Court Decision Grants Shocking New Government Powers

Harvard law professor and former Obama Administration official Cass Sunstein has written approvingly recently about a recent Supreme Court decision which affirms a 1997 case that determined that Executive Branch agencies have the authority to interpret the meaning of the regulations they write. What this means is that the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch of government will have no role in either writing or interpreting what are de facto laws (anyone who does not believe that should try breaking an IRS regulation and see what happens) written by the Executive Branch. It represents a huge agglomeration of power in the hands of the bureaucrats who in most cases answer to no elected authority. This is the real “deep state,” where the elites rule over us under the approving gazes of ideologues like Sunstein. What does this mean for liberty? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Court Decision Grants Shocking New Government Powers”

  1. So then there is no purpose under heaven for having a Congress and Senate. Just have tons of regulation writers and interpreters. Problem is that is not the way our Constitution reads.

    1. Does not make much difference if nobody is reading what the constitution says any way . Our constitution reads the house must authorize the increase in the national debt . They do that so they think they are doing their job .. everything is just OK , no problem . The problem will be when no one will buy our debt still no problem we buy the debt ourselves .Everything is just OK

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