Should Hillary Face War Crimes Charges Over Libya?

Will Hillary Clinton be indicted for storing classified materials on an unsecure server in her house while Secretary of State? Will President Obama call off the Justice Department and risk making it look like there is a different set of laws for the elites? Or will he allow the investigation to continue and risk the Democrat Party frontrunner in the presidential race facing jail time. The issue is more a political one at this point. But, as Ron Paul says in today’s Liberty Report, why isn’t Hillary facing prosecution for war crimes over her role in the Libya debacle?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Should Hillary Face War Crimes Charges Over Libya?”

  1. Thank you, Dr. Paul for breaking the taboo on Hillary’s role in destroying Libya. What did anyone (except arms manufacturers) gain from this atrocity? Hillary and her neo-con henchmen are war criminals — she should be facing a life term in prison, rather than a term in the White House. To save humanity from WWIII, it may be up to the FBI to indict this mercenary militarist.

  2. Yes, she should as with her boss at the time face war crimes. Not only did they violate U.S. law/Constitution but they actually violated the UN mandate given to them which was only to provide a “No Fly Zone”.

  3. The US will never prosecute its war criminals, because most of the ruling elite would be at risk. Clinton is currently under investigation for her handling of classified information; the Obama administration will protect her, but if a Republican is elected she might very well go to jail. The Republicans impeached Bill for something far less serious, and they hate Hillary far more. It would be very popular not only among Republicans, but among Sanders’s supporters and most Independents.

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