Kurds Declare Autonomous Region: Self-Determination Or Foreign Mischief?

Yesterday’s surprising announcement by Syrian Kurds that they consider themselves in an autonomous region is either a bold move to solidify their self-determination before the fog of war clears, or perhaps it is John Kerry’s “Plan B” to break up Syria if the US cannot overthrow Assad. Or perhaps it is a reaction to US insistence that the Kurds do not deserve a place at the Geneva table where a political solution to the war in Syria is being discussed. Whatever the case, it adds a hugely significant variable to the already complicated situation. For example, how long before Turkish president Erdogan pounces on “autonomous” Kurdish Syria? We try to connect the dots in today’s Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Kurds Declare Autonomous Region: Self-Determination Or Foreign Mischief?”

  1. Rojava is not Kosovo and the YPG are not the KLA. What the Kurds are advocating is an inclusive, secular, libertarian socialist state that will exist WITHIN Syria. Assad needs to swallow his pride and except that federalism is Syria’s only hope for a peaceful future.

    I don’t know where the US stands on this. We have a long disgraceful history of using the Kurds for our own selfish designs and then throwing them beneath the tank treads the moment they outlive there usefulness. I do know that Putin has backed the idea of federalism in Syria for a long time and he ought to know, it worked with Chechnya. Regardless, as a libertarian Marxist/libertarian socialist, I stand with the Kurds.


    P.S. I love you Ron and I would gladly vote for you over Trump or Bernie BUT those two giblet heads are right about one thing and that is that poor people in this country and abroad have been seriously screwed by so-called “free trade”, which is really just a free for all for unaccountable multi-national corporations to run rough shot across the globe. Big government sucks but so does big business. There’s gotta be a way to take down both. Just one humble anarchist’s opinion.

    Much love. Smash the state. All that.- CH

    1. I expect that the US, whether openly or secretly, is horrified by the whole idea of Rojava. Remember how much time and trouble the US went to to make sure the Somalis got a state whether they wanted one or not?

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