How Disinformation Feeds The War Machine

According to recent polls by both Pew and Gallup, when Americans understand the actual level of US military spending they by a large margin back a decrease. That is why we hear the constant refrain of politicians screeching about the need to “rebuild” the military and to spend a trillion dollars updating our nuclear weapons program. The media plays its part as well, broadcasting endless segments meant to ratchet up the fear factor. The “think tanks” funded by the military-industrial complex come out with papers laying out the case for US global domination. The US national security state is maintained through fear and propaganda, just like in the Soviet Union. Are we headed for a similar collapse? More today in the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “How Disinformation Feeds The War Machine”

  1. How true. The US has spent more on the military than the next five countries combined, for many decades now. Do we really need more aircraft carriers? We already have 19 giant carriers, while nobody else has more than two.

    And then there is the $400billion F-35 program… for a multirole fighter that is slower than the F-16 (from 1974), and that has buggy radar software. Along with other problems. It is “late Roman Empire” style corruption.

    Then there is the US civilian leadership, using our vast military to do crazy things like destroying Gaddafi’s Libya, The formerly prosperous and stable nation is still overrun by jihadis and various tribal and political factions. A real nightmare.

  2. We have more nerve gas than Hussein was accused of possessing right here on the backside of Cheyenne Mountain in Pueblo County. That’s just one aging and more dangerous each passing minute oh-my-God-hyhenation-time-over-funded-under-secured-ticking-time-bomb-repository-and-there-are-more-like-the-one-in-mississippi. And that’s just one. We have so many weapons of mass destruction there’s a huge chunk of our military budget just to keep people from stealing it, and as many more to keep it from leaking and killing large population centers en masse.

    Then add in the notion that the US alone has used all classes of WMD in war. Gas –check Nukes– check Smallpox– check….napalm, white phosphorous, yep.

    The only part of the equation which is purely theoretic is that, supposedly, any child in America can become president with his finger on so very many triggers. Never mind Trumps dumb ass, some of the predecessors were REAL crazy.

  3. There was supposed to be a link to The Ron Paul institute for Peace and Prosperity, but my browser says “unable to communicate with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). It might be on my end or yours. Oh, it’s also involving youtube.

  4. Somebody just dropped a giant poo on the world last weekend, and walked away from it. In the aftermath of smashed baby buggies in Nice, a number of media sources started rehashing the ‘hoary tale’ of atrocities that ‘failed to fly’ after last year’s Paris security show.

    The stories went that the shooters at the concert venue took time out from the shooting and bombing to decapitate bodies, stab females in the genitals, gouge out eyes and reposition genitals into peoples’ mouths. Having made the unsubstantiated statement that such was the ‘evidence’ of vomiting first responders at the site, or at a French hearing into the attacks, the media moved smartly along to the weather report.

    All lies. But now part of ‘the lore’.

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