And people admire and respect and are inspired by your life story, your kindness, your evangelical core support. We’re talking about ruthless things tonight – carpet bombing, toughness, war. And people wonder, could you do that? Could you order air strikes that would kill innocent children by not the scores, but the hundreds and the thousands? Could you wage war as a commander-in-chief?

This horrific suggestion passed by as completely normal. As if it is the normal job of an American president to slaughter thousands of innocent children.

Carson started to answer by describing how he saves children by operating on their brains, and then ended by stating that you have to get the entire job done at once, rather than death by 1,000 pricks.

Hewitt, like the rest of us, was left unsure what Carson really meant with such an obscure response, so he asked him more bluntly:

HEWITT: So you are OK with the deaths of thousands of innocent children and civilian? It’s like… That is what war – can you be as ruthless as Churchill was in prosecuting the war against the Nazis?

CARSON: Ruthless is not necessarily the word I would use, but tough, resolute, understanding what the problems are, and understanding that the job of the president of the United States is to protect the people of this country and to do what is necessary in order to get it done.

So Hewitt wondered whether Carson’s medical training would get in the way of his becoming a war criminal if elected, and Carson assured him it would not.

Hewitt, like many neocons, is obsessed with Churchill as the model for a tough, ruthless leader. In a memorable exchange back in 2007 with the late and great General William Odom, Hewitt similarly grilled Gen. Odom about whether, facing the new Hitler (Iran) Odom would be on the side of Churchill or Neville Chamberlain. It’s an age-old tactic of the neocons, but General Odom was not a man to be bullied by a pipsqueak like Hewitt.

Here’s how it went down in 2007:

Hugh Hewitt: You would have been with which party in Great Britain in the 30’s? Let me ask it that way. Was Churchill –

William Odom: I was – it’s not analogous to today at all. . . .

HH: Yes, but did Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain ignore the statements of Hitler, and put it down as just rhetoric?

WO: This is – Ahmadinejad is not – he does not have German industry. He does not preside over a country which was becoming the major industrial power in Europe.

HH: Yeah, but he will have . . .

WO: He’s in a backward country with a group of people who are becoming poorer and poorer as a result of his policies.

HH: But he will have . . .

WO: And if you can’t see the difference between that, then I’m very disappointed in your judgment.

Hewitt went on to question Odom’s dedication to more intervention overseas and the good General dropped him in his tracks:

HH: Did you see Cambodia coming, General?

WO: And following – let me ask you. Are you enthusiastic enough to put on a uniform and go?

HH: No. I’m a civilian.

WO: Okay, but we can recruit you.

HH: I’m 51, General.

WO: And I don’t see all these war hawks that want to – none of them have been in a war, and they don’t want to go.

The rest of the exchange between Odom and Hewitt is a great read – particularly as every one of Odom’s predictions about Iraq has come true.

It is difficult to imagine an American body politic so morally ill as to embrace the idea that the ideal president should be a mass murderer. That a real leader must not make distinctions between civilians and combatants in a war. That civilians by the thousands must be killed without compunction to keep America safe.

Christians (and Hugh Hewitt professes to be one) prepare to rejoice at the birth of their Savior, the Prince of Peace, this coming week. What a way to prepare for the coming of Christ the King, to rejoice not in the promise of salvation but in the spilling of innocent blood.

Something is really wrong.

Daniel McAdams is director of the The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity. Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

12 thoughts on “Hugh Hewitt’s Demonic Visions”

  1. Like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, Hewitt is a right-wing talk show host, not a journalist. He did not belong there asking questions at the GOP debate. Why not invite Limbaugh to the table next time? He's better known and will increase the audience.

  2. Indeed, KA, Christians lean heavily upon the Old Testament to justify their Anti-Christ wishes. They need to read the words of The Prince of Peace more closely, John 13:34-35 and The Sermon on the Mount, would be a good start.

  3. Part 1 of 3

    Unfortunately, this ridiculous clown, Hewitt, is not saying anything different than all of the other rabid, foaming at the mouth, sociopathic, “conservative” (sic) Ziocons (i.e. Neoconservatives aka Trotskyite – and NO not former – fanatical, traitorous, pro-Zionist war mongers), who want to wage more Crusades in the name of making the world safe for Israel (it was/is never endangered in the first place), and her ambitions, such as Greater Israel, and will always put a foreign country (Israel) first (and second, and third) over America, but will pretend that this is all because it will allegedly help keep America “safe.”

    And of course most of the more dimwitted “conservatives” (sic) that watch Fox “News” (sic) and listen to the Ziocon radio personalities, believe all of the lies, propaganda, and BS that many leading Ziocons (such as Mike “Savage” Weiner, Vannity, and Limpballs, etc.), put out, no matter how illogical, ridiculous, or full of holes they are, and also no matter how much these values and beliefs go against classical conservatism (before the Ziocons hijacked it).


  4. Part 2 of 3

    And of course these rabid, Ziocon extremist war mongers, ALWAYS love to wax poetic about how “great” Churchill was, without bringing up the fact that Churchill (and Roosevelt and Stalin) committed some of the most evil, despicable, and heinous war crimes in the history of the world! And don’t just look at Stalin as being the “worst” one of these three stooges, although, he was indeed evil, but “Saint” Churchill and Roosevelt (and their military advisors and military leaders behind them) were just as bad, and committed just as many deplorable war crimes and atrocities during WW2. Of course these Ziocon psychopaths actually think these vile wars crimes are GOOD, just, and what is really needed, to take care of them bad “moooslams.”

  5. Part 3 of 3

    And just to be clear, I’m not necessarily saying that the opposite of what these fanatical Ziocons represent, is any better. And while very tyrannical and bad on many things, at least the neo-Marxists/Cultural Marxists (i.e. Democrats and so-called “Liberals” – although not at all like the classic liberals) at this point have not started WW3, although, then again, they have done many things that of course could trigger this, so I guess this is not really saying too much!

  6. And of course, I’m not at all getting into the fact that many of these alleged “terrorist” acts are False Flags/Psy-Ops (please see the USS Maine, the Bmbing of the King David Hotel, the Lavon Affair, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, the Attack of the USS Liberty, Operation Gladio, etc., and these are only a few of many that have been officially admitted to by various governments and the establishment/court historians as being False Flags and/or Psy-Ops). Unfortunately, so-called “Truthers” (and it’s a very big category in which to generalize) are looked down upon and derided by the MSM.

  7. I'm sure this insane, ridiculous, Ziocon extremist Hewitt (as probably do any other so-called "Christians" in this cult) probably wears a WWSD (What Would Satanyahoo Do?), instead of a WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) bracelet. Of course these Ziocon extremists worship at the alter of the international war criminal and gangster extraordinaire, Bibi Satanyahoo.

  8. Neoconservatives are no different than ISIS/AL QAIDA which all three represent and existential threat to our national security.

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