Ron Paul: Congress Passes PATRIOT Act II In Secret

This may come as a shock, but incoming House Speaker is less than honest. He promised “regular order” and no more sneaky business of slipping bad bills into the text of massive spending legislation. Oops they did it again — passing the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) by sneaking it into the “must pass” Omnibus spending bill. Now your favorite technology company is acting as a spy on you, the customer, for the US government. Isn’t there a word for when the government “partners” with the private sector to deprive people of liberties? More today in the Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Congress Passes PATRIOT Act II In Secret”

  1. It's like fast food marketing.
    "Try the brand new tasty Government Product!"
    Product falls flat. Remaining stock is chopped, formed, extruded, drowned in barbecue sauce, repackaged and resold with a snazzy new marketing scheme:
    "You'll love the brand new tasty Government Product!"
    *cue hipster clown*

  2. I am not surprised to see a bill like this coming at the end of the Year. Sadly to say, but the US is going downhill quickly with every bill and proposal that comes from our government. I believe that our once great country already past the point of no-return. I don't think that peacefully can be done any significant changes to our current government, in best case scenario we can slow down the process of deterioration.

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