Ron Paul on B-52s Over Korea… Protecting Our Homeland?

Why did the US fly a B-52 over South Korea yesterday? Was it a sign of superiority…or insecurity? North Korea tested some sort of nuclear device last week and the fly-over was part of a multi-pronged US response to the test. Today on the House Floor a bill strengthening sanctions against North Korea is likely to pass overwhelmingly. There is no shift in US thinking over the past 60 years. But if you think about it, even Kim Jong-Un’s foreign policy is more rational that Obama’s: in response to the threat posed by US troops in South Korea and strong rhetoric from Japan, North Korea has developed an effective nuclear deterrent. North Korea does not practice “regime change” overseas, it does not attempt to invade its neighbors. It merely has developed a deterrent to a threat. More on ineffective US foreign policy toward North Korea in today’s Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Ron Paul on B-52s Over Korea… Protecting Our Homeland?”

  1. If only Ron wore a pistol and talked like 'the Duke'. He has a lot more common sense than most other Americans in government and all the other Americans who pack a gun – or their horses.

  2. Anyone who defends the lunatic, criminal and brutal regime in North Korea should benefit from a stay in one of North Korea's prison camps for a while. Learn to praise their since long dead president (one of that man's very few advantages) and to cry over the death of his ridiculous son who wore high heel shoes to hide that he was just slightly taller than a dwarf. The fat little swine who runs the madhouse at the moment should in his turn learn to run for his life.

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