US Troops To Russia’s Border – To Fight ‘Russian Aggression’

It is going to cost the US $3.4 billion, but Commander of NATO’s European Command Gen. Philip Breedlove announced that the US will be sending thousands of additional troops to deploy on Russia’s border in the Baltics, as well as in Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria. This “European Reassurance Initiative” is said to protect NATO’s eastern borders from “Russian aggression.” But isn’t putting you troops on the border of another country thousands of miles away itself an aggressive act? And what about helping overthrow the elected leaders of another country, as the US did in Ukraine? Is that not aggressive? Who is the real aggressor here — today in the Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

8 thoughts on “US Troops To Russia’s Border – To Fight ‘Russian Aggression’”

  1. The U.S. and European Union countries prior to Feb. 24 coup ran a coup to overthrow the elected government in the Ukraine headed by Victor Yanukovych and the Party of Regions. In spite of what Western media tells us the “Maidan” or “Revolution of Dignity” was an extremely violent, armed coup spearheaded by Right Sector militants and supported by the Neo-Nazi political front Svoboda. What followed was extremely fraudulent elections where ethnic cleansing and genocide predictably yielded a pro US and pro EU client regime.

    The road to hell for many Ukrainians was not paved with good intentions as some would suggest, and the crimes against humanity committed after the coup where a planned takeover of the country by the western elites. The members of the US and EU organisations have paved their own personal road to hell with the blood of Ukrainian citizens and if there was any justice in this world, they would be there now, rotting in hell.

    1. In a way they are. Whats left of Nazi Ukraine is a huge money pit. A despotic sinking ship that the US and the EU have chained themselves to. In the end Maidan is gonna boomerang and hit the crony capitalists where it hurts them the most, there wallets. It’ll be the most expensive order of chicken Kiev they ever ordered and it’ll taste like sh*t, debt and sh*t.

      As for the Novorossiyan’s, they’ll survive to fight another day. It’s what they do best.

    2. Its erroneous to refer to action by the US and “European countries” as if both have the same political structure.
      Based on Victoria Nuland’s remarks about the EU, even the US State Department does not hold the EU’s efforts in high regard.
      More accurate would be to say “NATO” which has been the US’s tool of choice for stirring up trouble and keeping things roiling in all their wars and “regime change” ambitions.
      And the US, as a country – if “country” includes the inhabitants and not just the government – is probably equally divided and maybe has a majority against these activities.
      Much better would be “the Western Junta”, IMHO.

  2. A methodology: We are doing what we are saying they are doing.
    The dark cloud of World War Three is looming above the horizon.

  3. NATO North Atlantic terrorist organization . I have never heard that before , But it fits pretty well especially in Yugoslavia and Libya

  4. Bullets were being fired in Kiev at both the innocent protesters and the police trying to control the protestors . But the bullets were fired from the same guns . This means somebody was secretly starting a war in Ukraine . Find out who that was and hang them

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