Ron Paul on Neoconned At State: ‘Diplomats’ Urge War

Recently, 51 State Department employees signed a memo urging the president to change his focus in Syria from fighting ISIS to fighting the secular Assad government. They argued that targeting Assad would weaken Assad’s enemy, ISIS. The logic is not immediately apparent. They also dismissed any danger that a US attack on Russia’s ally in Syria might annoy the Russians, who spent more than six months bombing ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria. Although these 51 represent a very small faction within the Department, the neocon war propaganda immediately latched on to it. It made front page news in the New York Times. This is likely a preview of a Hillary presidency. More on this important development in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

8 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Neoconned At State: ‘Diplomats’ Urge War”

  1. Dr. Paul. Didn’t you notice the US started Pootie bashing just a few months after the announcement of the BRICS bank? Now a coup of corruption in Brazil. Coincidence? As an aside, it is curious that this document came out as the country was hysterical after the Orlando massacre. And the shooter worked for years for C4S, which makes billions off war. Very odd. An insecure, easily manipulated guy who doesn’t know squat about the ME is declaring his motivation to be his wish that the US stop bombing his country, a few days after Obama announces an escalation in the bombing of Afghanistan, and that’s the only motivation not mentioned in the media. If I hadn’t caught the interview with Patience Carter very early, I wouldn’t have heard her say that the shooter said he was doing this because he wanted the US to stop bombing his country. She mentions it twice in toto and references his remark briefly a third time in her interview, yet it’s not part of the media narrative. She actually said “so we knew what his motivation was” yet all the news outlets are wondering what was his motivation. Obama had announced an escalation of the bombing in Afghanistan just a few days before. I don’t know if the shooter would have noticed but someone certainly could have told him. And told him. And told him. The ISIS crap was just showing off perhaps. He mentioned allegiance to several groups that hate and fight each other. None of this makes any sense the way it is being reported. Except to the believers in endless war and domination. With Hillary I was already expecting Vietnam, The Sequel but I sure didn’t expect the bandwagon to hit the road this soon. And now freaking Kerry calling for war. Forget ISIS, bomb Syria he says. His wife must have cut off his allowance or something. And why do we keep attacking the most secular states in the region? Libya? Probably the highest standard of living in Africa. Or close.

    1. Mateen had been to Saudi Arabia Twice just like the Farooq’s.

      Obama and Clinton are on the Al Nusra Front pay roll as well.

      Al Nusra Front will get funded another $500,000,000 from the DNC and GOP Al Qaeda of the US Congress on the Al Nusra Front for this false flag attack. H=> Reptillary is the new head of the Al Nusra Front.

  2. Let’s face it: The whole purpose of the “Dissent Channel” is to allow those so-called diplomats to say whatever they want to say without being fired. Setting up the channel and then reneging on the deal would be about par for the course for the government, but that wouldn’t make it right.

    1. These are not diplomats; they are agents for the foreign nation of Israel.

      1. every single comment has to bash jews or israel right? You have a jewish problem…snicker. Dumb bigot.

  3. Actually Korea is the US longest war only signed a ceasefire nothing more!

  4. If a religious minister runs for office, is criticism of
    his political views, or political party suddenly
    equivalent to criticism of his religion?

    You are the one conflating Israel=Jewish.
    He said nothing about “Jews”. He spoke of “Israel”
    which is a political construct, with political goals and ambitions

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