Why Are Neocons So Desperate To Rescue al-Qaeda in Syria?

Reading Dennis Ross and David Ignatius is a good reminder that the neocons live in a different world than the rest of us. They do not conform their analysis to reality, but rather they conform reality to their view of the world. Where most people would be encouraged to read that Aleppo in Syria was about to be liberated from its 3.5 year occupation by al-Qaeda’s Syrian franchise, the neocons see a disaster.

On the brink of al-Qaeda’s defeat in Aleppo, the Washington Post‘s Ignatius is furious that, “President Obama won’t approve military tactics that could actually shift the balance.” Yes, he wants to shift the balance toward al-Qaeda because like the other neocons he is so invested in the idea of regime change in Syria that he would even prefer turning the country into another Libya than to see government forces defeat his jihadist insurgents. Failing to “shift the balance” toward al-Qaeda fighters in Aleppo only brings “greater misery for the Syrian people,” in the world of Ignatius.

Ignatius’s Washington Post, which has never seen a potential war it did not want to see turned into an actual war, thinks it a tragedy that the Syrian army’s advance on al-Qaeda occupied Aleppo has “cut off all vital routes of supply from Turkey to the rebel-held areas of the city.” Those would be Turkish supplies in support of al-Qaeda and ISIS rebels, but the Post is too deceptive to mention that fact.

It is as dishonest an inversion of reality as anything printed in Pravda of old.

In the same vein as Ignatius, former Bush/Clinton/Obama Administration Middle East “expert” Dennis Ross writes to tell us, “what Putin is really up to in Syria.” In the above-linked article, The Los Angeles Times does not reveal that Ross is hardly an objective observer of the situation. As one of the founders of AIPAC‘s Washington Institute for Near East Policy – and a current counselor to that organization – Ross strongly supports AIPAC’s position in favor of regime change in Syria and Israel’s active role in assisting jihadist rebels from al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front in their efforts to overthrow the Assad government.

So what does regime change neocon Dennis Ross want us to believe is happening in Syria? The Russians, he asserts, are playing a dirty game by stepping up their bombing campaign against ISIS, al-Qaeda, and affiliated rebels instead of pushing for a ceasefire. How funny that when the US/Turk/Saudi/Israeli-back jihadists were on the verge of taking over all of Syria not that long ago there was no talk from neocon quarters about a ceasefire or a negotiated political solution. Only now that al-Qaeda’s stronghold in Aleppo is on the verge of liberation by government forces are the neocons screaming that diplomacy should be given a chance.

Russian operations are “designed to strengthen the Assad regime and weaken the non-Islamic State Sunni opposition in different parts of the country,” writes Ross. He doesn’t mention that particularly when it comes to Aleppo, the “non-Islamic State Sunni opposition” means al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front and affiliated forces.

By relentlessly bombing Islamic State and other jihadist groups seeking to introduce Sharia law into secular Syria, “Putin is…undercutting our aim of isolating Islamic State and having Sunnis lead the fight against it.” Read that again. By attacking ISIS he is preventing the US from isolating ISIS. Doublespeak.

What is Putin really up to in the world of Dennis Ross? He is not sincere about defeating Islamist extremism in Syria or even helping Assad’s forces win the war. No, Putin “aims to demonstrate that Russia, and not America, is the main power broker in the region and increasingly elsewhere.” Ah yes, the old argument about Russian expansionism. Baltic invasion, restoration of the USSR. All the neocon tripe.

Ah, but here is where Ross plants his seed, whispers in the Administration’s neocon power brokers’ ears:

“Certainly, were Russia’s costs to increase, Putin might look for a way out.”

Hmm, now we see what he’s getting at:

…it is time we make it clear to the Russians that unless they impose a cease-fire on Assad and Hezbollah and insist that humanitarian corridors are open, we will have no choice but to act with our partners to create a haven in Syria – for refugees and for the organization of the Syrian opposition.

In other words, tell Russia if you do not stop fighting al-Qaeda and its affiliates in Syria we will face-off in a WWIII-threatening stance to establish a “jihadistan” in part of Syria from where the hundredth or so version of a rebel fighting force can be re-assembled.

