iPhone Ruse: FedGov Now Demands Backdoor To All Devices

It should hardly be surprising to anyone paying attention that the federal government lied about every aspect of its “need” to break into the iPhone of the San Bernardino mass-shooter. There was another way to access it than compelling Apple to write code to defeat its own encryption. Breaking in to the phone was indeed intended to set a legal precedent despite what the FBI director promised. And the legislation coming out of Congress to “fix” the problem of encryption will result in the total destruction of any digital privacy for almost literally anyone across the globe. The San Bernardino shootings were another “new Pearl Harbor” event for the US police state to grab more of our liberties and incinerate what is left of the Constitution. Today’s Liberty Report is joined by Ron Paul Institute Senior Fellow Adam Dick to look at the latest developments in the case and what to expect from the upcoming legislation:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “iPhone Ruse: FedGov Now Demands Backdoor To All Devices”

  1. Big Brother is watching you. Orwell wrote a book that showed us what would happen after the creation of the Israel state. He transposed 1948 with 1984.

  2. Assuming that the nazis pass this, then Apple, etc. has to build in backdoors in their encryption. What will prevent me from writing my own encryption app and bypassing (or chaining) Apple’s security?

  3. But other branches of the government are talking about a “Cashless Society.” That would require very secure smart phones. This government wants things both ways and it just won’t work.

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