Ron Paul on North Korea Nukes: A Case For Non-Intervention?

Cries of glee must have emanated from the military-industrial complex and the Beltway think tanks as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made another of his periodic pleas for global attention. The nuclear detonation is looking less likely as powerful and thus significant than the North Korean government initially claimed, but that is not stopping vested US interests in playing up the threat. To some, like Donald Trump, it’s all China’s fault. To others, like Jeb Bush, it’s all the fault of the Obama/Hillary foreign policy. To the think tankers, more policy papers are being feverishly crafted all calling for more of the same to produce different results. More military spending and more sanctions!

But the North Korean “problem” is a direct result of US interventionism and the uncertainty it produces. After all, the Libyans gave up their nuclear program and not long afterward were “regime changed” by Washington. No one thinks a similar attack on North Korea is imminent. So as a deterrent, North Korea’s nuclear policy actually works well. Why would anyone expect them to change? Perhaps taking away the incentive for such a deterrent would be more successful? Don’t count on new thinking among the entrenched elite. Instead, turn to the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Ron Paul on North Korea Nukes: A Case For Non-Intervention?”

  1. And yet there is only one country that has used nuclear weapons as a direct attack on civilians…guess which one it is? (Rhetorical question, especially for readers, of course.) Stunning hypocrisy. Makes me ashamed to be an American, sadly.

    1. James Brown "Living in America" lyrics:

      I live in America, help me out,
      but I live in America,
      wait a minute
      You may not be looking for the promise land,
      but you might find it anyway
      Under one of those old familiar names
      Like New Orleans (New Orleans) Detroit City (Detroit City), Dallas (Dallas), Pittsburg P.A. (Pittsburg P.A.) New York City (New York City)Kansas City (Kansas City)Atlanta (Atlanta) CHICAGO & L.A.!

      That last part would have been Emporer Hirohito's target list if Japan got the A-bomb before we did. (Hitler too, obviously) I am 100% anti-intervention but blaming US for bombing the shit out of WWII adversary

      1. Japan had been attempting to surrender for months before we dropped the bombs. Hiroshima and Nagasaki had nothing to do with Hirohito and everything to do with Stalin, who had already won the war, nearly single-handedly, while FDR was busy helping Churchill protect his own private Polands in Africa.

        Stop watching Rocky movies and try reading a history book.

  2. This last horrible communist state
    Is qerhaps losing its chinese support .friendly relations with
    China is important so this
    Can happen!.

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