Saudis To Kerry: We Created ISIS… And CIA Knew

It was US intervention in the Middle East, say the Saudis, that led us to create first al-Qaeda and then ISIS. The US attack on Iraq tipped the balance in the region in favor of Iran and counter-measures needed to be taken. This is nothing new. The CIA helped create and back the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to counter the 1979 Soviet invasion. And the CIA knew about (at the least) Saudi plans to counter Iran’s rise in the region and the uncertainty produced by US-instigated “Arab Spring” beginning in 2011. The lesson? Interventionism has consequences, some intended and some unintended. Usually counter to the stated objectives. Trying to order the world, the central planners have only created chaos.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Saudis To Kerry: We Created ISIS… And CIA Knew”

  1. On the contrary, in April 1979 Jimmy Carter and Zbiegniew Brzezinski planned these operations to provoke the USSR into providing military support for their client Afghan goverment. “what are a few hopped-up Muslims?” quipped Brzezinski at the time. What indeed?

  2. Chaos has always been the true objective of America in the Middle East. It’s the only thing that justifies our permanent presence in the region and it keeps the countries there too week to become truly independent.

  3. You cannot know the history of the region and believe something as ridiculous as this. The US didn’t create ISIS. Saudi Arabia didn’t even create ISIS. It is Saudi Arabia that is a tame, sterilized version of ISIS that has been decorated with Western modernism in order to put on a good face to sell oil. The only difference between the Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabism of ISIS is that ISIS rejects the “one ruler, one mosque, one authority” thing that makes the Saudi king the ruler of all the Sunni world. Saudi Arabia has always had ISIS, trying to keep it at a low burn — using it to stay in power, while hoping that it doesn’t consume them.

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