Ross’s plan is not for the weak of heart. ” [W]e cannot threaten to create a haven without following through if Putin refused to alter his course,” he writes. Meaning of course that we must be willing to actually go through with WWIII if Putin does not blink, back down, and pull out of Syria just as Russia’s intervention is meeting its objective. Surrender when on the verge of victory in Syria or face a nuclear war with the United States.

No one ever accused the neocons of thinking small. But with much of the Middle East a smoldering ruin due to the disastrous interventions they lied us into, no one should count out even their most insane-sounding plan being seriously considered somewhere in Washington.

Daniel McAdams is director of the The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity. Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

18 thoughts on “Why Are Neocons So Desperate To Rescue al-Qaeda in Syria?”

  1. Thanks for putting it more plainly than the usual media reports. Just when the internationally recognized government looks like winning it’s war against Al Queda, it’s time to go to war on behalf of Al Queda. We’re supposed to go in and save… Al Queda.

    Do these people even listen to themselves?

  2. sooner or later the United States will have trouble convincing everyone that we are the good guys just like we were the good guys in wwII

    1. I am in favor of the us rather then a putin-russia as a swede
      Havin been deeling with doublecrossing russians in the

      1. Goran, I’m glad you’re experienced with Russian double-crossing. Now you have to learn about American double-crossing. Wouldn’t you prefer an honest partner, instead?

      2. Well I can understand that and I’m no fan of any government myself. But trusting the neo-cons is not the way to go unless you want another few million “refugees” migrating into your nation. Think your nation can handle that? Considering the world economic meltdown on the way I wouldn’t wish it on you. It’s certainly not your fault but you are going to get stuck with it if neo-cons plans continue.

        Good luck and I hope it all turns out well for your nation, I have to say that I’m worried for you guys right now.

  3. So much wishful thinking from the neocon camp. The world has finally awakened to the neocon ploy of disinformation, propaganda, outright lies. They cannot nor can they ever be trusted. They have one goal; world domination (enslavement of the population), and war and division are their weapons. The west is sinking in it’s own quagmire and soon will be irrelevant to the world scenerio. Europes migrant problem is the making of its demise. The concept of the eurozone was a devise to deprive the europeans of their individual rights; not much different than communism, only called by a different name, but with the same masters. Dumb pilgrims! It is only wishful and fanciful thinking that Russia will allow Syria, by any ploy, to be taken by the west. The terrorists will not adhere to a ceasefire, they will attempt to regroup, and Russia will continue to obliterate them. When will the people realize that the neocons don’t give a hoot about the people, about their lives, about their values. Their allegiance is to Israel alone.

  4. Anyone studying the career of Dennis Ross is well aware of the fact that he represents the State of Israel rather than the United States, even though he
    has spent much time on the American taxpayers’ payroll. Rather than helping Israel, the reality is that in time he and others like him will have made them expendable. Thank God for Vladimir Putin, who is sane and balanced and knows what he is doing. We ourselves do not have the most remote clue what we are doing in the entire Middle East, which is not actually that surprising since we have no business doing anything other than commerce there anyway. It is not our front or back yard, and we have no other business there.

  5. The neocons and Israel want to see the Arab and Persian middle east in a complete meltdown. They are dreaming of a Cruz or Rubio presidency.

  6. Unlike Dennis Ross, David Ignatius and the other pro-war neocons, Donald Trump is not going to wage war with the headchoppers in Syria.

    1. Hope not. Maybe not. He’s all over the place on that, which is at least an improvement over Cruz, Rubio, or Hillary.

  7. Why regime change in Syria anyway? Israel. It wants three things from shattering Syria — the Golan, part of which it already annexed, and isolation of Hezbollah for another attempt on Lebanon, and isolation of Iran for the intended attack on it. It would also be nice for Israel to eliminate entirely one of its enemies, as Syria simply disappears.

    They want America to do all of that for Israel. They are happy to use al Qaeda to do it, just as they were delighted to use 9/11 to draw the US into their problems on their terms.

    1. That aspect is clear as day. I’m worried about what we don’t know. I’m just happy to run into people who are aware. The majority are still brainwashed by Neocon, Likud, NATO and GCC propaganda.

  8. I know this is a year later but I don’t think it will happen, looking at their continued Neocon policy towards Iran. Both parties are on board with the insanity and Americans have been brainwashed to accept Iran as the enemy.

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