Ron Paul on ‘Carpet Bomber’ Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is being advertised in some circles as the heir to the Ron Paul libertarian movement, yet one look at his foreign policy and it is immediately evident that he is anything but. His advisors are Bill Kristol, John Bolton, James Woolsey, Elliot Abrams and other washed-up neocon has-beens. No wonder he screams about “carpet bombing” the Middle East and making the sand glow in the dark. The libertarian movement is essentially built around rejection of wars of aggression and against interventionism. Ted Cruz, neocon, in today’s Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul on ‘Carpet Bomber’ Ted Cruz”

  1. Ron should never have endorsed this guy for senator especially since Cruz endorsed Rick Perry for president.

  2. Off topic, but if I may I’d like to get a request through:

    Justin Raimondo needs to advise Trump on foreign affairs!! Trump is clearly receptive, seeking advice. Also, Raimondo should advise Trump on healthcare. Trump wants socialism-light; well, who has more common sense than Raimondo? Healthcare costs could fall by fixing malpractice insurance, which would mean improving the jury pool (current juries can’t understand malpractice cases, so they are essentially lotteries as a result). That alone would greatly improve things, and highlighting the problem would focus efforts towards a non-socialist reform. Fun fact about Obamacare: Even millionaires can exploit it, if they have very low income a particular year.

    Trump has listened to the Evangelicals, which I actually liked for the most part; but now he needs to listen to Raimondoism, which to my mind appears superior to other forms of paleo-libertarianism. Raimondo applies common sense and is goal-oriented, so he is more than just an ideologue. Anyway, this might be the last chance America has at a sensible candidate for the presidency. Trump could be good or bad, but he is definitely a diamond in the rough if polished right.

    Cruz is a calculating Machiavellian. Trump is calculating, but he appears more innocent, in a spoiled-billionaire kinda way.

    1. Health care cost would fall by medicare for everyone too .The customer pays 20% of the bill under Medi care so it is not a single payer program . Medi care negotiated reasonable prices from the health care industry . That why the heal care industry lobbied so hard to kill this for everyone . The 40 % of people not covered by government money is the most lucrative business for the health care industry

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